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mo 10 Jan

Coffee and a newspaperLet's hope this summer Covid allows the cafe tables on Framlingham market to return cheering the already pleasant atmosphere and making snapping from Darren's step more rewarding.

sa 8 Jan
Lego thief

Suffolk ConstabularyAround 11:45am Thursday 6 Jan at Bullstrodes toy shop Bridge Street Framlingham a man walked out of the shop with two Lego sets he had reportedly not paid for.  The shop owner followed shouting and a member of public gave chase as the man ran down the street towards the castle.  He was caught and the Lego sets recovered however the suspect fled the area.  The suspect is described as male, aged in his 40s, bald, of stocky build and was wearing dark clothing.  Any info contact Suffolk Police quoting ref 37/1060/22, you can call 101.

tu 28 Dec

Do you know how many street names there are in East Suffolk?  Do you know how many down swipes it takes to find Victoria Mill Road in an alphabetical list?  No, neither do we as we soon gave up trying to find out this week's bin collection day.

fr 24 Dec

 JOB  Part time cleaner wanted at the Framlingham Station.

tu 21 Dec
Winter Solstice - the shortest day

Road not really closed in FramlinghamFor a while now around near the coast ROAD CLOSED doesn't mean road closed, this newish one is in Fairfield Road Framlingham.

th 9 Dec

Suffolk County Council have allocated £10m to pavement repairs with completion by 2025.  Next month it'll be the first birthday of the temporary lights in Fairfield Road Framlingham, they could be ready for primary school before the pavement gets fixed.

sa 4 Dec

Framlingham Christmas Tree Lighting 2021A very decent turn out last night on the Framlingham Market Hill and an art gallery in the back of The Crown (it's there again today).  We're told there will be an open studio at the end of Fairfield Road ... when it's built.

th 2 Dec

Art at the Framlingham CrownTomorrow and Saturday five artists are showing at the Framlingham Crown with meet and greets on both days.

Suffolk ConstabularyYesterday Wednesday 1 December around 1:15am security systems were activated at Framlingham Castle's office.  A rock was thrown through a window, an untidy search of the office made and the till and safe opened.  Any info contact Suffolk Police quoting ref 37/67844/21, you can call 101.

we 1 Dec
Advent Windows

The Advent Windows return to Double Street Framlingham starting today andDouble Street - Framlingham running until Saturday 1 January.  This year the charities EACH East Anglia Children’s Hospice and the Salvation Army will benefit.  Meanwhile Fram's Christmas lights went on a few days back ... perhaps they'll go off again for the tree lighting this Friday.

fr 26 Nov

Bridge Street FramlinghamJohn Bridges' new book FRAMLINGHAM A Tour Through Time has over 150 images from between the 1880s and 1920s.  The book launch is tomorrow at the Unitarian Meeting House, Bridge Street Framlingham with a special launch only price of £10.

su 14 Nov

Remembrance DayAs ever the Framlingham Remembrance Sunday Parade was more than well attended.  The reading of names followed by the last post impressively completed just in time for the clock to chime eleven.

we 10 Nov

Suffolk ConstabularyA white Ford van in College Road Framlingham was broken into between 5:30pm yesterday and 6:50am this morning.  A rear window was cut out and a chop saw stolen.  Any info contact police quoting 37/63357/21, you can call 101.

mo 1 Nov

Suffolk ConstabularySaturday around 12.20pm a bag of groceries was taken from a mobility scooter outside a shop in Church Street Framlingham.  Any info please contact Suffolk Police quoting reference 37/60980/21, you can phone 101.

What was Framlingham 2016-13 is now Framlingham 2016-12.

su 17 Oct

The Friends of St Michael's Framlingham quiz returns Saturday with supper, drinks and it's open to all.  Details on the right of the parish newsletter.

tu 21 Sep

BT hole in the ground 2012-2016The temporary traffic lights have now been in Fairfield Road Framlingham for eight months.  Mind you they've got a ways to go to catch up with the nearby BT hole in the ground that was there for at least four years before finally evaporating.

mo 27 Sep

What happened in Framlingham last year.

fr 17 Sep

Having raised £3,500 for the air ambulance the fruit and veg stall at the end of Vyces Road Framlingham was temporarily closed but last time we looked had re-opened.

th 16 Sep

Framlingham Horticultural Society Autumn ShowSaturday the Framlingham Horticultural Society have their autumn show in the United Free Bridge Street.  Perhaps surprisingly but definitely impressively non-members are welcome to exhibit.

Old father time ...Throwback Thursday: 14 years ago today Mark 'The Perk' Perkins dejayed Carwash a one off fundraiser for FAYAP at the Framlingham Sports Club.

tu 7 Sep

Stolen Kawasaki motorbikesLast week between 8.45pm Tuesday 31 August and 6.30am the next day at Lampard Brook Framlingham seven bikes were stolen in a burglary.  Taken were three Kawasaki 110cc motorbikes, three Honda 50cc bikes and an electric pedal cycle.  The motorbikes were built by the victim and a friend, they are unique and easily recognisable.  If you have any info please contact Halesworth police quoting crime number 37/48241/37, you can phone 101.

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