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Framlingham in 2008

we 12 Nov

We've heard from two different and usually reliable sources that Framlingham's Crown Hotel has new tenants.  What goes round comes round but we're going to miss Roy ... he certainly made things happen; the bungee jump, music on the hill and at least three street fayres.

su 26 Oct

Click for more pics hereThat's Danny Pullen's granddaughter sprinkling him with 80th birthday confetti this afternoon.  Danny celebrated his birthday today with a luncheon party at the Framlingham Sports Club who had put up a copious and very rewarding cold collation.  Hairtrix on Fram's Market Hill was previously The Sombrero coffee bar (Piggy Pete still speaks of the café fondly) and Danny ran it from 1959 to 1964(?).

tu 14 Oct

Why does that military looking aircraft keep flying low over Framlingham?

sa 11 oc 08

Mr and Mrs Jeffrey BurtFramlingham policeman Jeff Burt got married in St Michael's today and his bride Elena Fomenko looked, of course, beautiful.

we 1 Oct

All things must change but we still regret that it's last day today at The Railway for Ange, Kate and the rest of the team.

New landlords will be Neil and Sally Pascoe with their little girl Mia Louise, you may recall they were the landlords of The Station 2000-2002.

fr 19 Sep

More info hereMore info hereMore info herePolice have released pics of two men tampering with the Framlingham Barclays cash dispenser back in July.

we 17 Sep

Lots of excitement in Framlingham, the new big (and our word they are big), wheelie bins have been delivered in the industrial south ... and oh yes, Solar was robbed last night by four men in balaclavas.

th 11 Sep

The Bridge Street CafeThe bulletin board is back and so is the Framlingham cafe formerly known as Jackie's, sensibly renamed the Bridge Street Cafe.

tu 5 Aug

At their open day The Kitchen Range in Framlingham gave away so much Lemon Drizzle Cake they had to have a hurried second baking.

fr 18 Jul

Last night was comedy night at The Crown Hotel, Framlingham.  Being from a large town near Chelmsford the acts went to The Crown Hotel ... Woodbridge.

tu 8 Jul

Regrettably a young man had his mobile phone snatched in Crown and Anchor alley last week.

tu 10 Jun

With her daughter Frances Framlingham town councillor Gwen Gibbs completed Sunday's 5km Race for Life in Ipswich on crutches!

mo 9 Jun

Before Castle Brooks

We'd never seen that before!  There were so many of the public at last week's monthly Framlingham town council that the other half of the room had to be opened up.  It became clear why so many after the tc finished discussing the Castle Brooks planning application and most of the room left.  For the record the tc objected to the Castle Brooks application because of the proposed road layout and the tc objected to the proposed Bibbys development for lots of reasons.  PC Bryant reported 15 recorded crimes in May.

After Castle Brooks

su 8 Jun

Lot's of exotic East European machinery at the back of the Framlingham Crown this morning including a Russian GAZ army truck which was also used by the East German army, so in context for this lady to be wearing East German uniform.  The convoy set off for Sizewell where Wartburgs and sexy V8 Tatras flaunted themselves in the much welcome sun.  The lady had been joined by an East Armed police now patrol around Sizewell power station German flag and her boyfriend now in uniform.  They told us they had a rubber Kalashnikov but had thought it best not to bring it, which was just as well as there are now armed police patrols around the power station.  This nice bunch of people then went on to the Bentwaters Open Day and we're glad they got one good day out of the weekend (14mm of rain yesterday).

fr 25 Apr

21 Market Hill in Framlingham changed earlier this year and no longer sells children's clothes but now deals in collectables and quirkynesses.  It's open Tuesday (market day), Friday and Saturday.  Definitely worth a peek, and not just because of the new proprietors' interesting dress sense.

fr 18 Apr

Face lift in progress in FramlinghamWhat was Vanilla on the mini roundabout in Framlingham is getting a face lift to become Charlie Bear's Children's Clothes, clothes for children older than those catered for at Ruby and Ted just down the road we're told.

su 13 Apr

Framlingham First Responders got a new member from their recruitment day yesterday bringing them up to nine and coordinator Leighton Page is a natural!  Anglia TV should snap him up before he's whisked off to the biscuitless desert that is BBC Radio Suffolk.

tu 26 Feb

The Framlingham Crown still doesn't have any gas but reubens' kitchen at the back is all electric, so a virtually full house (just three seats left unfilled) for the Arts Framlingham lunch got a good looking meal.  The guest speaker Tom Corby was Court Correspondent from 1985 till 1992 (Court Correspondent is an appointment created by Queen Victoria).  We're sworn to secrecy about his talk so you'll just have to ask someone who was there.

th 21 Feb

Today we had lunch in the Framlingham Con Club (it's only called the Con Club and you don't have to be a member ... allegedly).  It was very enjoyable (the prawn salad starter included a shrimp in its shell and now we're a grown up we even like the seedy bits); more than we wanted to eat and Batemans at £1.90 a pint ... mind you the White Horse Thursday had real ale (it was so good we're now a little uncertain which brewery) at £2.00 a pint.

su 3 Feb

Expected that the memorial service yesterday for Dr Norton would be well attended but it was so well attended that not everyone could get in to St Michael's, Framlingham.  We listened on the speakers outside and in his preamble the A packed St Michael's rector Graham Owen said donations could still be made in Dr Norton's memory to Kidney Research UK.  Dr Norton's widow Hilary has several times viewed the book of condolences and been comforted by the messages.  The book will continue to be available in St Michael's for some time and you can also share your thoughts on our board.

tu 15 Jan

Everybody liked Dr Norton.  My Dr Norton story is him reaching over and squeezing my swollen finger after the nurse had removed a fiddly little splinter from under the nail.  The squeezing caused yellow stuff to come out.  "That's puss" I said a little surprised.  "Yes", he said smiling and nodding happily.  He was a doctor and that's what doctors do, help you heal.

Dr Stephen Norton died this weekend far too soon after just over a year of semi-retirement.  There is book of condolences in St Michael's Church, Framlingham or you can share on the bulletin board.

fr 11 Jan

The Man in the Hat has pointed out that if you join the 1st Responders you don't get MitH not in a hat a Kojak flashing light but you can have the haircut ... then by happenstance we saw MitH on The Hill briskly crossing the road.  He said "Ill nnnner art kell, can't stop".  On our way back to Stately Terrace there's MitH's pickup and an ambulance and the light bulb went on; he'd said "I'm on a call, can't stop".  Someone had fallen and MitH, who wasn't actually on call, had to collect the kit from the Technology Centre and then attend.  Despite that he got there eight minutes before the ambulance, that's what First Responders do, they get there first.

tu 1 Jan

A lovely buffet at the Legion... by 10pm it was busy in the Framlingham Railway but then a lot more relaxed people appeared and it was suddenly very busy.  Gratifyingly the British Legion was pretty nearly full when we arrived but the entertainment stopped for a break and bewilderingly the room emptied?  They can't all be smokers?  Ah, a lovely buffet next door.

Lots of action but still room on the dance floorThe Hoss was heaving with good natured good times and there was some room on the dance floor if you could get to it.  Spectacular lighting and Andy Rae kept that music coming, not a good idea to get too close to the bass bins though!

Adnams Old £1.90!The Con Club was proving that you don't have to be young to be bad and there's still room in this world for dark beers; in the Crown lots of well dressed people were dancing to a five piece No Spring Chicken (just love that accordion) augmented by Beaky.  Off duty waiter Chris was getting a new year's kiss rather early but all was not well, our world was about to be rocked.  There was to be NO conga line!  Are you sure?  Yes.  Reeling we stumbled out into the night to take comfort in a bottle conditioned Marston's Pedigree in the Crown and Anchor where a young man told us how he felt badly misrepresented on the bulletin board.  At the bells Auld Lang Syne was played on the juke box and pleasingly people sang and linked arms; outside a barn owl startled by the fireworks, bells and general carrying on flew out of the churchyard and up Double Street.  Back in The Crown apparently there was a conga line ... oh well, another year in Fram.

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