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fr 10 May

Belated congrats to Easton Farm Park. Suffolk Punch foal

th 28 Mar
Rubbish Thursday ... the day before Good Friday

Maverick Festival 2024Visiting Easton Farm Park with the Dynamic Duo's senior half Sunday the wind was sufficiently East Anglian we lingered at the hand dryer in the loo.  Occasionally we would recall the sunny days of the Maverick festival.  This year's lineup includes from the Midlands black British bluesman (Dr) Tom Attah and as always there'll be new to us players we like. ♫

we 30 Aug

Suffolk ConstabularyOvernight last Thursday a garden fork was used to force a bolt on a garden shed in The Street Easton.  Nothing was stolen and a shed alarm was discarded nearby. Ref: 37/49897/23

Sometime over the weekend an oil tank in The Street Easton was completely emptied of fuel.  Any info contact police ref 37/50374/23, you can call 101.Crime ref:

sa 15 Apr

♫ The wonderfully grumpy Rich Hall is back at this year's Maverick Festival. Maverick 2023

tu 21 Feb

Suffolk ConstabularyA home garage near Framlingham Road Easton was broken into overnight Sunday/Monday and a red Honda TRX 350TE quad bike stolen.  Any information please contact Suffolk police quoting crime ref 37/10306/23, you can call 101.

fr 30 Sep

At the beginning of last month four traffic calming pinch points (down the page a bit) were installed in Easton.

sa 2 Jul

♫ ZZ Top were a Texas bar band, last night at the Maverick Festival in Easton Vandoliers were a rowdy Texas bar band with a hint of mariachi ... l♥ved it.

we 15 Sep

Suffolk ConstabularyBetween 10.30pm Sunday and 7.30am Monday a grey VW Transporter Caravelle motorhome reg GD18XOT was stolen from a driveway on Framlingham Road, Easton.  Any info contact Suffolk Police quoting crime ref 37/50785/21, you can phone 101.

mo 6 Sep

♫ We feared that Maverick being two months later this year and so darker and perhaps colder it wouldn't be as popular as previously, we were wrong ... more here

fr 11 Jun

Peppery Productions streaming on FacebookWe still miss the Peppery concerts at Easton Farm Park.  Frustrated by Covid Peppery have joined with other world music hosts to stream a four hour concert tomorrow night on that there Facepack. ♫

we 10 Feb

Yesterday on Boretts Farm Lane between Easton  and Kettleburgh it was only four passing angels giving us a push (thank you thank you thank you thank you) that stopped us being stuck on a bit of a .slope, can't imagine it's much better today.

su 24 Jan

We were looking forward to Pancake Day and the return of the Maverick Festival in Easton .  Perversely Maverick have made their return more likely by pushing themselves back from July to September.

we 23 Dec

Santa's Rudolph Run in FramlinghamFreshbloody Christmas ... eh? from visiting Wickham Market, Easton  and Kettleburgh the night before Daddy Christmas cruised Framlingham last night.  Lots of peeps waiting for Santa and lots of elves collecting for Fram's Hour Community... the traffic was encouragingly understanding too.

mo 31 Aug


Sculpture by Iain NuttingArtdog's outdoor show in Easton over the weekend seemed unlikely with the persistent rain and wind.  It made eminently more sense when we visited Sunday and found that the majority of pieces were metal animal sculptures by Iain Nutting.

sa 4 Jul
American Independence Day

Lucy Sampson one half of Honey and the Bear♫ Today Saturday 4 July is US Independence Day but more importantly your local pub should re-open.  Let's hope bottled beer hasn't reprogrammed your taste buds and you have to relearn draught.  This afternoon you could use up those bottles while Maverick virtually festival on that there Facepack.  We'll be looking out for rocker Terra Lightfoot and local Honey and the Bear.

tu 5 May

Tragedy, this year's Maverick Festival in Easton (the thirteenth) not surprisingly has been cancelled.

th 12 Mar

Saturday week the 21st a Spring Quiz Night with chilli supper (they're very popular) and licensed bar at the Easton and Letheringham village hall.

th 27 Feb

Easton Pre-School Open DayThe wonderful and long serving (it's been helping since the 1970s) Easton Pre-School is open daying today at Easton Farm Park.

sa 25 Jan
Burns Night
Chinese New Year - Year of the Rat

Terra Lightfoot at the 2017 Maverick Thanksgiving♫ The thirteenth lucky for all Maverick Festival this summer in Easton has a firming up programme with some excellent names including the Legendary Shack Shakers, California Feetwarmers and Henhouse Prowlers.  Also appearing is lady guitar abuser Terra Lightfoot whom we saw at Maverick's 2017 Thanksgiving ... she took no prisoners.

mo 16 Sep

Zoe Rubens 'Lost in Maze'Over the weekend at Artdog's second Art in the Barn (the Barn is in Easton Farm Park) we were very taken with Zoë Rubens objet trouvé type pieces.  We had a nostalgic flash of pleasure recognising a Brooks bicycle cone spanner in one sculpture:).  ArtDog will be showing early next month at ArtSpace Woodbridge.

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