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mo 1 au 16

New bus shelter in Station RoadSpeak of a bus shelter and one is sure to appear.  There are three way temporary lights in Station and Victoria Mill Roads Framlingham today so a gang can install a replacement bus shelter maybe twenty yards nearer to Parham from the previous position.  We'll see how long this one lasts.

Meanwhile behind what was the Atlas Group and Earl Soham Vets in New Road Fram there are white vans, hiviz and safety helmets.

fr 22 jl 16

Tomorrow it's a free fun day at Parham airfield museum with attractions including bands, dancers (we suspect Lindy Hop type jivers), and make your own ceramics.

fr 8 jl 16

Parham treasure hunt Car treasure hunt with barbeque and bar 3pm Sunday Parham.

th 31 mr 16world backup day

Man in the HatTomorrow Man in the Hat won't be fooling about (see what we did there?) when he deploys his fine chest voice in Parham village hall. ♫

th 3 mr 16

Coffee morning in the Parham Village Hall 10:00-12:00am this Saturday.

su 11 oc 15

Resistance tea dance at Parham Airfield Museum this afternoon.

mo 18 my 15

The Bugatti Owners Club forgathered Saturday afternoon at the Parham Airfield MuseumBugattis at Parham Airfield with guests an XK Coupe, a BMW, a Frazer Nash BMW (with a cigarette lighter we at first thought the dashboard light), and a Morris Garage MG.  Though some Bugattis were clearly for racing others were intended for the glitterati to holiday on the Côte D'Azur but inexplicably there's nowhere to put your evening clothes ... or anything else.  We did ask two owners about the total absence of boots, glove boxes or anywhere to put anything but it was like asking why Harley's have tiny petrol tanks, if you have to ask you don't understand.

we 22 ap 15

Election hustings at Wingfield BarnsWe attended our first election hustings yesterday, it was in the Wingfield Barns and organised by the Country Landowners Association.  There was pretty much one of each flavour candidate but only Labour's Jack Abbot and the Green's Rhodri Griffiths (he lives in Parham) standing in Central Suffolk.  To be honest we didn't stay long and during that time the audience neither booed or cheered but it was nice to see some election activity.

sa 8 no 14

Parham Airfield Museum poppiesMoving ceremony this morning at Parham Airfield Museum to remember the 740 American airmen who lost their lives whilst stationed there during WWII.  Each airmen had a named poppy with the last handful planted during the ceremony by youngsters who called out the name.  The museum is now closed until Sunday 5 April next year.

tu 14 oc 14

Parham airfield museumSaturday afternoon we visited Parham airfield and though the museum was closed it's open Sundays until the end of the month when it closes until next spring.  The following afternoon 800 straw bales worth some £18,000 were set alight.

mo 30 jn 14

Mick Tipple at the Parham Airfield MuseumYesterday we went to Parham Airfield Museum for The Official Opening and Dedication of the Moller Building but were a day late.  (Useless? Nous?)  A visit to the museum is never a wasted trip, it's free admission, the volunteers are eager to tell you about the exhibits, the cafe is now much bigger and we heard of the museum's early days from Mick Tipple.  Much enjoyed sitting peacefully alone in the greenhouse thingy on top of the control tower listening to the rain pitter patter and not thinking of anything in particular ... good times.

mo 12 my 14

Parham Airfield MuseumVery pleased to welcome new supporter Parham Airfield Museum who are open every Sunday and holiday Monday until October.  Next availableWhat a bargain! advertising slot now 25th May at just £12.95 ... did we say we get around 18,000 visitors a month?

tu 4 mr 14

Like Yoxford and Hacheston Parham now have a community speed watch.

mo 3 mr 14

Parham Old GateThere is a Parham in the USA, one in Canada and another on Antigua the Caribbean island so we rather suspect the Parham in this postally used 1905 postcard is something to do with Parham Park in West Sussex rather than Parham near the coast.

tu 27 au 13

Lady's mountain bike stolen in Parham last weekend and an attempted burglary in Campsea Ashe Saturday.

mo 12 au 13

A petrol mower was stolen from the garage of a Parham house the early part of last week.

th 20 se 12

Police are treating Monday night's straw fire in Parham as arson.

tu 24 jl 12

Creation Behind Bars by Cara DuffyFramlingham camera club recently met in Brandeston (rather than the more usual Parham) village hall and used the hall's kit to digitally project the images under discussion, more camera club news on the board.

fr 9 mr 12

All things will pass ...Five years ago today there was a rather scary three vehicle accident on the B1116 between Parham and Framlingham.

sa 21 ja 12

BT poking about on the road between Parham and Framlingham in two places, hopefully they're upgrading the broadband from totally rubbish to a bit useless.

th 20 oc 11

A Playstation stolen in Parham from an unlocked car last week, perhaps the victim used the constabulary's new 101 number to report it ...

tu 20 se 11

Police are asking about a collision between a cyclist and a blue VW Golf car in Saxmundham Friday night and in Parham there was a break in last night.

tu 7 jn 11

The three ages of Parham railway station.  Parham railway station c1905

th 17 mr 11St Patricks's Day

Parham turn on the A12The first time we turned off the A12 for Parham airfield we thought why have those two white bollards appeared?  The next time through the junction we stopped to look and it became clear that the bollards are there to stop damage to the kerbs.

we 1 de 10

Bit of arson in Parham during the early hours of today.

sa 27 no 10

House sales in places inc Saxtead, Parham, Monk Soham and Charsfield.

we 28 ap 10

Every so often in life there's a happy ending, lurcher and owners reunited.

tu 27 ap 10

lurcher puppyA very friendly female six month old lurcher found near Parham.

fr 16 ap 10

US Navy Chief Aviation Electronics Technician Brad Taylor5 Years Ago Today:  US Navy Chief Aviation Electronics TechnicianAll things will pass ... Brad Taylor told of his visit to near the coast because his grandfather was stationed at Parham during WWII.

fr 30 oc 09

The next Parham Picture Palace (yes, there is one) film is the excellent Christopher This Is Spinal Tap Guest's Best In ShowHe went after her like she's made out of ham  Showing Saturday 5th December, try 01728 724692 for more info.

su 25 oc 09

Parham freebieIn the unlikely event you still use cassettes there's a sealed packet of three (in the nicest possible way) waiting with our compliments in the Parham telephone box.

fr 2 oc 09

Three hundred bricks stolen in Parham.

mo 27 jl 09

Break in on Parham 'Drome this weekend.

th 7 my 09

Six patio heaters taken and some vandalism in Cretingham, a paint stripper vendetta against Audis in Woodbridge, and a 14ft trailer pinched off Parham 'Drome.

fr 13 mr 09Friday the 13th

Red Nose Day10-1pm tomorrow Barn Sale of furniture and household goods at Home Farm, North Green, Parham by the Framlingham Furniture Project.

fr 6 mr 09

A pathetic burglary in Parham yesterday, over a 100 piglets stolen in Walberswick and there's something about Friston and oil tanks.

mo 8 de 08

Andrew Houseley is concernedYou have to admit it, Parham resident and Framlingham Focus Team Leader Andrew Houseley really does look concerned.

mo 14 jl 08
Bastille Day

Two mountain bikes stolen in Parham and you'd think velvet, satin and feathers would be a bit glam for a Sunday in Bredfield, wouldn't you?

fr 11 jl 08

We were sitting in media central earlier this week keeping everyone near the coast happy when we heard something noisy in the air approaching.  Near the coast we get a lot of helicopters flying low and despite the the little flurry of conversation outside the window we decided it was just two helicopters flying particularly low and carried on keeping everyone near the coast happy.  We now know it was a WWII B17 Flying Fortress bomber with two Mustang fighters in attendance no doubt flying low for Parham Airfield before landing at Bentwaters ...

we 6 fe 08

On the right as you leave Parham

The ploughed fields on the right just as you leave Parham were looking particularly sultry in the late afternoon sunlight yesterday.

th 17 ja 08

"Coins Not Accepted Here"They may be everywhere but this is the first phone box we've seen like this.  It's in The Street, Parham and we can't help but wonder if this is a BT ploy so they can "recover" the box as nobody uses it?  (BT don't remove phone boxes they "recover" them.)

fr 9 no 07

This Sunday there's a Discovering Nature afternoon in Parham Village Hall.

we 17 oc 07

In the afternoon of next month's Remembrance Sunday there's a Discovering Nature Afternoon in Parham Village Hall (that's Par as in Parachute not Par as in Part).

tu 3 jn 07

Police investigating the collision which caused the death of Jean Frost would like to hear from you if you travelled along the B1116 Framlingham-Parham road last Wednesday afternoon.

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