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fr 29 Dec

Mid-Suffolk Light RailwayMonday it's Steam and Light Festival at the Middy in Wetheringsett.  What's more Eastern Counties Bus Preservation will be running a free shuttle from Stowmarket station.

we 9 Aug

Suffolk ConstabularyBetween Tuesday 1 and Monday 7 August a Titan hedge trimmer was stolen from a garden shed in St Edmunds Road Stowmarket .  Any information please contact Suffolk police quoting crime ref 37/46058/23, you can call 101.

su 8 Jan

Big Little Crimes on BBC 1Big Little Crimes is a tv prog on BBC 1 at 10am in the morning.  It describes how a minor police action like a routine car stop can lead to a major crime.  This Wednesday it includes the giant gun stash discovered Stowmarket way in what became Operation Cannington ... we might even get a photo credit.

sa 5 Mar

Suffolk ConstabularyAn allotment shed was set alight near Newton Road Stowmarket between 1:00-3:00am last Tuesday 1st March.  The fire was put out by the fire service but the shed and the tools in side were destroyed.  Any info please contact Suffolk Police quoting crime reference 37/13121/22, you can call 101.

th 20 May

 JOB  Listed as Framlingham but seems to be Stowmarket IT Technician/Trainee.

su 12 Jan

Last Monday of the month Stowmarket auctioneers Bishop & Miller will be valuing antiques 10:00am-01:00pm at the Framlingham Crown.

su 9 Jun

Women's Tour 2019Expect some delays tomorrow around near the coast when the 2019 Women's Tour 2019 journeys from Beccles to Stowmarket.

su 28 Apr

Model railway exhibition today in the Mid-Suffolk Leisure Centre Stowmarket.

mo 11 Mar

Women's Tour of Britain 2019This year's Women's Tour of Britain will again visit Framlingham but this year it starts in Beccles and ends in Stowmarket.

sa 26 Jan

The BP garage on the west bound A14 near Newmarket is open again and the Stowmarket Co-op garage has the metal framework in place for a substantial building.

we 23 Jan

It's all the go in and about near the coast, temporarily closing petrol stations to re-Haynings garage Framlingham being updatedmodel them, not an insignificant matter when there are so few to start with.  Woodbridge (has it re-opened yet?), Co-op Stowmarket (not closed but building going on), Haynings Framlingham (reportedly will have a 24 hour self service pump) and now the BP garage on the west bound A14 near Newmarket.  Fortunately services just off the A14 on the other side of Cambridge are copiously resourced ... three Costa Coffee machines!

sa 14 Apr

Tomorrow afternoon in Stowmarket professional wrestling including a womens' three way and in the evening Wes Weston's Bluesonics at the California Social Club Ipswich, reckon you could probably take both in. ♫

tu 20 Mar

 JOB  To start ASAP general labourer near Stowmarket.

tu 27 Feb

 JOB  Full time Junior Personal Assistant wanted in Stowmarket.

we 29 Nov

 JOB  Mother of two with health problems seeks a Cleaner/PA in Great Finborough the other side of Stowmarket.

su 12 Feb

Jo Caulfield - The Customer Is Always WrongWe think it was Jo Caulfield on tv (before she changed her hair style) who dealt with two bloke hecklers by Where are your girl friends?  Outside grazing?  Her current tour The Customer Is Always Wrong is at the John Peel Centre Stowmarket this Friday.

we 16 Nov

Bloody Christmas ... eh?Around near the coast theatre companies are putting their ChristmasChristmas Carol being rehearsed in Fressingfield shows together.  In Fressingfield Sunday Roughcast Theatre were rehearsing a Christmas Carol with an impressive Marley's ghost and a live choir.  The show goes on the road next month with visits to Huntingfield, Stowmarket, Hoxne, Southwold and Wingfield.

sa 29 Oct

Ghost WorldWednesday in Stowmarket a middle aged man without a beverage was sitting in a fishing chair outside Costa Coffee and getting free wifi, rather reminded us of the coffee shop scene in Ghost World.

mo 10 Oct

Bury Saints American football new playersDespite hints of rain and a wind that made our camera holding hands a touch painful some 30 at the Bury Saints new player session yesterday in Stowmarket.  No contact until January and the players divide themselves in to defence and offence.  A second Bury new player session next weekend in the Bury leisure centre (been there for roller derby) and nearer to the ntc homeland Ipswich Cardinals have two newbie sessions next month.

mo 26 Sep

Leisure Tank - pic contributedWe first saw KC McKanzie as a solo at a Maverick concert in the Framlingham Crown, she intrigued and impressed us.  She is now one half of Leisure Tank and they are playing the Stowmarket John Peel Centre Thursday. ♫

th 21 Jul

Romeo and Juliet in StowmarketLast night's thunderstorm wasn't that much in Stowmarket and hardly hindered the Keeper's Daughter's dress rehearsal of their promenade Romeo and Juliet in and around the John Peel Centre.  The show goes on the road tonight starting in Lowestoft and is a very different way of telling a 400+ year old story.

fr 26 Feb
Operation Cannington

Part of the Wyverstone ammunition stashThe thing about chairman of the parish council James Arnold's highly illegal 460+ firearms stash in Wyverstone (the other side of Stowmarket from near the coast) was the some 200,000 rounds of ammunition and other explosives.  Kept in close Rifles from the Wyverstones arms cacheproximity and a single room if there had been an accident there would have been a fireworks display the village wouldn't forget.

Arnold died of pancreatic cancer in July 2014 before he could face charges but last Friday following a related enquiry firearms dealer Anthony Buckland received six years for fraud and selling prohibited weapons.

th 30 Oct

Near Stowmarket Perfect Perennials will close for the winter this weekend ... that's the garden centre as well as the flowers.

sa 6 Sep

Bootleg Boss at Stradisphere♫ Realised at Stradisphere what old rockers we are when from Stowmarket the Regency Gentlemen blew a straight ahead set of Chuck Berry/Rolling Stones/Free giving us a warm glow of pleasure.  Despite this like many we were pulled to the James Grigg stage by Born In The USA but we returned to the bar ... more here

su 4 May
Star Wars Day

Women's Tour of Britain 2014Next week the inaugural women's Tour of Britain flirts with near the coast twice.  Stage 3 Felixstowe-Clacton on Friday passes just south of Woodbridge and the final and fifth stage on Sunday passes to the west of Stowmarket to finish in Bury St Edmunds.

we 20 Nov

The Fitzrovia Radio HourNice to have some stuff happening mid-week.  Tonight Swervy World launch their new album (cd and vinyl) at the John Peel Centre Stowmarket (we've yet to visit) on an admission by donation basis and also tonight a joint Suffolk Constabulary/Suffolk Horsewatch event in Swilland ... tomorrow night Slice of Life present The Fitzrovia Radio Hour in what was the Shalom Centre Framlingham (and again we've yet to visit).

mo 11 Feb

Stowmarket on market dayEaston in the 1950s, a bowler hat being worn without irony in Stowmarket, that windmill in Thorpeness and Framlingham's Market Hill when the pharmacy was a chemist and had a flagpole ... clearly Fram's always had a flag fetish.

th 3 May

Police Direct reporting flooded roads around Bredfield, Debenham, Helmingham, Melton, Otley, Stowmarket and Woodbridge ... bad enough that Victoria from the Framlingham Bookshop gave up try to get from Stowupland to Fram this morning.

fr 25 Feb

Walkway are now NOT playing the Framlingham White Horse tonight but they are playing the Stowmarket Pickeral next Friday.

fr 7 May

Counting at the count

Central Suffolk and North Ipswich

Candidates and agents agreeing spoilt ballotsDaniel Poulter  Con  27,125

Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne  Lib-Dem  13,339

Bhavna Joshi  Labour  8,636

Roy Philpott  UKIP  2,361

Andrew Stringer  Green  1,452

Mark Trevitt  Ind  389

Richard Vass  New Party  118

more pix on Facebook

sa 24 Apr

The local Tory chairman wants you to know Dr Dan Poulter does know what a safer neighbourhood team is and has been out with three snts.  We can tell you that that's Dan's fiancé Joanna Newman in the pic, that she grew up around Stowmarket and that Dan's speaking in the Bruisyard village hall tonight.

fr 22 Jan

Framlingham College girl Georgia Rickards won 16 medals in one hit at the Stowmarket Swimming Club Championships.

th 24 Sep

Where that wiggly bit of the A14 with a 50mph limit used to be just west of Stowmarket there's now a brand new unwiggly bit.

tu 7 Jul

There will be just two showings next Monday of The Age of Stupid at Stowmarket Cinema.

mo 4 May
2009Star Wars Day

Clive Merrison in The History BoysTheatrical Clive Merrison (Sherlock Holmes on the radio and the head teacher in The History Boys They're clever but they're crass) was dining in the Framlingham Station last night; bar manager Vix is leaving to work at the Stowmarket King's Head for the very sensible reason that it's much nearer where she lives.

su 14 Oct

Petanque on the new piste

Lovely weather for boulevardiers in Aldeburgh this afternoon.  This handsome fellow had clearly been enjoying a swim, a display of Minis, and on the new pisteAnother passer by looking cunningly placed right outside the White Lion petanque was being played.  The match was a friendly between the   newly formed Aldeburgh Club and the Meadlands club from Stowmarket.  The action was certainly attracting interest from passers by and it would seem part of petanque's point is sociability.

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