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th 2 Apr

Suffolk Constabulary

Yesterday afternoon a body was found in an Aldeburgh house and in the evening there was an armed robbery at the


 Mace Store.
mo 24 Feb
This Saturday the 29th a free (donations welcome) nostalgic Film Night at


Community Centre.
th 20 Feb
9am-2pm Saturday week 29 February


Brownies are holding a table sale in the village hall with profits to the hall.  Tables are £10, phone Brown Owl Jo Mayhew on 01728 831748.
su 9 Feb
Storm Ciara (not Clara) has closed the Orwell Bridge we think 3:00am-06:00pm.
sa 8 Feb
 WANTED  A graphic designer to be paid for designing a Bauhaus style poster.
fr 22 Nov
Didn't know there's a winery in

Monk Soham

, they are open 11:00am-04:00pm weekend after next for Christmas shopping.
we 20 Nov
Sunday a charity fair in the


 Victory Hall, a quid to get in but that does include refreshments.
sa 16 Nov
As we've noted before the Shepherd and Dog at

Forward Green

still has a TO LET sign and the recently expanded


 Co-op petrol station attractively has planters on the grass verge.
tu 29 Oct
You are in designated public placeDesignated Public Place Orders (DPPOs) were enacted in a bunch of

near the coast

 towns over ten years ago.  They aren't simple drinking bans, it's not illegal to have wine with a picnic as long as a copper doesn't ask you stop ... read the question.  DPPOs have been replaced by Public Space Protection Orders and last month East Suffolk Council resolved (didn't they vote?) to remove the DPPOs (number seven in the minutes).  Impressively they also thought to remove the signs that imply Framlingham Fen Meadow is the haunt of drunken muggers rather than sober(ish) dog walkers.
mo 21 Oct

Very sad to report that the multi-talented James Holloway passed away some days back.

su 13 Oct

It's the Cratfield Turkey Trot this afternoon at Whitehouse Farm.

mo 23 Sep

The Debach Airfield opening this Sunday will be the last of the year and it's Jeep Day Road Run too.

fr 23 Aug

Edith In The Beginning at Sutton HooOver the weekend theatre company Stuff of Dreams will present the new play Edith in the Beginning.  It tells of Edith Pretty and the Sutton Hoo treasure and will be staged outdoors on the porch of Edith's residence Tranmer House at the Sutton Hoo site.

we 7 Aug

 JOB  Pig stockman wanted near the coast by Rattlerow Farm.

mo 29 Jul

The level crossing at Westerfield is open again.

th 25 Jul

The Prima Donna festival at the end of next month near Pettaugh does pretty much what it says on the tin.

fr 12 Jul

Voices floating past in near the coast and the early hours of Sunday will be the Dunwich Dynamo.

th 11 Jul

Roughcast's A Midsummer's Night DreamRoughcast Theatre are touring Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer's Night Dream around near the coast finishing with a dash over the channel for two shows in the Dordogne ... perhaps because it might be their last chance:)  Tomorrow there's a free performance at the Laxfield Low House.

Driving from much of near the coast to Norwich there was no petrol station until Long Stratton and that one on the wrong side.  Since May there's been a BP petrol station on the Scole A140/A143 roundabout near Diss.

mo 1 Jul

To disprove that everything happens in June Mid Summer Music is at Grundisburgh House this coming Saturday. ♫

su 9 Jun

Women's Tour 2019Expect some delays tomorrow around near the coast when the 2019 Women's Tour 2019 journeys from Beccles to Stowmarket.

sa 25 May

near the coast's other notable warbler Laura Wright joins our peeps in Suffolk page.

sa 18 May

493rd Bomb Group MuseumThe free entrance airfield museum at Debach opens during summer on the last Sunday of the month running until the last Sunday in October.  So the museum will be open tomorrow week.

th 2 May

Council elections around near the coast today but you would be hard pressed to know it.  A stunning lack of information about who the candidates are.

su 7 Apr

♫ Repeating last year's success Kio are playing for dancing at Stonham Aspal village hall this Saturday.

th 28 Mar

We've added a judge and spectators at Butley to Suffolk Gentleman and a gratifyingly side lit rider to our Flickr portfolio ... it's been a while.

su 10 Mar

Building work at the Co-op petrol station Stowupland will continue until at least May and possibly July.

fr 8 Mar
International Women's Day

The ruined chapel at MinsmereA Wing and a Prayer is a large, colourful, glass art piece by Arabella Marshall which is expected to be installed into the ruined chapel at Minsmere this summer.  It will launch a three year programme of arts, nature and heritage based activities.

th 14 Feb
Valentine's Day

Roughcast Theatre present Hobson's ChoiceStarting Monday Roughcast Theatre have an eight date Suffolk tour of the comedy Hobson's Choicenear the coast venues are Hoxne, Wingfield (nearly SOLD OUT) and the Halesworth Cut.

we 23 Jan

It's all the go in and about near the coast, temporarily closing petrol stations to re-Haynings garage Framlingham being updatedmodel them, not an insignificant matter when there are so few to start with.  Woodbridge (has it re-opened yet?), Co-op Stowmarket (not closed but building going on), Haynings Framlingham (reportedly will have a 24 hour self service pump) and now the BP garage on the west bound A14 near Newmarket.  Fortunately services just off the A14 on the other side of Cambridge are copiously resourced ... three Costa Coffee machines!

th 3 Jan

All we could find on the web about Sunday's motorcycle trial was it was Sunday and somewhere around Butley.  In the event it was a mile or two from the village, well signposted with orange pennants, had a burger van and an enormous free car park.  Lots of women judges and unlike our last trial visit eleven! years ago there were a lot more modern bikes including two electrical jobbies.  We always like the surreal cinema image of a single motorbike making its way through the woods.

tu 1 Jan

Ed Sheeran in 2006 and Earl SohamWe could rant about the relentless building around near the coast making rural Suffolk increasingly suburban with little if any improved infrastructure but we'll console ourselves that it's still a pleasant place to live.  We have bubbling a slight change to our look and very probably stylish merch.  In 2019 no doubt there'll be continued sightings of Ed Sheeran, the East African will report local fury about something or other and there'll be even more building ... wishing you the best for 2019.

Donate your retiring Christmas tree to entertain the meerkats at Stonham Barns.

sa 29 Dec

♫ Confusingly (to us anyway) Monday's New Year's Eve Ceilidh from Folk at the Froize is being held at Wantisden Valley.

su 16 Dec

The Scarlet Pipistrelle - Common Ground TheatreYesterday's matinee performance of The Scarlet Pipistrelle at the Seckford Theatre Woodbridge had dancing, singing, joking, lovely ladies and plot.  The audience attempted to clap the Brexit joke and we particularly enjoyed the sausage puns, great stuff!  Common Ground Theatre tour the show around near the coast ... more here

sa 15 Dec

bloody Christmas ... eh?Immediately post Christmas (27-30 December) A Crag Path Christmas in the Jubilee Hall Aldeburgh hosted by the Alde and Ore Estuary Trust.  The river Ore runs through near the coast but is little more than a ditch by Framlingham.

tu 11 Dec

bloody Christmas ... eh?Only tickets in advance for dinner and Basil's Christmas Carol at Stonham Barns Saturday 15th December.

sa 8 Dec

The Shepherd and Dog at Forward Green (it's between the A140 and Stowupland) still has a TO LET sign outside.

fr 16 Nov

Starting next Thursday for four days the Grundisburgh Cribfest.

th 15 Nov

Saturday there's a fish and chip supper and auction of promises in Kelsale village hall we think in aid of the church St Mary and St Peter.

mo 8 Oct

Bentwaters Cold War MuseumSunday week 21 October will be the last opening this year of the Bentwaters Cold War Museum.

mo 1 Oct

The jeep run yesterday at Debach Airfield was their last open day of this year.

we 26 Sep

Don't know if the Women's Tour of Britain will be returning to near the coast next year but we do know it will be a day longer,

fr 21 Sep

Sunday will be the autumnal equinox, sorry to be a downer but winter approaches.

fr 7 Sep

Red Mecca at Stradisphere this year♫ Stuff to do around near the coast this weekend includes tonight a music quiz at the Framlingham Crown, the free Laxitude all weekend with Lyrical Jukebox and naughty Harleston boys Red Mecca playing tonight plus Maritime Woodbridge tomorrow and Sunday.

sa 28 Jul

Stepdance Day at the Blaxhall ShipIt's going to be a busy Sunday tomorrow with the Dunwich Dynamo passing through near the coast in the early hours, open gardens in Double Street Framlingham, free step dancing at the Blaxhall Ship, classic car day at the Debach Airfield and St Lawrence's Brundish will be visited by The Right Reverend Martin Seeley Lord Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, probably the first visit by the diocesan bishop in sixty years and there's a picnic as well.

Thankfully it's rained and no doubt will again soon ... mind you it's already becoming a bit annoying.

fr 27 Jul

Tonight's weather forecast for near the coastThis is an interesting double, around 9pm tonight there will be the longest blood moon this century.  About the same time the Beeb are forecasting (let joy be unconfined) a second thunderstorm for near the coast.

su 15 Jul

Looks like it probably won't rain today St Swithin's day.

sa 14 Jul

Sign in Ashbocking advertising free horse manure not surprisingly by the stables with a dressage ring right on the B1077.

th 5 Jul

Village fetes this Saturday include Cretingham, Bedfield (on the sports field) and Otley both of which start at 2pm.

th 28 Jun

Batteries stolen earlier this month from speed indicators in Chillesford, Hollesley, Snape and Tunstall.

fr 15 Jun
Our eleventh birthday

Splat Quack Go Suffolk's Muddiest Mud RunHere's a new one (to us at least) Splat Quack Go Suffolk's Muddiest Mud Run. superficially a Woodbridge happening tomorrow but in fact just outside Hollesley ... entries accepted on the day and it sounds a teensie bit like those Zombie Evacuations.

tu 12 Jun

Women's Tour 2018 around near the coastExpect delays and parking difficulties when the Women's Tour of Britain starts in Framlingham tomorrow (we enjoyed the 2014 stage start in Felixstowe), takes a turn around near the coast, returns to Framlingham and then goes on to finish in Southwold.

sa 19 May

There's an initiative for the community to buy the Brundish Crown, we hope they succeed, near the coast certainly doesn't need fewer pubs.

su 13 May

Stonham Aspal may have lost it's pub but the village hall is very active with bingo, film, pub and quiz nights.

th 10 May

It's the fourth Pirate's Ball this weekend starting tomorrow night in Thorington. ♫

mo 7 May

We've paid for Suffolk Coastal's garden rubbish collection starting this month.  We've opted for the bigger bin and were looking forward to re-purposing going forward the old bin to store yet to be chopped up kindling ... but the bigger bin doesn't arrive until August.

su 6 May

Last week a Browning shotgun was stolen in a Knodishall burglary. Suffolk Constabulary

fr 4 May
Star Wars Day

5 In A Bar with Neil Oliver♫ Musical nights out tomorrow around near the coast include 5 In A Bar at St Mary's Sweffling with refreshments (we last 5 In A Bar at the 2014 Great Glemham Christmas show), and Man in the Hat at the Knodishall Butchers Arms. ♫

we 28 Feb

Shepherd and Dog in Forward Green - pic by Google EarthThe Shepherd and Dog at Forward Green (it's between the A140 and Stowupland) has a giant TO LET sign outside.  Tripadvisor and someone who told someone else seem to think it's closed and has been for a bit.  We're pretty sure the letting agents are Fleurets who specialise in pubs and shops but we can't find it on their website ... maybe that's why it's got stuck.

fr 16 Feb
Chinese New Year - year of the dog

Common Ground's autumn show The MarinerThrough some oversight or possibly just good old fashioned incompetence last year we didn't make it tobloody Christmas ... eh? Common Ground's Christmas show Sherlock Holmes and the Hooded Lance.  We will try harder for their autumn tour of The Mariner and they have a shiny new website to tell you all about it.

tu 6 Feb

A fine example of enviable near the coast local authority communication skills.

th 18 Jan

A bit windy last night ... eh?

th 28 Dec

The Friston Chequers now seems to be the Friston Old Chequers and has a fresh looking coat of paint.

tu 14 Nov

 FOR SALE  In Bruisyard and on Gumtree a 12 x 8 greenhouse for £150.

th 2 Nov

Sunddenly Last Summer - graphic by Bridget MorleyTonight at the Wingfield Barns Open Space Theatre start a tour around near the coast of Tennessee William's Suddenly Last Summer.  Performance this Saturday at the Huntingfield Hub and the Saturday after at the Halesworth Cut.

we 25 Oct

As you approach Hoxne from Stradbroke on the B1118 there's now traffic calming giving priority to traffic coming the other way.

we 4 Oct

House sales around near the coastHouse sales continued to sparkle in Woodbridge during the summer ... or maybe it's just a large town by the standards of near the coast.

tu 12 Sep

Yesterday a motorist was assaulted and robbed between Metfield and Fressingfield.

sa 9 Sep

As predicted the Tour of Britain flashed through near the coast yesterday but perhaps the helicopter got lost?  It only seemed to turn up as the peloton was leaving Framlingham.

tu 5 Sep

Tour of Britain 2012 in AldeburghThe Tour of Britain will be passing through near the coast Friday round about lunch time.  You will know it's approaching when you hear the helicopter, expect it to flash past and best not to get in the way.  Wednesday the day before there's an individual time trial around Clacton, if you download the start sheet you'll know who's likely to be coming along next and there will be several hours of spectating to do.

tu 29 Aug

Sorry to hear that the Cratfield Poacher closed earlier this year, we had a des' dinner there in 2010.

th 3 Aug

Saturday the Hasketon village fete on the green.

su 23 Jul

Stradbroke T20 four years agoBack to back T20 (limited over) cricket in Stradbroke this afternoon with visitors Rumburgh and Saxmundham.

su 16 Jul

Bentwaters Cold War Museum open today.

we 5 Jul

Dunwich Dynamo 2015Next Saturday/Sunday night the 25th Dunwich Dynamo will be passing through near the coast.  This year the Gentleman Plumber will not be popping up his cafe near the Framlingham water tower but may be back next year.

fr 2 Jun

Mackenzie Crook outside the Framlingham Crown JOBS  Around near the coast The Detectorists have one day's paid work next month for bearded mechanic type aged 40-80, filming in Staverton Park Butley.  Jobs also going for removal/builder types, a milkman and two male mourners in Framlingham and lots more, scroll down here.

we 17 May

Horham Open Village and Fete Saturday afternoon.

fr 12 May

♫ The Maui Waui Pirates Ball weekend at Thorington kicks off tonight with an outdoor showing of Pulp Fiction.

su 30 Apr

The annual Hasketon book and plant sale tomorrow afternoon.

tu 25 Apr

Wrestling tonight at Stonham Barns, first bell 7pm.

su 26 Mar

 JOB  Warehouse Staff wanted in Pettistree.

mo 6 Mar

There were daffs on a Tannington grass verge yesterday in full bloom.

th16 Feb

That's a pity, the Women's Tour stage race having visited East Anglia for the last two years is giving us a miss in 2017.

mo 6 Feb

Driving round near the coast Purple Bricks seem a popular alternative estate agent.

fr 27 Jan

Radio StradbrokeRadio Stradbroke fund raiser tomorrow night in Syleham and Wingfield village hall (a new venue to us) with rock/indie/covers band Red Glass and a cheap bar ... sounds brilliant.

mo 9 Jan

A quantity of cash was stolen in an Otley burglary last week.

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