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su 9 Jun

Charlie Craiger in the middleCampaigning on the pavement and the Market Hill Framlingham yesterday Charlie Caiger Independent PPC for the Central Suffolk and North Ipswich constituency clearly has fans.  Confusingly to both us and him a government web site thinks Central Suffolk and North Ipswich no longer exists

fr 31 May

Next Friday it's the Framlingham Flyers Friday 5, five miles for seniors on open but marshalled roads around Fram ... there are junior races too. Running eh?

tu 28 May

Samboomba in Station RoadYesterday the rain was kind enough to hold off for most of the Framlingham Gala.  The Gala Princesses have become the Gala Stars and have a safety belt on their float but there were still traditional happenings like an egg and spoon race.

th 23 May

Free live music pretty much all afternoon Sunday at Framlingham Sports Club.

mo 20 May

Needed in Framlingham a bee keeper because of a retirement. World Bee Day

fr 10 May

Ah, that's what a police car was doing outside Framlingham library yesterday ... next street meet Saturday morning 8 June.

th 9 May

Old father time ...Throwback Thursday: 19 years ago today people were voting in the St Voting in Framlingham and 2005Michael's Rooms Framlingham, they didn't need photo id or even their polling card and a teller was seated outside.  When we voted last week there was a notice by the poll entrance about tellers (see 1.23 here).

sa 4 May

 JOB  Minimalist information but Country Vision Framlingham have a vacancy.

th 25 Apr

Yesterday a lawn in Stately Terrace Framlingham got a preemptive mow in anticipation of No Mow May. No Mow May

we 24 Apr

Free come and try day Sunday at the Framlingham Bowls Club at it's splendid but discrete location hard by the castle.

we 10 Apr
National Siblings Day

Suffolk ConstabularyA vehicle parked in Pageant Place Framlingham had a door and quarter light damaged to gain entry last weekend, crime ref 37/19394/24.  Same weekend same place a Transit van was entered and power tools stolen, crime ref: 37/19457/24.  Same weekend but a vehicle on a driveway in The Knoll Fram was entered and nothing stolen, crime ref:37/19522/24, you can call 101.

tu 26 Mar

Rubbish Thursday (the day before Good Friday) Antiques+ Roadshow in  Fram.

fr 22 Mar

Saturday's Big Book BonanzaThings doing tomorrow include quizzing with cocktails in Woodbridge, the Big Book Bonanza in Framlingham library and in Bedfield and the afternoon a Craft Fair with hot X buns and a colouring competition.

sa 16 Mar

Backstreet are a rock covers four piece and they are back at the Framlingham Sports Club TONIGHT.  Your ticket entitles you to a half price drink.

th 14 Mar

Light Over LiskeardThe third and last (for the time being) Meet the Author at Framlingham Library is tonight with Louis de Bernières.  He wrote Captain Corelli's Mandolin, lives in Norfolk (we can forgive him that:) and no doubt will will talk about his most recent novel Light Over Liskeard.

mo 11 Mar

Suffolk ConstabularyAround 4:33am the Saturday before last two men poured liquid from a petrol can onto a front door in College Road Framlingham and set light to it.  Any info please contact Lowestoft CID Team 3 quoting reference 37/11924/24, you can call 101.

fr 8 Mar
International Women's Day

The Pryke TrustThe Pryke Trust makes one off grants to folks in Framlingham who could do with some financial help, requests are confidential.  A friend who had quite serious surgery in Ipswich General was helped ... ill health always causes extra expense.

we 21 Feb

Road closures and diversions make it feel like Framlingham is being cut off from the outside world.

mo 19 Feb

Victoria Mill Road Framlingham after yesterday's yellow warning rain.

fr 16 Feb

Framlingham got name checked on Radio 3 yesterday, around about 1:02:08.

we 14 Feb

Anglia Water's works in Fairfield Road Framlingham have gone away.

fr 9 Feb

Suffolk ConstabularyEarly Sunday morning in Fairfield Road Framlingham a resident woke to a 'large figure' walking past her bedroom door and quietly leaving by the front door, nothing was taken.  Any info contact police crime ref 37/6523/24, you can call 101.

th 8 Feb

Sunset in Fairfield Road Framlingham.

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