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we 29 Mar

The Little Mermaid on skatesRolling 2017-2013 has become rolling 2018-2013 and now includes the Keep on Rolling!demise of the Red White and Bruise Rollers and The Little Mermaid on off ice skates in Framlingham.

♫ The wonderfully grumpy Rich Hall is back at this year's Maverick Festival. Maverick 2023

tu 28 Mar

Jaques Tati  1907-1982The fortnightly(ish) digest emails out today to the 1300+ ntcers on the list ... click Jaques Tati to get it for free.

Preparing a print show in No 10 FramlinghamYesterday artists Anne Townshend and Julie Orpen were preparing in No 10 Church Street Framlingham (what was the Con Club) a selling show of their very accessible prints.  The show runs from today until Sunday.

Generally on this web site if you click on a pic you'll get a bigger one, try it now -> Click to see a bigger pic

mo 27 Mar

 JOBS   Staff wanted in Framlingham for Watson and Walpole, the Ice Cream Shop and opening tomorrow week in Crown and Anchor Alley bar Beviamo (it's Italian (well it would be wouldn't it) for Let's drink apparently).

♫ Saturday the Phoenix Singers along with the Kingfisher Sinfonietta perform Bach's St John Passion in the Framlingham College Chapel.

su 26 Mar

The clocks go backThe year moves on, the clocks have gone forward and if you have a digital camera you probably should update its clock.  Click click

Despite that there Facepack making it increasingly difficult to curate a photo collection we now have a flag football album.  Gridiron UK

sa 25 Mar

Roughcast's production of LovesongLast night at the Halesworth Cut Lovesong uses the conceit that the young and more senior couples appearing together on stage are the same people.  Slightly period with an iPod figuring and four! dentists in the town the play intriguingly wafts about in time.  Would be last chance to see Roughcast's production tonight at the Wingfield Barns except it's SOLD OUT.

th 23 Mar

Do remember this web site is not available in the shops.

we 22 Mar

The Bridge Farm Workshops Brandeston have an 8x8metre double available from April 1st ... Steve and Sally Weston 01728 685320 bridgefarm@yahoo.com

Friend of ntc Peter Brockett points out not only near the coast road closures but the Ipswich-Saxmundham rail line will be closed for two weeks from Saturday.  The Saxmundham station car park will also be closed for the replacement buses.

tu 21 Mar

Suffolk ConstabularyOver Sunday night a garage near The Grove Great Glemham had a side door forced and a locked 2021 Mondraker Crafty R E-bike was stolen.  Any info please contact Suffolk police quoting crime reference 37/16455/23, you can call 101.

mo 20 Mar

The year moves on, it's the spring equinox today.  Spring Equinox

sa 18 Mar

 Final Warning  It's Mother's Day tomorrow ...

fr 17 Mar
St Patricks's Day

Sculltural pots by Jonathon KeepThe Sweffling printroom's first show of the year is a four hander with prints from Bronwen Sleigh, Paul Coldwell and Eleanor Havsteen Franklin plus intriguingly sculptural pots from Jonathon Keep.  The private view is 5-8pm Friday 14th April.

Lots of upcoming sociability in the Wilby village hall.  Tonight pizzas, free live music and the chance to be in a film.

th 16 Mar

We all know that governments both local and otherwise just love anything new and vibrating but not so good about keeping something desirable going.  A bit surprising then that the Katch service could return in April despite being a mini-coach functioning as a taxi with a very limited number of possible destinations.

we 15 Mar

A tree much offended by Ms Flute's commentsStackton Tressel ballet dancer in residence Callista Flute has been asked to stop posting on her Bebo account until the PR & Markets Committee reviews the town council's social media guidelines.  It has been reported that some of Ms Flute's comments on trees have given great offence.

tu 14 Mar

Suffolk ConstabularyOver night last Thursday fishing equipment and a black mountain bike with pink writing on it were stolen from an insecure storage area under a property in London Road Halesworth.  Any info you can call 101 quoting crime ref 37/14462/23.

mo 13 Mar

A witch ducking this year?Planning a witch ducking (we l♥ve Daisy May Cooper) this summer?  You're welcome to promote it on here.

The next available advertising slot is now, it will take you well into spring.

su 12 Mar

Anorak Alert No.52:  Sarah Beeny's New Life In The Country might want to tell their sub-titles that it's signet as in her husband's signet ring and not cygnet which is a young swan.

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We've added the Woodbridge years 2015-2018 to Woodbridge teens ... just needs 2019 now ...

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