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Band Profiles

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Kevin "Big Hugs" Smith - Pots & Pans

I have been drumming since I was 6 years old. The first song I ever drummed to was Remember Your A Womble at the California Club. I went to the club with my dad and saw the drums on the stage. I asked to have a go and somehow I managed to keep a beat (first and last time!). Ever since then I have been making a racket somewhere in the house.

I stopped drumming in the early 90's to DJ, but gave this up in 1999 as it got boring and I wanted to get back into drumming. I played in various local bands until one day out of the blue I got a phone call from Cookie. The rest as they say is history. :D

At the moment I play Mapex Saturn and use Istanbul cymbals, but I like new and shiny things, so the kit won't be here long.

My drumming influences are Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Ronnie Vanucci (The Killers), Larry Mullen Jnr (U2) and Animal (The Muppets), put all these together and you get my playing style. My music is the above, plus Brett Anderson, Elvis, Green Day, Keane and The Smiths.

Somehow I have been given the nick name of "big hugs", I have no idea where that come from, as I don't get any of the hugs that come to the band (AHHHH).

My biggest regret is selling my Craviotto drum kit and not joining the Outlaws sooner.

Peace and love/keep it real/woo woo woo.

Big Hugs out!


Adi "Chico" Freeman - 6 String Plank Spanker

Chico was given his first guitar aged 16 by Cookie! In no time at all he knew all the famous riffs.
Chico then met a hippy who played bass and also taught him the ways of plank spanking. They spent hours on the 'hippy bus' practising their hippy songs. After a good wash & haircut, Chico joined in with like minded musicians and formed Two Steps Back, a kind of punk covers bands (Ramones tribute?). It never last long and Chico drifted back into the music wilderness playing fingerpicking bluegrass nonsense.

After a chance meet up with Cookie, the plan was hatched for The Outlaws. They plotted & planned way into the small hours and eventually a black n white band was born.

Chico is inflenced by Benson & Hedges, brandy & Scotty Moore. He also enjoys the work of Jake Burns.

Chico plays a USA Fender Strat. with a Marshall 100watt head & a 4 x 12 Marshall cab.

Not bad for a man with fingers like pigs tits! :D :D

Mr Bushtucker - 4 String Plank Spanker

I am originally a Devonshire boy. I always wanted to play the bass after hearing Hendrix's version of Hey Joe.

Self taught and I have played on the local music scene for many years.

My bass is the Fender Precision plugged into a Ampeg rig.

My Influences are The Beatles, Hendix & Nirvana to name a few.

John Entwhistle is my bass hero with perhaps "Live at Leeds" my favourite bass album.


Cookie - Designated frontperson

I began my band career playing drums with a friend who played guitar. We added a bass player but could never find a singer, so I moved from the back to the front.

That band was named 1969 and we were all teenagers playing music by The Cramps, The Soup Dragons, The Cult, Poison, The Ramones, The Pistols………miles ahead of our time :D and probably why we played to empty pubs?

I didn’t join another band for some 15 years (put off or what?) and the next band was thrown together for a friends one off birthday gig, but out of that I joined others to make up The Juice Monkeys. A very well rehearsed rock band that never gigged live.

Since all the hard work was put into The Juice Monkeys with no reward, three of us set up another rock band called Upraw. We covered The Stereophonics, The Calling, AC/DC, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath to name a few. (9 minutes of War Pigs! Always a crowd pleaser) We gigged for over a year but I started to lose my voice due to all the strain of rock singing.

Upraw disbanded amicably in 2004.

I decided I wanted to set up a band that could play anywhere. It had to have Ska music, Rock n Roll & Greenday………..…

The Outlaws were born in Aug 2005.

We’ve met so many lovely people and we’ve been really appreciated wherever we’ve played (well nearly…Caister was never good :D ).

I have no influences, I listen to all types of music, but not too long to some of it :D
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