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we 27 Sep

 Klezemerised!♫ Some good stuff this week at the Eye Bank, tomorrow evening Norwich multi-instrument four piece Klezemerised!  Saturday night a bunch of comedians we haven't heard of but that doesn't mean they're not any good, we saw The Pub Landlord a million years ago at the Bury Theatre Royal not knowing who he was.

mo 27 Feb

Saturday after next in the town hall Eye Bach Choir will perform Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle.  We don't know the work but from this taste it's certainly choral.

sa 22 Aug

 JOB  Wanted in Eye a production team leader for a renewable energy power station.

tu 26 Feb

♫ The Waveney Valley Folk Collective present folk trio Granny's Attic at the Eye Bank this Saturday.

mo 19 Nov

Saturday at Eye Parish Church Rachmaninov's All Night Vigil by the Eye Bach Choir.

sa 10 Nov

♫ Rock and Roll Remembrance dance the Eye Bank tonight. Remembrance Day

mo 23 Jul

Romeo and Juliet at the Wingfield BarnsWe first saw the Keeper's Daughter's Romeo or Juliet crikey seven years ago at Hartismere School Eye.  Like Dr Who it keeps regenerating and yesterday's afternoon show at the Wingfield Barns had a confident young cast who often played with the expectation of what a play should be, we particularly liked the audience joining in with the dancing.  No doubt RorJ will regenerate somewhere near you soonish ... on our way home the Stradbroke Spar had shelves that need to be filled.

sa 16 Dec

bloody Christmas ... eh?Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol from the Keeper's Daughter (their production a few years back was terrific fun) at the Eye Bank next week end.

th 23 Nov

Charity box stolen in Eye burglary last Thursday.

we 15 Nov

Quiz at the Eye Bank Saturday night, five pound per head to help the arts centre survive.

mo 18 Sep

Very sorry to learn that the excellent Eye Bank has money troubles but volunteer manned will re-open Wednesday and a second community workshop Thursday evening.

su 23 Apr
St George's Day - the patron saint of England

Lynne Hanson and the Good Intentions♫ Last night Canadian Lynne Hanson and her band hit the spot at the Eye Bank and we were sonically tickled by the melodic bass licks of Mari Joseé Dandeneau.  In 2014 we photographed Lynne on crutches at Easton Farm Park and it has taken three operations and until this year for her to be right again ... pleased to hear it.

fr 27 May

Speed cameras today in Eye, Kenton, Melton and Woodbridge.

fr 22 Apr

The Eastern Angles spring show Somewhere in England is in Eye tonight.

sa 16 Jan

 JOBS  As of today there seem to be care (mostly night) assistants wanted in Eye, Framlingham, Halesworth, Saxmundham and Woodbridge.

sa 5 Dec

Castleton Brass Band in FramlinghamOn the Framlingham Market Hill today both windy and the Castleton Brass Band (they're from Eye).

su 29 Nov

bloody Christmas ... eh?2pm today the Castleton Brass Band (they're from Eye) will perform a Christmas concert at Tommy Mills Framlingham, tickets will be available on the door.

su 21 Jun
Summer Solstice - the longest day

The Tramps in the the Halesworth Cut last night has moved on since we last saw it in the Eye bank, it now includes a running joke about Ed Sheeran with his lovely red hair and his lovely blue eyes.

th 1 May

The Keeper's Daughter's show Beauty's Legacy is travelling way out of East Anglia this spring but kick's off tomorrow at the Bank Eye and returns on the 10th to Stradbroke.

sa 12 Apr

Suffolk Chief Constable Douglas PaxtonAt yesterday's meet and greet in Eye Chief Constable Douglas Paxton had handcuffs and a cs spray on his belt, as one attending officer commented He is a policeman.  The Chief Constable and Commissioner Tim Passmore will be meeting and greeting through out the summer, the next one is Friday July 25 in Lowestoft.

fr 14 Feb
Valentine's Day

obvious reasonsA free concert at the Eye community centre this noon, tonight a Valentine's disco in Saxmundham and free sports for youngsters in Leiston but sadly tonight will also be Chelsea's last (for obvious reasons) dispensing liquid therapy at the Framlingham Station.

th 20 Jun

KEEP FEET CLEARWe nominally visited the Eye Bank Tuesday to see Christine Cooper's weekly print class but was distracted (we're easily distracted) by the building.  It had been the Midland bank but earlier this year in blisteringly fast time the pretty much abandoned fabric was renovated to became an arts centre and a cafe with a proper coffee machine.  Though a few of the rooms seem to be searching for a purpose considered thought has been used and we were gratified to inspect a real strong room.

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