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Maverick festival

th 18 Mar
Rich Hall from off the tellyLike the


 Festival strap line Often unheard, always unherd.  This September the wonderfully grumpy Rich Hall will be returning, and unheard by us but certainly unherd Black Eyed Dogs will do a show and then transmogrify into Dogs Play Dead to do a Grateful Dead set ... can't wait.
we 24 Feb
Vagaband in the Seagull Theatre LowestoftWe've always enjoyed at

Maverick Festival

 Shows the broad repertoire and sometimes standyup drummer of Norwich band Vagaband who musicalise (yes, we just made that word up) the 2021 Census tv ad.  The band briefly appears around 49secs in. ♫
su 24 Jan
We were looking forward to Pancake Day and the return of the

Maverick Festival

 in Easton.  Perversely Maverick have made their return more likely by pushing themselves back from July to September.
th 7 Jan

The bar at the 2019 Maverick FestivalThings to look forward to are Pancake Day next month, the race to the sun Paris-Nice happening in March and hopefully local old friend the Maverick Festival returning in July (with Terra Lightfoot) especially as there's been a parliamentary festival inquiry.

sa 5 Dec

bloody Christmas ... eh?Maverick Festival favourites Police Dog Hogan are giving the proceeds to Crisis at Christmas ... they've raised £6,774 so far. ♫

su 9 Aug

Stan on the Ipswich Cardinals chain crewSaddening but not surprisingly the Red Rooster Festival near Thetford has been postponed until next year.  Robert Stan Stamper (seen here on the Ipswich Cardinals chain crew entertaining the visiting Bury Saints sideline) at last year's Maverick Festival before dashing off to dance with his daughter told us the 2018 Roosterfest had been brilliant. ♫

su 28 Jun

Lucy Sampson one half of Honey and the BearNext Saturday 4 July is US Independence Day but more importantly your local pub should re-open.  Let's hope bottled beer hasn't reprogrammed your taste buds and you have to relearn draught.  In the afternoon you could use up those bottles while Maverick virtually festival on that there Facepack.  We'll be looking out for rocker Terra Lightfoot and local Honey and the Bear. ♫

tu 5 May

Tragedy, this year's Maverick Festival in Easton (the thirteenth) not surprisingly has been cancelled. ♫

th 9 Apr
Rubbish Thursday ... the day before Good Friday

Ruth Moody at the 2013 Maverick FestivalYesterday 302 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk, 39 the biggest step increase so far.  Here's the seventeenth reason to be cheerful ... a magic moment hearing this floating out from the Barn Stage at the 2013 Maverick Festival ... she was wearing the same dress. ♫

fr 10 Jan

Terra Lightfoot at the 2017 Maverick Thanksgiving♫ The thirteenth lucky for all Maverick Festival this summer in Easton has a firming up programme with some excellent names including the Legendary Shack Shakers, California Feetwarmers and Henhouse Prowlers.  Also appearing is lady guitar abuser Terra Lightfoot whom we saw at Maverick's 2017 Thanksgiving ... she took no prisoners.

mo 30 Dec

Coming off stage at the 2013 Maverick Festival one time local resident (we think Farnham) Neil Innes had two little girls rush up, put their arms round him That was great granddad ... sleep well sweet idiot. ♫

we 12 Aug

We've added comedian Rich Hall at the Maverick Festival to peeps in Suffolk.

we 10 Jul

Stage manager Shane Kirk on the Saturday and the Medicine Show stage♫ We were impressed Sunday morning how busy Maverick was, the festival's first ever serious rain the preceding day had not prompted significant if any early leavers.  This year the unprogrammed Medicine Show stage moved away from The Barn and so could run continually.  We much enjoyed the Medicine Show's relaxed style but it would be nice to have a now on stage board.  In The Barn we caught the last couple of Kenny Roby's songs and liked his witty laconic style, already looking forward to next year ...

sa 6 Jul

Friday evening at the 2019 Maverick Festival♫ At the Maverick Festival last night we particularly enjoyed James Starks' fluid mandolin and The Lowly Strung's driving show (it prompted Stopwatch Stan to dance).  Other treats included the boxy damped sound of Dana Immanuel's banjo.

Gosh there's been some development at the venue Easton Farm Park, the corrugated iron barn on the right as you enter has gone and there's a brand new building including showers plus three lodge type buildings in the field.  As always Maverick is a joy and really looking forward to today.

tu 2 Jul

Maverick Festival 5-7 July 2019In Easton the Maverick Festival is always a joy even when the weather isn't perfect.  Regrettably there's had to be a change to the bill this weekend but we'll be looking forward to seeing Don Gallardo plus the Henry Brothers and peeps new to us we don't know we like yet. ♫

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