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Woodbridge in 2007

we 19 Dec

New Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg has recruited ex Roxy Music member and Woodbridge boy Brian Eno to Reach out with a love that will shelter you, with a love that will see you through.  We might have got that a bit wrong, it might be Reach out beyond Westminster to people who don't get a say ... well that's just about all of us then.

fr 7 Dec

Punch and Judy outside BootsWoodbridge Thoroughfare really was heaving earlier this evening.  Children and parents could enjoy Daddy ChristmasCandy floss giving them sweets, carol singing, Punch and Judy (without the sausages routine because the P&J man could only carry so many props), a bouncy thingy, candy floss (Little Boy in surprise "It's soft!"), a fancy dress competition and probably lots more stuff we didn't get round to seeing.

su 2 Dec

Nikki, Becky and MelissaThe Seckford Theatre in Woodbridge School is, apart from the naff sculpture and rubbish website, certainly impressive and even possibly innovative; the narrow side balconies have swivel bar stool type seating which intrigued us.  Last night the theatre hosted the Soundwaves CD launch.  We only got there in time for the top band We Start Fires who are three girlies and a bloke, all highly competent and driving out high powered indie pop which had the young males in the snake pit exuberantly moshing ... well pushing each other anyway:)

tu 16 Oct

Tomorrow morning there's a police surgery in the Woodbridge Costa Coffee. (Stylish eh?)

sa 29 Sep

Nice border of weedsAs expected the Budgens car park in Woodbridge is now pay and display but that doesn't mean anything gets done Bandstand?  Rocket pad?about the weeds and interestingly part of the parking space is taken up with what is either a rocket launch pad or a minimalist bandstand.  Creatively the bandstand has disabled access but not a disabled exit!

fr 3 Aug

Teddy undergoing restorationTeddy is possibly the oldest surviving Suffolk built boat and she will be re-launched at Maritime Woodbridge next month.

we 25 Jul

Hey!  Woodbridge has got a Costa Coffee!  It's in that new building next to Woolworths that so creatively helps with the parking problems by being built on a car park.  Having discovered this around 10 o'clock last night we then wandered around peeking in the pubs most of which looked pretty empty, though the Mariner's/Tap&Spile/Mariner's had somehow found space to put a picnic table outside in New Street and it was being used by some young lady smokers.  We then went home so we can't help the police.

fr 22 Jun

Budgen's car park, Woodbridge

Looks like the free Budgens car park in Woodbridge is going to get a makeover (wonder if it'll stay free), the temporary traffic lights in the Ufford-Melton road have gone and it's that time of the summer again.

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