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Wickham in 2011-07

we 21 Dec

The Teapot Tearooms (that's the new one) in Wickham Market must have the poshest toilet in nearthecoast.

th 8 Dec

Merry bloody Christmas!Christmas favourites and a premiere at All Saints Wickham Market by the Suffolk Singers Saturday night.

su 4 Dec

24 year old Perry Frost has been missing from the family homePerry Frost in Kettleburgh since the early hours of this morning.  He is driving a black Honda Civic.

Well he didn't get far, found by police near Wickham Market this afternoon.

th 1 Dec

The Wickham Market co-opIn Wickham Market what was once a Vauxhall dealership is now the new co-op coming along a pace and what was once the pet shop is now a cafe, run we're told by the people who used to run the other cafe.

tu 15 Nov

Hacheston post office in 1904, Earl Soham by the church, Wickham

Hacheston Post Office 1904 Earl Soham near the church Wickham Market 1908-1909 John Self advertising card

Market football team 1908-1909 and a John Self advertising card from around the turn of last century.

th 28 Jul

In Wickham Market the fish and chip restaurant, confusingly in the front of the No, you go down the side to get chips chippy, is now a bookshop and the B1438 (what used to be the A12) is closed on the north side of the square so buses have to go down Broad Road ... gets interesting at the hairpin right turn into Border Cot Lane.

tu 21 Jun
Summer Solstice - the longest day

In all three cars had their paintwork scratched in Wickham Market Sunday and Monday ... come to think of it two cars were keyed and had their tyres slashed in Ufford early on Friday.

tu 22 Mar

Jewellery and euros stolen in Woodbridge, a Fabergé egg burgled in Wickham Market and what could be dogknapping in Badingham.

we 9 Mar

Libra in Wickham Market closed in 2009 after serving the town for twelveLibra in Wickham Market years, we can just about remember it being something else before that ... Magpie?  Owner Jane Hughes has sent a memoir of those 12 years, perhaps it's a warning to others that she thinks pay parking was probably the final straw.

th 28 Oct

yellow lines in Wickham MarketDon't know if the yellow liners lunched overly well but by the post office in Wickham Market they've wandered out towards the middle of the  road ... they've reprised the theme by the bus stop.

tu 15 Jun

Has the Wickham Market chippie got a new owner or just a new name?

th 1 Apr

Wickham Market 1905Roundabout 1995 the pillarbox in the Wickham Market post office's car park moved from the far side to sensibly by the post office entrance.  We were told the box had been on the other side because the house on that side had been the post office.  This card posted in 1905 shows that at the beginning of the 20th century the PO was opposite The George.

sa 6 Feb

Fire crews from Framlingham and Woodbridge attended a man trapped in his crashed car on the northbound A12 near Wickham Market last night.

mo 7 Dec

The demolished garage in Wickham Market

If the demolished garage (a Vauxhall dealership as we recall) in Wickham Market is going to be a Co-op then presumably it will have parking which would be nice.

tu 6 Oct

In Wickham Market unpleasantly a boy has his bike stolen.

we 22 Jul

Carley and Webb's in Framlingham has got a dividing wall down the middle and what looks like new toilets, and what was Pelham Pink in Wickham Market has got the builders in too.

fr 17 Jul

Frock shop Libra in Wickham has closed.  Libra in Wickham Market

we 20 May

What was Pelham Pink in Wickham MarketThere's been some shopping changes in Wickham Market; what was interior design Catherine Hadden (latterly opening weekends only) is now gifty shop miss.chief and Pelham Pink, which shut some time early this year, will have the dentists next door moving in from their present minute surgery.

su 3 May

At the end of last month police in Wickham Market confiscated a motorbike because it was being used anti-socially.

we 18 Mar

The ladies of the Wickham Market Legion have organised an everybody welcome bingo for tomorrow night.

su 25 Jan

Is the Co-op in Wickham Market going to move to the old garage site?

we 24 Dec

The police are treating two fires early yesterday morning in Wickham Market as arson.

th 6 Nov

A shotgun and cartridges were taken in a Wickham Market house burglary this morning and a teenage girl was accosted in Framlingham last night.

tu 14 Oct

Burglary on the Wickham Market industrial estate Thursday night.

th 29 May

The Wickham Market Resource Centre Wickham Market Resource Centreis not  as difficult to find as Radio Suffolk but it is a bit hidden away.  We went there for a retinal scan yesterday and discovered it's a pleasantly straight forward, clean building with disabled access and a library stuffed with books, PCs, DVDs and talking books.  The library is about eight times the size it was when in that flint stone shed across the road that is now the vets ... but it still doesn't seem to open that much.

we 30 Apr

AkenfieldThe historic Harwich Electric Palace Cinema is a bit of a trek but worth the effort and at the end of next month it's showing Peter Hall's Akenfield.  Made in 1974 the film was shot on location in villages west of Wickham Market and using local people as the cast.

we 9 Apr

Pay and Display comes to Wickham Market Pay and Display has arrived in the Wickham Market car park at a very reasonable £100 for 2-4 hours (we're not kidding) and yet the toilets are still locked!  It might be a warning that like the Wickham car park both the Elms and Fore Street car parks in Framlingham are run by Suffolk Coastal District Council ...

fr 29 Feb



... and from the people who brought you the Saxmundham-Aldeburgh branch line another 24 carat piece, the 1958 Aldeburgh Carnival with a brief glimpse of Wickham Market Junction (yeah, yeah we know it's at Campsea).

tu 26 Feb

What pond life!  Chocolate has been stolen in Wickham Market!!

fr 23 Nov

Cake bought in Wickham MarketWhen we were in Wickham Market last Saturday the car park toilets might have been locked but we did buy this cake, not from the bakers but from Seagers the hardware store ... when we were back in Wickham Tuesday the toilets were still locked.

tu 04 Sep

It seems Wickham Market is going the same way as Saxmundham, next to the frock shop and about to open is Catherine Hadden interior design.

tu 31 Jul

Green beads defying gravityHere's a great freemans from the Wickham Market dentist.  It's a two minute egg timer to encourage proper teeth cleaning by children, but when you turn it upside down instead of sand falling from the top to the bottom the tiny green beads bubble up from the bottom to the top!  To get one we had to lie and say it was for our niece, actually it wasn't lying, she will get it ... eventually.

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