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we 12 Jan

... Suffolkness before the Castle Keep estate was built on it eh?Stackton Tressel town council's Suffolkness committee has issued new guidelines.  To be authentic Suffolk you should have a Co-op loyalty card, drink beer (meaning mild) not lager, know what 'squit' is, who the manager of ITFC is and where Benhall and Little Mutterings are, and not use 'do' and 'does' the right way round like those la di da townies from that there London does ... owning a tractor helps ...

tu 11 Jan

Saturday the first proper Framlingham market of 2021 had sun, virtually all the traders and socially distanced a bit of queuing.  They're there again today.

Stand up Lou Sanders being a lot braver than us on eight wheels.

We have over 5,000 stock images available on Alamynearthecoast at Alamy

mo 10 Jan

A witch ducking this year?Planning a witch ducking at this difficult time?  Only the witch, the witchfinder (they can't really work from home) and members of the witch's bubble can be present but you're still welcome to promote the ducking with us.

It's taken even longer than last time to update the reasons to be cheerful playlist ...

su 9 Jan

Pleasant Green is near the coast's own Sleepy Hollow and is between Orford and Rendlesham.

sa 9 Jan

 JOB  Wanted in Framlingham a parts advisor ... very possibly Earnest Doe eh?  Got a feeling we've seen this vacancy before?

fr 8 Jan

The Art Station Saxmundham has studios/workspaces/hot desks available now.

th 7 Jan

The bar at the 2019 Maverick FestivalThings to look forward to are Pancake Day next month, the race to the sun Paris-Nice happening in March and hopefully local old friend the Maverick Festival returning in July (with Terra Lightfoot) especially as there's been a parliamentary festival inquiry.

we 6 Jan

This year we're going with today being Twelfth Night.

tu 5 Jan

We've reached sixteen hundred Twitter followers which is nice. nearthecoast on Twitter

mo 4 Jan

Coins not accepted hereLife Skills 37:  We expect you know it's a good idea to ask a service provider for a deal before renewing a contract?  What surprised us more after dickering with BT via online chat was not that it saved some £240 on the year but after doing the sums the deal worked out pretty much the same as Plusnet ...

bloody Christmas ... eh?Yes, we should have pointed out the Parham Airfield Museum Christmas newsletter a lot sooner.

su 3 Jan

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in East SuffolkHaving not looked at confirmed Covid-19 cases in East Suffolk for some two weeks shocked how much the curve is going the wrong way ... seventy seventh reason to be cheerful Now make us proud.

Positive attitude from Life Arts who have a Woodbridge Mind Body Spirit Festival planned for April.

sa 2 Jan

Happy New Year ... redundant to say so but let's hope things are getting a little back to normal by the spring ...

Le Flâneur by Paul Gavarni 1842We had to look up flâneur, apparently it means a man who saunters around observing society.  So same problem in Suffolk as with street photography.

2021 will be the year the bulletin board fades away ...

th 31 Dec

The Saxmundham Waitrose - pic contributedlooking for a bottle of Chambery vermouth in the Saxmundham Waitrose we noticed that sadly the cafe has gone.  It may have been gone for ages and we hadn't noticed but then neither has the shop's web page.

The Beeb has a very useful page summarising the Covid restrictions where you are.

There are two Brits in the eleven players on the NFL's very international programme for next season.

we 30 Dec

Police sign in Fairfield Road FramlinghamWhen the River Ore overflowed into Fairfield Road Framlingham on Boxing Day we thought something had dammed the river causing the rise in level but it was a very leaning tree already there.  The police's approximated warning sign was still there this morning ...

Best roller skating woman stand up, Suzi Ruffell or Lou Sanders?

tu 29 Dec

bloody Christmas ... eh?Hopefully you had as good a Christmas as the pandemic will allow?  Ours was slightly marred by a disappointment.

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