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tu 12 Dec

Suffolk ConstabularyAn outbuilding in The Street Cretingham was broken into between 12am last Friday and 1pm Sunday.  A mechanically powered wheelbarrow and several hardwood pieces were stolen.  Any info please contact Suffolk police quoting crime reference 37/71179/23, you can call 101.

we 7 Jun

Suffolk ConstabularyIn the early hours of Sunday a container in Cretingham was broken into and tools stolen.  An attempt was also made enter a van damaging the rear doors.  Any info please contact Suffolk police quoting crime ref 37/32186/23, you can call 101.

fr 22 Jul

Suffolk ConstabularyBetween 12pm Sunday before last and 9am Wednesday 20th July two motocross bikes were stolen from an outbuilding at a home in The Street Cretingham.  Any info contact Suffolk police quoting ref 37/46047/22, you can call 101.

sa 16 Jul

Cretingham is another village that really knows when its fete is, it's today.

fr 20 Nov

 JOB  Experienced chef wanted at II Viaggio Italian restaurant in what was the Cretingham golf club.

su 10 May

We've always thought a golf course at Cretingham seems charmingly unlikely.  Apparently it has shrunk from eighteen to nine holes.

th 5 Jul

Village fetes this Saturday include Cretingham, Bedfield (on the sports field) and Otley both of which start at 2pm.

tu 4 Oct

Last week a quad bike was stolen in a Cretingham break in.

mo 29 Jun

We might have to review our opinion that everything is happening near the coast this Saturday the fourth, the Saturday after the 11th is getting pretty busy.  Cretingham fete is on the 11th though we're not sure where.  In Stradbroke Stradisphere is back with loads of local bands.  Last year it was extremely well organised, let's hope this year they're rewarded with a better turnout.

mo 29 Sep

Five cases of fire setting in Cretingham earlier this month.

su 13 Jul

Arabella Marshall glass artistLast Sunday we went to Bridge Farm BrandestonHenrietta Inman pâtissière (seemed rather more Cretingham than Brandeston to us) for Arabella Marshall's open studio.  To call Bridge Farm an industrial unit is a complete misnomer as it's a rural idyll (we drove past it the first time) of small businesses including a carpenter, fitted kitchens, shepherd's huts and last weekend a pop up cafe from Henrietta Inman.

mo 10 Mar

The Earl Soham Victoria won this year's Fill Dyke race in Cretingham yesterday ... their mothers will be pleased.

th 2 Jan

Gordon Thorburn wants you to know that the Great Glemham Crown re-opened months ago and we're told by Ivan it's decent and not expensive beer ... and sort of related the Cretingham Bell has just re-opened.

fr 22 Nov
St Cecilia's Day patron saint of musicians

In this appeal to keep the Cretingham Bell open Gilbert Sills comments he has drunk there ever since the pub opened in 1967.  Shome mishstake shurely but no, The Brewer confirms it was a row of cottages that became The Bell in 1967, the previous pub was opposite what was the post office ... pretty much the story of villages everywhere then ...

mo 29 Jul

A mountain bike found in Ufford Saturday afternoon has been handed in to police and a lawnmower and strimmer were stolen from a Cretingham garage Wednesday afternoon last week ... a white van was seen in the area.

th 15 Dec

Never too old to be naughty in Cretingham and someone doesn't like football in Wickham Market.

we 23 Mar

A FREE posh telly in the Cretingham area (well it would be wouldn't it?) and what sounds like a posh bloke (dressed for shooting and two Labs) acting like a hoody in Southwold.

th 3 Mar

Recent local house sales have included Charsfield, Cretingham and Hoo. House sales around near the coast

sa 3 Jul

Today Peppery Prods are supplying two FREE stages of world and roots inFeeding Strawberries to Pigs Christchurch Park Ipswich; tonight Walkway (highly regarded by Duncan) are playing the Fressingfield fete, the charity launch of Geraldine Rose's new book at Cretingham golf club and it's the Rendham field dance ... phew!

tu 13 Apr

Archive film showThe Friends of St Peter, Cretingham present this Saturday at the golf club the archive film show Memories of Suffolk.

su 17 May

Chico drivingYesterday's Cook Cup at Cretingham Golf Club is a yearly event enabling Mark Cook (singer with The Outlaws) to celebrate his birthday with aProud Cook Cup last man golf tournament.  Awards include longest drive, nearest the pin and last pair get to wear the hula hula outfit (blond hula hula girls?)  (As it is entirely possible that your partner has never played before last place does not necessarily reflect on a competitor's ability.)

mo 11 May

Tonight fifteen ladies and one gent are receiving at the Cretingham Golf Club variously certificates, badges and clasps for their contribution to the Royal British Legion Poppy Day.

th 7 May

Six patio heaters taken and some vandalism in Cretingham, a paint stripper vendetta against Audis in Woodbridge and a 14ft trailer pinched off Parham 'Drome.

th 19 Feb

Tomorrow night Jazz and Steak at the Cretingham Bell.

tu 10 Feb

At the mo' all three roads out of Cretingham are flooded cutting it off but it's expected to clear by this afternoon.

th 15 Jan

The Swing Street BandThe Friends of that lovely little church St Peter's, Cretingham who brought you classical guitarist Jukka Savijoki are promoting a big band dance at Cretingham Golf Club (not Brandeston Village Hall) this Saturday.

su 3 Aug

Jukka SavijokiAt the Friend's of St Peter's organised guitar recital this afternoon we discovered we hadn't realised how much the player of a soft strung guitar can control the tone by how they pluck the string and we hadn't realised that the tiny Cretingham church is a beautiful gem with boxed pews.  The rain held off so complimentary wine could be drunk outside during the intermission and Jukka Savijoki's programme introduced us to much new music; we particularly liked the piece that closed the first half.


PS The post office closed last week

mo 7 Jan

On tonight's University Challenge one team contained a student from Grundisburgh and the other team one from Cretingham.

su 23 Sep
Autumnal Equinox

The Solar staff being brilliantThe Cretingham Golf Club was packed for the Framlingham in the Flesh calendar launch and thoughMark The Perk at the launch we didn't actually get to see a calendar judging by the slide show it's a funny and clever piece of work.  Impressive commitment from  the Solar staff and other Fram folks including a naked woman (understandably standing up in the stirrups) riding a giant white horse on the Castle Meadow ... and oh yes, Mark The Perk told us last week's Carwash raised £500 for FAYAP.

we 14 Nov

Cretingham Bell  des' dinners 20

Steph was persuaded to join John B, NaTCH and your belatedThe Cretingham Bell pub sign scribe Spadge by a ride in the new Spadgemobile, understandably she was unable to resist the tarmac-rippling 56bhp and supreme handling of a Suzuki Alto.  Conversation was somewhat muted on arrival as the passengers recovered from such a stimulating ride but then, though the chaps behaved better than usual, there were some large guffaws.  The only disappointment was that it had to end because the evil capitalists that are Steph's employers insisted that she return to work before their fancy food establishment closed for the day. - Spadge  (last visit ↓  subsequent visit  previous visit)

we 11 Oct

Cretingham Bell  des' dinners 7

The Cretingham Bell proved to be lunch club friendly and a lively discussion (for that read lots of shouting) was enjoyed by the attendees NaTCH, John B, Malcolm and Andy.  Adnams' new beer Fisherman (or some such name - anyway the badge had a picture of someone in a souwester) was sampled, and it was established that the Lunch Club does not have rules just "prior art and practice".  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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