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fr 24 Sep

St Elizabeth's Hospice Midnight WalkNext Thursday is the last day to register for the St Elizabeth's Hospice Midnight Walk around Ipswich Saturday week.

su 22 Aug

Travelling to Ipswich via Framsden and Westerfield the weekend before last we were surprised that none of the bus shelters seemed to have timetables.

fr 6 Aug

Tomorrow beginner skateboard lessons at Whitehouse Skatepark Ipswich, they're free and no need to book.

su 1 Aug

This afternoon at the Ipswich Cardinals for the first time we just spectated an american football game .... it was pleasant.

fr 30 Jul

In the early hours of this morning a 19 year old was stabbed in Cardinal Park Ipswich.

fr 2 Jul
St Elizabeth's Hospice Bubble Rush in IpswichAldeburgh benefits from a dog boutique called Wag and Bone, part of the A1214 in Ipswich (we think of it as Ipswich's North Circular) has plastic poles separating the cycle lane from the cars and EACH's Bubble Rush in Norwich tomorrow is sold out.
tu 19 Jan

The Suffolk Animal Rescue charity shop in Ipswich  is of course closed but manager and Brandeston resident Lucy Daykin on 01728 685632 can still accept donations.  Welcome items include books, CDs, DVDs, and printer ink cartridges full or empty.  

th 26 Nov

Before the lockdown in the Ipswich M&S a dad pushing a buggy full of loudly grizzling small boy.  Dad says to grizzling small boy Have a day off Wayne.

we 14 Oct

 This Sunday the Ipswich Chamber Choir are live streaming JS Bach's Cantata No 48 from St Mary-le-Tower in Ipswich.

we 26 Aug

The St Elizabeth Hospice Midnight Walk next month has gone virtual.

sa 8 Aug

Multiple power tools recovered by Suffolk ConstabularyAn arrest early last month in Ipswich has led to the recovery of multiple power tools from multiple burglaries and thefts across Suffolk.  The constabulary web site has pictures and the police are asking potential owners to come forward.

fr 7 Aug

 JOB  Paralegal/conveyancer wanted by Kersey solicitors in Ipswich.

we 29 Jul

In this episode of BBC Radio4Ex's sitcom Cabin Pressure the crew visit Ipswich to refresh safety procedures ... just l♥ve first officer Douglas Richardson's dry sarcasm:)

tu 21 Jul

St Elizabeth HospiceSt Elizabeth Hospice is hosting a virtual Pet Pageant with a Morrison's hamper for Best in Show.  Being virtual means you can bring your pet snake as it won't terrify the rabbits:)

tu 16 Jun

Cheery blokes in Ipswich added to Suffolk Gentlemen.

th 11 Jun

Suffolk ConstabularyA scary police car chase around Ipswich, thankfully in the early hours.  Darrell Lambert got four years for this and other crimes plus six years disqualified.

su 22 Mar

New Wolsey Theatre IpswichThe Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich has cancelled all shows until September (♫So it might as well rain♫) but tickets for the autumn season go on sale next month.

su 15 Mar

Iceni Spears suspend training Paris-Nice ended a day early yesterday, the UK Women's Tour (which has a stage finish in Felixstowe) postponed from its JuneIpswich Cardinals suspend training start, both the Ipswich Cardinals and in Norwich the Iceni Spears have suspended training.  Friday we were supposed to see Eric Church in that there London but yes, it was postponed.  The world's going to be a bit duller for a while ...

mo 17 Feb

Welly Wednesday 19 FebruarySt Elizabeth Hospice's next event is Welly Wednesday in Christchurch Park Ipswich this Wednesday.  It's a 2.5km sponsored walk with inflatable obstacles and welly wanging.

mo 3 Feb

Suffolk Roller Derby recreating old time derby fun in 2018 and Ipswich.

th 9 Jan

Christmas' advent windows in Double Street Framlingham raised £933.25 for the Ipswich Hospital Children's Appeal and Save the Children.  That's nearly 50% more than 2018's £640.

mo 23 Dec

Poignant visiting the Ipswich Cardinals yesterday for the first time since owner Ralph Alexander passed away.  Despite early rain, Christmas and a very ... more here

su 22 Dec

Winter Solstice - the shortest dayIn Ipswich last night as always the Eastern Angles Christmas show was very jolly and today is the winter solstice ... despite flooding and Brexit from now on things should get better.

mo 2 Sep

Police are concerned for 24 year old mother Ashleigh Fisk and her two very young sons missing from Ipswich possibly since Tuesday.

th 22 Aug

Romeo and Juliet at Jimmy's FarmGosh it's 12 years since we saw Red Rose Chain Shakespeare in Rendlesham Forest and we are now a little vague which play it was but we do recall l♥ving it.  Red Rose play Romeo and Juliet until Sunday at Jimmy's Farm on the outskirts of Ipswich and reckon it'll be just as good.

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