.  TVR  Vixen series 2  

TVR Vixen

William Hartley's TVR Vixen was a bit sad ...

The Vixen arrives at William's Pop rivet repairs! A leaking sill?!

one of the sills was even leaking glup ... drastic measures were called for ...

Drastic measures

Pretty much the whole nearside needs replacing    A roll bar is fitted

... the Vixen needed a whole new nearside from a donor car ... a roll bar is made and fitted...

  The engine and radiator  Front suspension

... meanwhile William fettles the mechanics and does a perfect job ...

Satisfying fit for one our bonnets    Looking good

... she's now looking starting to look pretty damn good, even in primer, we were particularly pleased with the bonnet fit  ...

Like a shy debutante at her first coming out party the Vixen coyly emerges from the race transporter at her new home ...   Spadge and Vixen  Ding Dong another happy Oilyrag

... another happy Oilyrag.

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