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Framlingham in 2006

sa 23 Dec

GBH Ramps' Ops DirectorAn East African photographer visited the Framlingham skatepark yesterday and GBH Ramps' (who built the skatepark) Ops Director (herintheoffice) has registered on the board and our word she makes a lovely Christmas fairy.

PS: If you haven't got an Outlaws ticket then befriend a Con Club member as they are having a disco tonight.

PPS: Looks like the recent fog has disrupted flight control up there too otherwise why would there be an Herald Angel in Solar two days early!

tu 19 Dec

Hefty sprinkling of teachers in the Station last night (even though the Jolabrugg isn't quite ready yet).  Large party from Debenham and a bunch of Tommy Mills musos (including the utterly committed Mr Hanley from last year's Grease) chilling after something or other at the school.  You've got till 7pm tonight to get the last two Outlaws tickets, we did our cards yesterday <smug smile>, and the Earl Soham Vic will be doing the bar at tonight's White Water Christmas Bash ...

mo 4 Dec

New councillor Clive NewtonAlong with a bunch of other Framlingham councillors newbie Clive Newton was wearing a yellow jacket at yesterday's Christmas Markets.

th 30 Nov
St Andrew's day

The November Community News credited us for the rabbit ears pic but didn't credit the cross country report and two other pics they'd pinched off Framlingham.com ... the sordid matter of coin was not mentioned of course.

sa 18 Nov

Mmm ... not sure but looks good - pic by Jane Bloom Postman Pat - pic by Jane Bloom Snow White and the Queen of Hearts? - pic by Jane Bloom Chuffin' heck! - pic by Jane Bloom

It must be something in the water!  Not a word Thursday when we were snapping Daddy Christmas being put together and then this outbreak yesterday for Children in Need in the Framlingham Solar.  Pat won't have to change his outfit for tonight's Postman Nite at The Crab and Winkle where they were smoking something up this afternoon when we passed ...

tu 14 Nov

Won't be flying Ryanair again in a hurry!  Anyway CPO Andrea Honeywood's next surgery is Dec 5th (same day as the Marx Bros at the Legion) so it looks like it's staying first Tuesday.

sa 4 Nov

Toffee apples

A slow start we thought to the fifth annual Framlingham fireworks but Bill Bullstrode had pre-sold 1,500 tickets and the tc was to run out of tickets at one of the gates.  The Guys were all brilliant and it was sad that they had to be burnt ... but right.

The Sports Club had put on a full football team with two reserves and a physio behind the tuck counter and were still hard pressed to keep up.  Bill Bullstrode had five people dashing about selling dangly, whirring, flashing things including a scary gum shield that you put in your mouth and when you smile reveals flashing teeth!

The bunny ears flashed

sa 7 Oct

Though Lynn's Event has been cancelled the raffle will still run.

fr 6 Oct

The East Anglian Daily Times didn't use the pic we thought they would, they didn't credit us and the sordid matter of coin was not mentioned of course.

mo 25 Sep

A full monty wedding at St Michael's Saturday with a white Rolls Royce, gospel singers and a sea of hats.

We were told this morning that sufficient bungee sponsorship has come in to pay back The Crown's top up loan and more.  The first to get his sponsorship in was Duncan and those jumpers who haven't are advised to get their monies in before Roy sends Cilla round with a chair leg.

fr 22 Sep

The bungee jump

sa 9 Sep

Lukash behind the bar at The StationThe Munch Box closed just for today and a small but regrettable flurry of people being knocked off their bikes, universal barman Lukash (spelling?) and Alan Mutimer's 93 year old uncle Norman.

su 3 Sep

Fun runners arriving with seconds to spareSeventy five entries on the line for the Framlingham Flyers' 22nd 10km run so a big old bunch nipping down New Road.  Three youngsters absolutely only just made it in time to the start of the fun run, the rigger at the top the scaffolding in Church Street was having a lovely time Come on 196, keep it up 106 ... and not just shouting at the pretty girls.  Winner David Millar flashed round so fast he got to the finish before we did!  Download the result and the fun run result too.

Feeling a bit rough at the finish

mo 21 Aug

Torrential rain took out the power for an hour or two this afternoon and prompted the traditional poking abouts in Fore Street.

mo 31 Jul

Mary and Vic looking very fitNone of the cash dispensers in Framlingham are working except the Post Office and Tony Martin won the Arts Framlingham quiz.

The tandem was in Badingham last night and returned today to where it started and with Vic and Mary Stanbrook still on board.  We make that some hours over 86 days and almost 4,000 miles.  There's nothing to say is there?About halfway through the fire

All that smoke is/was a strawstack fire near Shawsgate Vineyard.  Very impressive how the farm had sprung into action even before the brigade arrived, not so impressive the blue hatchback of bright young things hurtling through the smoke, what if there had been a fireman in the road hidden by the smoke?

th 29 Jun

Thirteen year old Josh Witherden won Saturday's Fun Run in a fag paper over 30 minutes whilst a six and fifty nine year old came in together as the lantern rouge.  See the rest of the results here.

sa 24 Jun

Very muggy in the morning for the runners.  The new five-a-side goals got a serious workout as did the bouncy castle and the mini roller coaster.

Some of the Fram College Band

Once they got over their nerves the FramlinghamEnthralled College Band made a cracking fist A marshal, a passer by, Andrea our CPO and a runnerof tunes likes Mercy, Mercy, Mercy and Peter Gunn; Minx enthralled the younger MSMers, Earl Soham Brewery made a mercy dash when the beer tent run out of Vic, at one point there were at least five impromptu football games going on and the kids ran about, ran about some more and then, for a change, did a bit more running about.  Superb!... oh, and the kids did a bit more running about.

Download the Fun Run and Half Marathon results

su 4 Jun

In 1973 Dr Stephen Norton joined Dr Edmundson as aDr Norton will continue as a locum partner in the Fore Street Surgery replacing Dr Allen.  After 33 years Dr Norton is retiring this autumn as a partner of the Framingham Medical Practice though he will continue as a locum.

Those who have appreciated his exceptional care and support may wish to contribute to the Dr S C Norton Retirement Gift Fund.  In consultation with his wife the fund will buy Dr Norton a gift to mark his retirement from the partnership.

th 1 Jun

The Munch-Box is closed 

It is with very great regret that we have to tell you that Pete Allin who with his wife Sara has run the Munch-Box Café for the last couple of years died yesterday from a heart attack.

tu 9 May

Mary, Vic and 6,000 kms aheadWhen Vic and Mary Stanbrook set off up College Rd this morning on their three month bike ride there was some debate as to whether they were going the right way or not.

su 5 Mar

Multiple signs st the bottom of Fore Street

It must have been buy one get one free.

sa 18 Feb

Deborah Stace and friendSome 200 hundred poshly dressed people eat, chattered and drunk, the kids waiting tables were brilliant, a bunch of Fram's nurses proved very ably they don't always wear uniforms, Polly Gibbons has become a  mature and professional singer and a lot of money was raised for the Somersham Ward at Ipswich  hospital.  Auctioneer Simon guesstimated £4,000 from the Auction of Promises alone and organiser Deborah Stace was swamped by a sea of incoming money.

su 12 Feb

Satellite media vans outside Thomas Mills last night.

sat 11 Feb

Head teacher Colin Hirst on News 24There has been a road accident in Germany involving a lorry and two coaches.  One coach contained children from Thomas Mills school.  Stuart Dines a pupil at Thomas Mills has died and an adult on the other bus has also died.

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