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we 23 jl 14

Stradbroke Radio liveTonight 8-11pm is Radio Stradbroke's monthly music night with Kim and Wally.  We visited StradRad live behind the Ivy House Sunday before last where we heard a seated blues trio, ate a burger and re-discovered how much Bunty Trevanion dislikes having her photo taken.

Guess Who 33?Guess Who 33?  He's British, not Jewish (he wore the skull cap to hide his bald spot), never married, wasn't privately educated and had multiple pseudonyms.

tu 22 jl 14

Sunset at Saxmundham music festWe didn't get to see the excellent Jade at Saxmundham music fest Saturday but did hear the end of their set as we walked from the car park.  The Memorial Field had lots of family groups and an enormous queue for the bar (Adnams 3.20 a pint) prompting Speedway Ronnie to hold stereo rum and cokes.  After a live sound check the UK Beach Boys prompted pleasant surf music nostalgia but the real star was the Pye radio sunset.

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mo 21 jl 14

PC TipsThe pc tips Internet page became sufficiently bloated it has spawned the page browsers and for similar reasons there's now the page Suffolk 2013+ also thank you very much for asking.

Starting today here in what was the industrial south of Framlingham wheelie bins are put out on Monday nights.

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su 20 jl 14

We didn't start snapping until 8am last Sunday so it was theNarayani sensibly walking the last bit of Fore Street tail end of the 115 mile Dunwich Dynamo passing through near the coast but then the achievement of the less trained is perhaps the more impressive.  Narayani had previously ridden no further than 20 miles before her first Dynamo last year.  The Gentleman Plumber said he'd had fewer cyclists through his pop up cafe on the Saxmundham Road Framlingham but also said a Dun Runner coming back reported they'd never seen so many cyclists at Dunwich, perhaps the unsettled weather put some off.

45 years ago today the first moon landing.

sa 19 jl 14

Last weekend a Peugeot in Yoxford suffered envy lines (a Peugeot?) or possibly just being annoying lines and around 400 gallons of red diesel stolen in Dennington.

Fish's ashes were scattered on the River Blyth at Southwold on Tuesday 15 July.

fr 18 jl 14

Brundish village fete Sunday 20 JuneTomorrow we will be mostly snapping the Saxmundham FREE Music Fest and Sunday the Brundish The Las Vegas of High Suffolk village fete.

Last Friday's bride in a wonderfully understated dress and Crown And Anchor Alley Framlingham now on Flickr.

Easton Farm ParkThanks to new (or possibly returning ... we do get a bit vague these days) Easton Farm Park and definitely new sponsorWhat a bargain! Suffolk Fun Festival next available advertising slot now 11th August at just 15.95 for two months.

PC TipsSpent a good lump of time on remote assistance this week (remote assistance kept giving up) fixing a Samsung laptop with an HP all-in-one printer that wouldn't scan.  The problem was a universal Samsung printer driver had been installed on the laptop not an HP printer driver.  You install the driver for the device not the computer.

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th 17 jl 14

Saturday's field dance may have moved a short walk along the B1119 from Rendham

Sweffling field dance

to Sweffling but as always happy faces and flying hair on the ladies (and some of the gentlemen).

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Here's why the drastic plastic bulletin board will become the drastic plastic forum.

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