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David Berry

Some of the bikers arrivingIn late November 2006 David Berry started his motorbike journey from Trimley St Martin near Felixstowe to his job, it was more of a vocation really, of at least two decades at Andy Tiernan Classics, Framlingham.  He hadn't gone far when he was killed by an oncoming vehicle swerving round a parked vehicle.  Some two weeks later 158 bikers plus many onlookers gathered on Felixstowe promenade for a single Spitfire flypast in tribute.  The bikers then made up

The lone Spitfire

Andy Tiernan on a bike beautifully restored by Davida police escorted cortege that went straight through red lights and roundabouts to the funeral at Ipswich The hearse leavingCemetery.  Here there were so many mourners that some had to listen to the  tributes on speakers outside the chapel.  Many of these tributes were like David, down to earth and funny.

In July 2007 as soon as the memorial party to David was announced the two barrels of Earl Soham Vic mentioned on the leaflet were immediately increased to six by donors including the BSA Owners Club.

The cortege leaving

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