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tu 22 no 16St Cecilia's Day patron saint of music

Lucy Porter - pic contributedANORAK ALERT No.21:  We like short arse Lucy Porter but on Radio 4's The Unbelievable Truth she described Diss as a village .. it's got three supermarkets Lucy.

sa 23 jl 16

ANORAK ALERT No.20:  It would be more informative and informed BBC tv news to report Cavendish is in the green jersey not Cavendish is dressed in green, it's a bike race not a fashion show.

we 18 my 16

ANORAK ALERT 19:  On Radio 4 in Ed Reardon's Week Ed corrects a bossy woman for using disinterested when she should have used uninterested but shortly afterwards he lets her get away with ironical.

su 31 ja 16

ANORAK ALERT 18:  Think you'll find Sam West that the very hot summer you had your very first canal holiday with your parents Timothy West and Prunella Scales was 1976 not 77.

th 31 oc 15Halloween

Paris-ToursANORAK ALERT No.17:  Tours (pronounced Tour) is a place in France ITV4 continuity man so it's Paree-Tour not the Paree tours.

tu 15 se 15

Elvis and Bill BlackANORAK ALERT No.16:  On Radio 4 Mitch Benn reckoned original Elvis' bass player Bill Black was part of the 1968 comeback tv special, would have been quite a trick as Bill Black had died three years earlier.

tu 4 au 15

Camp coffee in bottlesANORAK ALERT No.15:  If you're going to make a Camp coffee joke on Radio 4 Russell Grant you should know that it comes in bottles not jars.

fr 26 jn 15

ANORAK ALERT No.14:  A Purdey is a gun but not a rifle OAPs Behaving Badly voice over man.

tu 16 jn 15

ANORAK ALERT No.13:  It's pronounced Criterium du Dophinay ITV4 continuity announcer not Criterium du Dopheen.

mo 15 jn 15

Bob Dylan's Freewheelin'ANORAK ALERT No.12:  The cover of Bob Dylan's Freewheelin' was in colour not black and white self declared clever person Professor Lisa Jardine on Desert Island Discs. ♫

mo 8 jn 15

light emitting diode ANORAK ALERT No.11:  LED stands for Light EMITTING DIODE How It's Made voice over man not Light Electronic Device.

mo 4 my 15

ANORAK ALERT No.10:  In an episode of the Father Brown tv adaptation with Mark Williams this oily rag was never going inflate a bicycle tyre with a car pump.

su 1 fe 15

BBC Radio 4ExtraANORAK ALERT No.9: The Eagle was a comic not a magazine Radio 4extra continuity announcer.

tu 2 de 14

ANORAK ALERT No.8:  It's RAF Bentwaters Katherine Nash not Brentwaters ... #BBC eh?

fr 26 se 14

Susan Calman is ConvictedANORAK ALERT No.7: We rather like the unlikely l♥ve child of Wee Jimmy Krankie and a hobbit that is Susan Calman ... but she was way out when in her radio series Susan Calman is Convicted she claimed that as a Glaswegian student in 1992 there was no Internet ... the net's stumbling birth was during the cold war ... mind you she might be right about Glasgow.

we 6 au 14

Julia Mackenzie as Miss MarpleANORAK ALERT No.6: In a Julia Mackenzie Miss Marple party workers stuff envelopes ... we don't think anybody in the 1950s would have stuffed anything except a turkey ... far too common.

we 18 jn 14

Professor Simon SchamaANORAK ALERT No.5: Next time you're on the telly talking about the Hoxne hoard Professor Simon Schama pronounce it Hoxen not Hoxnay.

we 12 mr 14

Kerry GodlimanANORAK ALERT No.4: In Kerry Godliman's very excellent Radio 4 comedy Kerry's List (she's even better as a stand up) her husband Ben lusts after a sunburst Fender Precision with humbuckers ... humbuckers?! ♫

su 19 ja 14

ANORAK ALERT No.3: Lovejoy (the later series without Eric and Lady Jane on Freeview channel Drama) may be set in "East Anglia" but they seem to spend a lot of time in and around pubs with parasols branded Ridley's an Essex brewery and we certainly recognise the Moreton Massey near Harlow masquerading as Suffolk.

sa 17 au 13

ANORAK ALERT No.1:  Telstar: The Joe Meek Story on BBC2 last night didn't use the actual 304 Holloway Road. ♫

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