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bloody Olympics!

su 15 Nov

Revolution Sprint SeriesThe mobile box office outside the Olympic Velodrome was brilliant at sorting the ticket up cock of our own making.  Inside the velodrome the Revolution Sprint Series was providing entertaining racing from all sizes and gender.  Our last visit with its non-starting Derny was reprised when the meeting ended a little prematurely because a three man pile up on the banking had damaged the track.

we 21 Oct
Trafalgar Day - 21 October 1805

Monday night we went to the Olympic Velodrome on comps for the first six day London Six Daybike race in a large town since 1982 ... we went to that one too.  We could moan about the poor signposting, poor lighting on the obligatory walk through the park, five pounds for a pint of Heineken and far too loud music but the velodrome is very impressive inside, the racing was brilliant and there was all the fun of a Derny that refused to start for the final keirin.

sa 14 Dec

It must be at least 15 months since the Olympics and they're still pratting about with the roads around the Olympic Park.

fr 1 Mar

Yet another aspect of the 2012 heritage.

th 30 Aug

The Paralympic flame in HackneyYesterday we went to Hackney town hall near Chelmsford for the Paralympic flame visit, no bunting but lots of security, barriers and not a lot else.  We walked the wrong way along the flame's route ... not a lot.  We stood by a useful looking traffic island for an hour, passing police said they didn't know anything, a road sweeper said it was 90 minutes late, Radio 5 Live said it was 90 minutes late so we gave up but passing a Richmond Road corner there was an optimistic looking group.  After a bit a big lump of police appeared, after a further bit the flame passed and disappeared into London Fields lido ... after a bit grey clad runners with a Davy lamp came out and ran authoritatively into Gayhurst Road, stopped, looked confused and after much arm pointing from a spectator ran back the way they came.  Well at least we got to see it this time.

sa 11 Aug

Big Al and his paralympics uniformThis morning near Chelmsford Big Al collected his volunteer steward's uniform for the paralympics.  It was all Adidas and included two pairs of socks, a custom Oyster card saying paralympics volunteer, an umbrella, a watch, a water bottle and a pair of size 15 trainers ... well he is Big Al.

th 5 Jul

The two courts nearest to the Olympic park along with others in a large town near Chelmsford will be closed during the upcoming event because of the expected travel difficulties, no doubt aggravated by the VIP only lanes.  A magistrate has told us there will be no extra court resources to deal with the resulting case backlog ... so justice may be delayed but not Coca Cola executives.

mo 23 Jun

One of the entrances to the 2012 Olympics site

Road(s) have disappeared around the 2012 Olympics site in Hackney and twice this morning this yellow jacket tried to tell us we couldn't photograph from the public pavement ... yeah, right.

su 6 Apr

An army of police

What a swizz!  First the pavements were swept, then the bins were emptied, then an army of police and two helicopters all for a bus with Coca Cola written on it and half a dozen slappers on the back of a lorry.  Didn't get to see the Olympic flame but did get to see these protesters asking the PSO to take their pic, makes you proud to be British!

Protesters being snapped

Free Tibet

mo 18 Feb

Got any change?This is the boundary of the main 2012 Olympics site in a large town near Chelmsford.  It took us a while to realise the message is partly a cleverly stuck on graffito.

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