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sa 3 Feb

The coolerator was crammed with TV dinners and ginger ale♫ ...  a new reason to be cheerful ... (PS: it was a souped up jitney that they bought).

fr 2 Feb

Regrettably des' dinners never visited the Leiston Volunteer and now like the Farnham George and Framlingham White Horse it's long gone.

th 1 Feb

Like that .. pixel peepers eh?  Pixel Peepers

tu 30 Jan

Do remember this web site is not available in the shops.

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Everybody's interested in house pricesEverybody?  Well nearly everybody.

su 28 Jan

Robert Maxwell in 1989Astonisher No.59: Dodgy Robert Maxwell was Labour MP for Buckingham 1964-1970 becoming chair of the Refreshment Committee in 1967.  He resigned the post in 1969 after selling off the wine cellar ... not the only chancer in government eh?

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: He's totally mad, a complete cyclepath.

Suffolk Myth No.101:  Left to its own devices the district council would probably merge with Kigali borough council and we wouldn't get to vote on that either.

sa 27 Jan

On here clicking a pic will usually get you a link and/or a bigger pic, try it now-> Click to see pix

th 25 Jan

Old father time ...Throwback Thursday: 13 years ago today we met Suffolk Constabulary's police dogs in anticipation of the national police dog trials at the Trinity showground.

tu 23 Jan

A witch ducking this year?Planning a witch ducking this winter?  Or perhaps a trial by fire for an estate agent?  You're welcome to promote it on here.

su 21 Jan

Our stock portfolio on Alamy is now over 8,000 images.  nearthecoast at Alamy

fr 19 Jan

Tweet us! #FollowFriday ain't too proud to beg eh?

It's all gone a bit quiet quiet quieter about that cage fight eh?

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we 17 Jan

Buy us a coffeeMaking us feel internationally glamorous Tessa Prior Thompson bought us a coffee from the Victoria Falls.

tu 16 Jan

Alan Smethurst 'The Singing Postman' 1927-2000The tractorati quiver with antic ... ipation for the digest emailing out this afternoon.  To get your free copy click on Alan Smethurst The Singing Postman. ♫

Radio 4 Long WaveRadio 4 Long Wave is not going away but from March (or possibly April) it will no longer have its own programming like the Shipping Forecast PC Tipsand the 198kHz broadcast frequency will still be maintained as an off air standard (see under Tech Spec).

mo 15 Jan

 WARNING  TODAY is Blue Monday.

su 14 Jan

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: Stick 'and surrounding villages' after it, that'll help.

sa 13 Jan

Anorak Alert No.56: On Desert Island Discs Lauren Laverne maintains the urban myth that The Hollies were part of 1960s Merseybeat despite being from Manchester.

fr 12 Jan

Even if yours is a local event for local people you could still benefit from How to promote your event.

mo 8 Jan

Plough Monday Today is Plough Monday.

Worried too many people might turn up for your coffee morning?  Garden fete?  Swingers' party?  Don't do promotion on nearthecoast then.

sa 6 Jan

The presenters on Radio 3 seemed to have changed their minds and gone back to Twelfth Night being today ... we've taken the cards down.

sa 30 Dec

We've very reluctantly changed the roller derby pic heading on our Twitter account but it had become irrelevant.

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: Stick community in front of it, that'll help.

fr 29 Dec

Licensed two skateboarding pix on Alamy making 2023 our best year evah. nearthecoast at Alamy

th 28 Dec

Darren Smith fishmonger - 01502 519732We've change how we do ads now you just buy us a coffee,The George Farnham Gallery hopefully more straight forward.  Darren Smith and the George Farnham Gallery in Saxmundham have already taken advantage ... thanks, much appreciated.

A bit embarrassing to see academics being showbiz but this year's Royal Institution Christmas Lectures are about AI and there's good stuff.

we 27 Dec

The village doesn't support you?  Promote yourself on nearthecoast.

fr 22 Dec

Best Of on that there Facepack We've given up trying to untag ourselves from someone else's elderly photos on that there Facepack and stated tagging ourselves to create a best of.

th 21 Dec

The year moves on, tomorrow is the winter solsticeWinter Solstice - the shortest day

we 20 Dec

Royal Mail TODAY is last day posting first class in time for Christmas.

tu 19 Dec

A selection of what happened last year near the coast has joined nearthec 20s.

How to promote yourself on nearthecoast.com.

mo 18 Dec

V11 Vehicle tax reminderLife Skills No. 54:  The V11 letter that has a ref number to renew your road tax online comes with links to other ways to pay, making an off road declaration or telling the DVLA you've moved or don't have the vehicle anymore but not pay on line.  More usefully there's a new to us link get a MOT reminder.

su 17 Dec

In November we were our busiest for a while; 13,469 visitors viewed 34,600 pages during 18,025 visits ... you're welcome:)

th 14 Dec

Our stock photo portfolio on Alamy has over 8,000 images. nearthecoast at Alamy

we 13 Dec

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: The doctor gave me painkillers but they didn't do no good, I must be too tough.

tu 12 Dec

How to promote yourself on nearthecoast.com.

su 10 Dec

Hopefully you've noticed that we've had a modest makeover?  It should make us display better on multiple devices especially mobile phones.

Bah! Humbug!♫ We've started an Advent playlist, today's entry is Mel and Kim's 1950s parody of Rocking Around The Christmas Tree.

sa 9 Dec

Facebook have been pratting about again with photo albums, so no change there then.  We've fixed it so you're getting hopefully more meaningful pix.

tu 5 Dec

♫ Four months too late for Radio 3's Casseptember but if you're even just a slightly bit techie an intriguing piece on the Sony Walkman.

fr 1 Dec

SRN NearthecoastSRN Nearthecoast is in, doesn't feel the government has treated nurses fairly, is fiddling with her tick list, clicky pen and prescribing guidelines but still listening at ntc@nearthecoast.com.

:) More updates on our Reasons To Be Cheerful play list.

th 30 Nov

nearthecoast on TwitterDespite Elon Musk's obviously poor mental health our Twitter feed has reappeared on our right sidebar and is available on some devices.

tu 28 Nov

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: He's very adventurous, he's taking time out to travel ... Halesworth, Ipswich maybe even Norwich!

th 23 Nov

Buy us a coffeeThe barista where you can buy us a coffee is sportingly offering a short Americano with biscotti and dash of milk for just two pounds ...

sa 11 Nov

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: On Ipswich station a man is kneeling to propose to his girlfriend Ian, I'm wearing my trainers!

sa 14 Oct

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: But surely vegetarians can eat Scotch eggs!

su 17 Sep

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: Habitué?  Isn't that what you get in the East African when you die?

th 7 Sep

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: Listen, it's quite simple, the bar is open Fridays, Saturdays and on Wednesdays ... except when the pool team is playing away.

mo 31 Jul

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: When she was little she threw her tamagotchi in the duck pond because it kept interrupting her.

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