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th 24 Dec
bloody Christmas ... eh?Advent window in Double Street FramlinghamSo Suffolk in Tier 4 from Boxing Day so even less of a Christmas than was anticipated but festive


 is looking rather glamorous and lovely especially in Double Street where the advent windows are raising money for St Elizabeth Hospice and the Lebanon Appeal ... see you on the other side.

 JOB  Framlingham College are recruiting a full time database developer.

tu 22 Dec

 JOB  Framlingham Pharmacy looking for a qualified part time dispenser.

su 13 Dec
Perhaps the reason why there were no apparent tubs (used to be tins) of Quality Street in the Wickham Market Co-op was they'd all gone to the Framlingham Co-op? ... we've got ours.
sa 12 Dec

Last night a festive Framlingham Ho Ho Hoedown from Man and Boy in the Hats.

tu 8 Dec

The scaffolding around the Framlingham Pharmacy has finally gone and The Crown is closing tomorrow until the spring.

fr 27 Nov

Ground mist in the Fen Meadow Framlingham last night and the picnic tables have gone from outside the Castle Inn.

tu 24 Nov

 JOB  Start immediately Machine Operative in Framlingham, could guess who this is but it'd only be a guess:)

sa 21 Nov

Here's why Fairfield Road Framlingham was closed by the junction with Brick Lane but as of yesterday though the Road Closed signs were still in place a car can now get through.

tu 17 Nov

Unlike last lockdown churches are open this time and the elegant simplicity of the Unitarian Framlingham provides quiet reflection Tuesday mornings.

Over last long weekend two 47kg gas canisters were stolen in Station Road Framlingham.

mo 16 Nov

Yesterday walking near New Road Framlingham the sun appeared before petulant rain reappeared after we'd returned to Stately Terrace ... seems unlikely eh?

su 15 Nov

Recently we've noticed four maybe five parking tickets in Framlingham which is probably four maybe five more than we've noticed in the past two decades ...

fr 13 Nov

Friday the 13thHardware shop Bridges and Garrard Framlingham have returned to entry from their car park at the back and some new to us faces in the shop.

mo 9 Nov

 JOB  Tommy Mills Framlingham is looking for a full time maths teacher.

sa 7 Nov

The entrance to the Framlingham cemetery has been opened up and much improved by removing the two hedges.

su 6 Nov

Remembrance SundayToday though understandably but also regrettably Remembrance Sunday was very low key St Mike' Framlingham still made the effort.

fr 6 Nov

Thankfully in Framlingham yesterday unlike last lockdown Bridges and Garrard and Fram DIY were open yesterday.

th 22 Oct

 JOB  Framlingham College are looking for a highly organised and proactive school secretary ... just a few more days before applications close.

su 18 Oct

Chloe Lawrence busking on the Market Hill FramlinghamYesterday on the Market Hill Framlingham no Carl Jones fruit and veg (he's hurt his back) but new to us busker Chloe Lawrence.  Today Framlingham College's sports field in New Road has no rugby goal posts ... no doubt something to do with Covid-19. ♫

tu 13 Oct

Expect cyclists around Framlingham Sunday morning and afternoon for Action Medical Research's Suffolk Sunrise 100 ... otoh Paris-Roubaix has been cancelled.

su 4 Oct

 JOBS  Framlingham College have a one year contract for an HR Assistant applications close midday Wednesday plus Watson & Walpole are recruiting an Assistant Restaurant Manager.

tu 15 Sep

Daisy Cooper in Aldeburgh and 2010Born in Suffolk Daisy Cooper went to Framlingham College, was Suffolk Coastal prospective parliamentary candidate in 2010 and in 2014 looked like a shoo in for the Lib Dem presidency.  Daisy is now MP for St Albans and this week was elected deputy leader of her party ... we need more politicians called Daisy.

fr 11Sep

Bullace tree in FramlinghamPretty certain that this tree in a hedge between Fairfield Road and Infirmary Lane Framlingham is a bullace.  Too much of a cowardy custard to try one.

sa 22 Aug

 JOB  In Framlingham a forklift driver wanted and a usually informed source tells that an empty Market Hill retail is to be another coffee shop.

fr 21 Aug

Green acorns in Fairfield Crescent FramlinghamToday the swirling winds of Storm Ellen have caused the oak at the end of Fairfield Crescent


to copiously shed still green acorns all over the bridge and pavement.  On the the other side of the bridge the wind prompted a hollyhock to headbutt us as we passed:)

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