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Woodbridge in 2009

we 23 Dec

Junction Theatre Street/Angel Lane, Woodbridge - pic by AngelWoodbridgeAngel Lane in Woodbridge is that rather narrow and somewhat steep road off Theatre Street by the Angel pub and it's been one way since the beginning of October, but some motorists still haven't twigged it.

sa 19 Dec

Free Christmas eve car parking in the district council offices Woodbridge ... don't know if Framlingham town council will be doing something about their chains ...

tu 1 Dec

Last Thursday in locations including Orford, Melton, Campsea Ashe and Ufford Woodbridge SNT handed out 15 warnings and 10 fixed penalties for speeding, and seized a vehicle.

we 11 no 09
Armistice Day
Framlingham Dark Skies Wedding Hats @ Framlingham Galton Blackiston
tu 10 Nov

House sales around near the coastAs you might expect house sales near the coast have been quiet though Woodbridge seems lively.

fr 6 Nov

PCSOs Trudy Sharman and Amy Cowan

By the time we got to Orford this morning PCSOs Trudy Sharman and Amy Cowan had already found two customers, Chris had last a ... more at Orford

mo 12 Oct

Entering the Woodbridge Budgens car park if the traffic is clagged up in the top right hand corner it's because cars are waiting for one of the free short stay spaces to empty ... saves 40p ... and the kiosk thingy that's now a fishmongers has jellied eels on their board.

tu 18 Aug

Nice to see that like the Woodbridge SNT who have held surgeries in Costa Coffee the Framlingham law enforcement community will be using the Bridge Street Café for their surgeries.  A relaxed atmosphere and a bit of community engagement with that bit of the community who aren't on committees must help.  (See what we did there?  Got community in three times.)  If privacy is needed there's a room available upstairs.

sa 6 Jun

A trailer pinched in Marlesford whilst still attached to the towing vehicle and don't know if it was Brandy Billy coming up the Deben in the Black Pig and doing his pirate thing but two dinghies stolen in Woodbridge.

tu 12 May

Starting a four day run tomorrow the Deben Players present The Roses of Eyam at the Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge.

th 7 May

Six patio heaters taken and some vandalism in Cretingham, a paint stripper vendetta against Audis in Woodbridge and a 14ft trailer pinched off Parham 'Drome.

tu 5 May

32 year old man missing from St Clements, Ipswich might be camping in the Woodbridge/Martlesham area.

sa 25 Apr

Plants, art, refreshments and tower visits in Dennington church today and The Fighter Pilot's Tale at the Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge tonight.

fr 3 Apr

Soundwaves are back at the Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge tomorrowWe Start Fires at Soundwaves night for a CD launch.  Names we recognise are Ed Sheeran of course, Friendly Misunderstood Rabbits and bill topping Cheeky Slow Kids Cheeky and the Nosebleeds who seem to have amputated themselves to The Cheek (like the French say there's always one who kisses and one who offers ... the cheek that is).

we 25 Mar

Charity shops St Elizabeth Hospiceare getting pretty picky about what they'll take these days but until Saturday the St Elizabeth Hospice has an amnesty on odd, broken or scrap jewellery at their ten shops including Felixstowe, Ipswich, Leiston, Sax and Woodbridge ... big of 'em.

fr 6 Mar

Rupert Herries and Friends at the Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge tomorrow.

tu 3 Mar

Looks like Anthony Smith who went missing from Woodbridge last summer has been found.  It's not a happy ending.

fr 23 Jan

The Captain's Table, WoodbridgeUnless someone buys it Woodbridge restaurant The Captain's Table will close next month ... now isn't that just up the road from The Anchor?

th 22 Jan

Yesterday in Woodbridge a young man indecently exposed himself to a 64 year old woman.

th 8 Jan

... and there continue to be purse thefts in Woodbridge, mostly from older ladies.

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