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tu 22 Sep

It's not just roller derbyists who have attitude.

mo 14 Sep

Our calculation may be imaginative but at the beginning of last century a one hour lesson in fancy skating would have been around £36 in today's money ... sounds about right.

mo 7Sep

Tiger Bay Brawlers in Grantham and 2012A chum who has been motor homing near Wales pointed us at BBC Wales' three part doc about roller derby league Tiger Bay Brawlers.  On tv tomorrow night in Wales only but available everywhere on iPlayer.

sa 5 Sep

Roller skater having a restThe day after we'd bought a helmet for roller skating we came off backwards big time banging our head hard.  Sixteen year old Sid Hudson skateboarding in Bury St Edmunds wasn't so lucky.

th 13 Aug

Kandice by Jenny Sampson (detail)A tintype was a mid 1800s photo process which makes just one positive and usually mirror image.  Popular as it could be processed quickly, a sort of Victorian Polaroid.  The subject's participation is needed for the long exposures suiting snapper Jenny Sampson who used the process to make pix of female and non-binary skateboarders in US skateparks.

th 31 Jul

The other Norfolk roller derby league on YouTube and in Canada. Canada Day

fr 24 Jul

BBC documentary 'United Skates'BBC doc United Skates has stunning (often synchronised) rolling from black American skaters.  It also has racism, gangs, developers and closing down roller rinks but stay with it as the ending is encouraging.

th 23 Jul

Nice to see that roller derby skate outs are still alive in the USA.

tu 7 Jul

Suffolk Roller Deby skater Dr Astrid CoxonIn a lifetime of laughter and tears we have noted that most people like what they're used to and that usually means clichéd predictability so when the Blue Thunder Rollers renamed themselves we were impressed they resisted Suffolk Punchers or such like.  Recently Suffolk Roller Derby skater Dr Astrid Coxon has revived the draught horse allusion.

tu 30 Jun

When Richard Branson goes roller skating with some rock dinosaurs and it's not him who breaks his ankle surely an up cock by God ... ♫

we 10 Jun

The twenty stair rail is really <beep>ing that up.Just one more confirmed Covid-19 case in Suffolk yesterday.  A fifty sixth reason to be cheerful ... The twenty stair rail is really <beep>ing that up.

su 31 May

Rollerworld Colchester CrowdfunderRollerworld Colchester has started a Crowdfunder page so they'll still be there when the stay at home let's them re-open.  Inducements include roller derby and speed skating sessions.

fr 29 May

Crikey!  A non-helmet wearing backflip on roller skates in a skate park and the suspension of British american football extended to the beginning of July.

mo 25 May

Short track slider (not roller) Elise Christie has been on a journey.

mo 18 May

Suzi Rufell is a better roller skater than Rachel Parris.

th 14 May

Alicia Rodgers - Week WanScot Alicia Rodgers and her mates bought roller skates after seeing Whip It (they are not alone) but then omitted the next step learning to skate.  Alicia is now learning to skate for a charity live performance on 25th May.  She's doing better than us (we can't shoot the duck off skates) and thankfully she had gained a helmet by the latter part of week two.

mo 27 Apr

Lydia the Tattooed Lady896 confirmed Covid-19 cases so far in Suffolk and total yesterday, the rate of increase seems to be easing.  The thirty fifth reason to be cheerful continues yesterday's roller derby theme with a tattoo related YouTube. ♫

su 26 Apr

877 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk and total so far.  The thirty fourth reason to be cheerful ... London Roller Girls eh?

we 22 Apr

When Cambridge Rollerbillies were Romsey Town Rollerbillies they shared aRomsey Town Rollerbillies in 2012 warehouse with a cycle polo team, it was very Whip It if not banked track.  Sadly the Billies didn't get an anonymous angel unlike Sacramento Roller Derby ... even if your premium bond pulled the big one you still wouldn't have enough money.

su 29 Mar

French tv comedy Derby Girl25-year-old Lola Bouvier, a fallen ice-skating star with an outsize ego, decides to become “the greatest roller-derby champion of all time” but unwittingly joins one of the worst French teams: the Cannibal Unicorns!  French tv comedy Derby Girl ... the production stills look a bit obvious ... and cheap.

we 11 Mar

A Joyous Easter DayA charming immediately post Edwardian Easter card with a roller skating small girl who is also a bit scary with her stick to hit the fluffy little chicks.  A rolling on cards album update that includes rolling skating bears, cats and a dog.

sa 15 Feb

Roller derby crawlRoller derby in its present flat track iteration is a young sport so there's always a new way to interpret the rules.  We recall a downed skater having three seconds (a bit mean eh?) to get up but we can't find it in the current WFTDA rules.

mo 3 Feb

Suffolk Roller Derby recreating old time derby fun in 2018 and Ipswich.

th 1 Jan

1953 London All StarsHappy New Year.  The bit of Suffolk that is near the coast tends to go into hibernation during January but we'll forage for any stirrings.  In the meantime here's the pic we meant to use about bank track roller derby in that there London and the 50s.

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