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sa 25 May

Bric a Brac Sale in SibtonStarting today a three day Bric a Brac Sale at St Peters Sibton; books, clothes, toys and unsurprisingly bric a brac ... free parking and entry.

th 11 Apr

♫ Saturday afternoon in St Peter's Sibton a concert by the Zephyr Baroque trio with tea and cake afterwards.Tea - the cup that cheers but does not inebriate

th 28 Jul

A Midsummer's Night Dream at the Laxfield Low HouseA pub garden may seem an unlikely setting for Shakespeare but our experience is it adds to the visual reward.  Circle 67's Shorter Summer Tour of The Tempest will include the Sibton White Horse Saturday and it's free ... well there'll be a hat:)

fr 12 Jul

The Rendham Mummers will again be defeating the Romans tomorrow night, this time at the Sibton White Horse.

su 15 Jul
St Swithin's Day

Rendham Mummers at the Sibton White HorseAlmost too sunny yesterday on Framlingham market and in the evening the Rendham Mummers were crammed into the garden at the back of the Sibton White Horse.  We know we're not supposed to like the French with their nice food, world cup and Tour de France but we so enjoyed last night's Gallic aristocrats we had to suppress a Allez le bleu!

fr 13 Jul
Friday the 13th

The Rendham Mummers in 2016 and they were FREE then!With our relationship with the French currently being a little tetchy, the Mummers will transport you back to a time when our relationship with the French was errrrrr still tetchy.  The Rendham Mummers at the Sibton White Horse 8pm tomorrow evening with Brothers In Arms, you'll l♥ve them and it's free!

mo 28 Jan

Thank god for that!  Five shotguns (and cartridges) stolen in a daytime Sibton burglary have been recovered and a Saxmundham man charged.

we 20 Jul

This year's Mouth to Mouth Theatre summer garden tour is the  Molière comedy Sganarelle or The Self Deceived Husband and they are at the Sibton White Horse tonight.

su 19 Jun

Open garden 2:00-5:00pm this afternoon at The Barn Westleton (there's a cocktail garden!) and open gardens in Sibton 11:30am-5.30pm.

mo 4 Jan

The finale of Five and the Mystery of Sherwood Forest

In Sibton on the way to the matinee of Five and the Mystery of Sherwood Forest a peacock (no, not a pheasant a peacock) tried to ... more at Halesworth.

tu 22 Dec

Sibton White Horse  des' dinners 76

NaTCH and The Brewer found Cratfield in the traditional manner by wandering about until they tripped over it and then despite the Cratfield Poacher being closed they

The Cratfield Poacher

sampled Aspall's Suffolk Blonde (5.5%) because the Poacher is the only place in the universe where you can get it ... maybe it's available in parallel universes?  With Poacher landlords Roger and Margaret we then travelled to Sibton for a good lunch with Tony and board admin Amanda.  Conversation included Tony's inflammatory letter in the East African and the depth of the River Deben in KettleburghAfAR from the Gentleman Plumber (boring old work again).  (last visit ↓  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

su 10 May

The Arioso Quartet

The first of three different concerts at St Peter's, Sibton tonight to help maintain the church building will be given by the Arisoso Quartet with a programme including Haydn, Mendelssohn, and Gade.

tu 13 Dec

Sibton White Horse  des' dinners 53

Rob got a pint of BatemansMatt arriving but NaTCH didn't, well actually he refused the end of the barrel ... well kept Adnams though.  Rob left early to see his son in the school play and Matt arrived to sell the landlord some Jolabrugg, collect three kegs and demolish a brie and bacon roll.  Conversation include Hugh's pre-Christmas lash, Ian Dury's third from last gig and the comforting fact that large ladies still bounce up and down during Landy hill climbs.  AfAR from David.  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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