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Bury St Edmunds

we 27 Sep

 Klezemerised!♫ Some good stuff this week at the Eye Bank, tomorrow evening Norwich multi-instrument four piece Klezemerised!  Saturday night a bunch of comedians we haven't heard of but that doesn't mean they're not any good, we saw The Pub Landlord a million years ago at the Bury Theatre Royal not knowing who he was.

th 31 Mar
world backup day

Suffolk ConstabularyMan arrested after firearms, ammo and explosives were found in Great Livermere (it's the other side of Bury).  Disturbing but doesn't sound like another Operation Cannington.

mo 20 Sep

Yesterday somewhere between Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge both ways there was very heavy rain but none to speak of at Cardinals 08-57 ... more here

sa 5 Sep

Roller skater having a restThe day after we'd bought a helmet for roller skating we came off backwards big time banging our head hard.  Sixteen year old Sid Hudson skateboarding in Bury St Edmunds wasn't so lucky.

tu 25 Feb

 JOB  The Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds is looking for an experienced and passionate (but not inappropriately so) fundraiser.

th 6 Feb

A biting East Anglian wind Sunday at Bury Saints' practice Sunday but ... more here

mo 5 Aug

By the entrance to the Bury St Edmunds Tescos there's a large hut which is a Timpson Locksmith.  As well as key cutting, shoe repairs and dry cleaning there's a notice offering Screen repair while you shop.  As mobile phone ownership approaches universal surprising this service isn't more widely available.

tu 23 Jul

Before Sunday's match (the Bury Saint's last at home this season) the referee opined that correct male (there were no ladies playing) attire for gridiron is to ... more here

su 5 May

Elite international rugby 7s in Bury St Edmunds today.

mo 15 Oct

Little Egret - pic contributedToday in that odd canal thingy that runs through the car park of the Bury St Edmunds Tesco's there was a little egret and in the store a queue of men (makes a change) for the disabled toilet as the gents were closed ... all part of life's rich pageant eh?

mo 13 Aug

Waiting in a light rain shower for the medicYesterday's Bury Saints v London Olympians in Thetford was full of incident including starting 45 minutes late because the medic couldn't find the venue.  The refs ended the game early because an injured player on the field couldn't be moved until an ambulance arrived so we're uncertain of the score but certainly an Olympians win.

th 19 Jul

West Suffolk County Council coat of armsBury St Edmunds may not be near the coast but it is in Suffolk, was the county town of West Suffolk and is home to brewer Greene King and roller rink Curvemotion so it now has its own page, and why not.

tu 5 Jun

Minutes silence for Charles MackBefore Sunday's Bury Saints v London Warriors american football game in Thetford there was a minutes silence for Cambridge Cat player Charles Mack who passed away in hospital after a heart attack during training.  Donations to his family can be made at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/c-mack.

th 26 Apr

Sunday we counted 23 starters including newbs and at least one coach doubling up for the Bury Saints season starter.  23 clearly made a steep hill to climb against opponents London Blitz.  Subsequent injuries reduced the 23 but the Saints determinedly stuck at it preventing the tsunami that might have been expected.  Sadly no Saints Cheerleaders this year but the pizza outside the clubhouse smelt wonderful.  Pix on that there Facebook.

th 14 Dec

Tesco discount voucherLife Skills 17: Those Tesco discount off a big shop vouchers have a start as well as an end date, caught us out at the big Tescos in Bury St Edmunds.

su 1 Oct

UEA Pirates Rookie DayLike the Ipswich Cardinals and unlike the Bury Saints most of the newbs at yesterday's UEA Pirates rookies day in Norwich were first timers.  On adjacent pitches impressive turn outs for men and women's lacrosse made the apparent handful for american football look depressing but it soon swelled to 30-40 players and they could all catch the ball.  Looking forward to seeing a fixture list for this winter.

tu 11 Jul

Marlee Powell Saints Cheerleaders coachBury Saints v Bristol Aztecs Sunday in Thetford was the Saints' last home game of their first season the Premiership and only their fourth season since formation.  The Premiership has been a big bite for the Saints and not helped by losing their starting quarterback, a running back and they are short one lineman.  This year ... more here

mo 22 May

It was the London Warriors' high completion passing game that did for the Bury Saints yesterday in Thetford ... we had a sweet jerk sauce on our chicken wings.

tu 16 May

Yesterday the Bury Saints had their first win in their first season in the Premiership.

mo 10 Oct

Despite hints of rain and a wind that made our camera holding hands a touch painful some 30 at the Bury Saints new player session yesterday in Stowmarket.  No contact until January and the players divide themselves in to defence and offence.  A second Bury new player session next weekend in the Bury leisure centre (been there for roller derby) and nearer to the ntc homeland Ipswich Cardinals have two newbie sessions next month.

mo 29 Aug

Bury Saints 21-13 Edinburgh WolvesYesterday at the South Leeds Stadium home of rugby league team the Hunslet Hawks the Bury SaintsBury Saints 21-13 Edinburgh Wolves beat Edinburgh Wolves 21-13 to become Division One champions.  Annoyances were no scoreboard, the ref not wired to the pa and only vending machines for catering but though somewhat dwarfed by the stadium both sets of supporters were totally committed as was the play.  A magnificent and sporting game that we can only hope will be the Premiership final next year.

su 14 Aug

Today we saw the Bury Saints beat the Sandwell Stealers 42-13 achieving promotion to the Premiership and progression to the Division One final in Leeds on the 28th.

tu 7 Jun

Very young starter at Colchester GladiatorsSix hours of British American football at Colchester Rugby Club Sunday.  A very rewarding tuck stall, a scoreboard (we do find it hard keeping up with the score especially when it's not clear whether a point after at the other end was good or not) and half time entertainment from twirlers carrying as many injuries as a roller derby league.  Hosts Colchester Gladiator's defence started strongly but the very short handed team faded to a 40-00 whitewash from the Bury Saints.  In the second game Kent Exiles came from behind for a 28-14 win over Herts Cheetahs.  Enjoyed it all and thankfully no overtime.

su 1 May

Two teenagers have been arrested after a 14 year old boy died following a possible firearms incident in Thurston near Bury St Edmunds.

su 10 Apr

Bury Saints v Sussex ThunderDespite a pleasant morning here in near the coast we suspect that this year's Paris-Roubaix could be a muddy one.  Either way we won't be chasing it around the Internet because we'll be near Thetford snapping the Bury Saints v Sussex Thunder rematch that was such an outstanding semi-final last year ... it's free admission.

tu 22 Mar

Sunday the Bury Saints beat the Oxford Saints 75 to 8 in a pre-season friendly but no shame to Oxford as they play in a division below Bury.

mo 9 Nov

Bury Saints tiny running back 27As most of the grass near the coast was sodden Saturday we expected Thetford rugby club to be the same but either the pitch is remarkably well drained or it's been drier in that there Norfolk.  Despite a 31-0 shut out on international visitors the Rotterdam Trojans the Trojans sportingly played a final post game rush where hosts the Bury Saints brought on a tiny running back who took it in for a TD.

mo 14 Sep

Congratulations to the Bury St Edmunds Saints who had a comfortable 47-12 win over Bristol Apache yesterday at the American football Rose Bowl and so move up a division.

we 9 Sep

Bury Saints v Sussex ThunderWe knew the NFL had changed the rules about overtime but were very confused when they were needed Sunday near Thetford.  It took nearly an hour but as a playoff there couldn't be a draw.  In the end the Sussex Thunder couldn't get in for two points to match the Bury Saints who progressed to the final and will meet Bristol Apache near Leicester this Saturday.

mo 10 Aug

Ipswich Cardinals v Bury SaintsReckon when we saw the Ipswich Cardinals play the Wembley Stallions last month Ipswich were outnumbered two to one.  Yesterday when Ipswich played Bury St Edmunds Saints reckon it was three to one.

th 2 Jul

After decades of watching American football on tv saw our first live match Sunday.Ipswich Cardinals  Not surprisingly being outnumbered at least two to one the Ipswich Cardinals lost to the Wembley Stallions 19-44 but an honourable loss.  We were surprised how difficult it is to follow the ball at ground level and in this soccer obsessed country how hit and miss the kicking was.  We're looking forward to last match of the season against Bury (St Edmunds) Saints who reputedly are mostly US military.

tu 16 Jun

Tomorrow the first stage of the Women's Tour starts in Bury St Edmunds, takes in Bradfield St George, arrives in Aldeburgh around 2:00-2:30pm and if it's anything like Felixstowe last year there'll be a free Costa Coffee van.

we 20 May

Fencing in Bury St EdmundsAt last night's fencing club in Bury St Edmunds attendance was a little slim perhaps because it's the exam season but still four teenage starters and a good handful of the more experienced.  Fencing looks brilliant if a little anonymous because of the masks and even when attached to scoring cables moves about a lot more than we expected.  Judging by the red faces when masks removed also more physical than you might think ...

th 23 Apr
St George's Day

The AffairSaturday morning there will be a drive through scrap metal collection at Stradbroke High School, a girl guides' coffee morning and sale in the St Mike's Rooms Framlingham and in the evening comedy The Affair is at The Centre Bury St Edmunds.

su 16 Nov

We blooded a new to us camera body at Suffolk roller derby's Thursday training in Bury St Edmunds, nice to see Joni and Yoshi skating.

we 30 Jul

Yvonna BoneHelmet Newton has told us he has the same problem,Malicious Wishes recognising skaters without their helmets.  At Suffolk Roller Derby in Bury St Edmunds last month we introduced Yvonna Bone (without her helmet) as Malicious Wishes <blush> so gratifying that Yvonna has picked up a second fave on Flickr.

su 22 Jun

Feel the derby love! Yesterday we felt the derby l♥ve in Bury St Edmunds.

sa 21 Jun

Feel the derby love! Today we will be feeling the derby l♥ve in Bury St Edmunds.

we 7 May
Black Spot Day

We've been to Suffolk Roller Derby and Bury St Edmunds a lot over the pastSally Chuck Taylor months and particularly enjoyable was watching visiting and scrimmaging Australian coach Sally Chuck Taylor bootie steer the opposing pivot off the track on to the infield, equally entertaining was SRD's coach Jason Ryan's response to participating in a 27 in 5 drill ... but the BIG news is FINALLY next month roller derby in Suffolk!

fr 9 May

Dutch national team rider Anouska KosterSad to recall that our last visit to the Felixstowe sea front was for Dave Berry's funeral ... but today the sun managed to shine for the Women's Tour of Britain third stage with much milling about and whistle blowing before hand.  Champions jersies gave us a chance to identify some riders plus FREE coffee from a Costa Coffee serve yourself van.  Sunday's final and fifth stage ends in Bury St Edmunds about 1pm.

su 4 May
Star Wars Day

Women's Tour of Britain 2014Next week the inaugural women's Tour of Britain flirts with near the coast twice.  Stage 3 Felixstowe-Clacton on Friday passes just south of Woodbridge and the final and fifth stage on Sunday passes to the west of Stowmarket to finish in Bury St Edmunds.

tu 25 Feb

Blimey!  Did we get lost in and around Bury St Edmunds late last night (we're un-satnaved at the mo') when the A14 was closed for road repairs.  The diversion signs assumed only drivers leaving the A14 needed to be told what to do plus there were bandit diversion signs for something else entirely.  BE WARNED overnight closures continue until the weekend.

th 19 Dec

Any East Anglian interested in roller derby would have been heartened by a massive turnout for coaching by Croydon's Rolling Thunder at Suffolk Roller Derby in Bury St Edmunds Monday night, maybe 50 skaters from five or six East Anglian leagues?  We particularly liked the 'pursuit' drill with two massive bunches obliged to stay together unlike track cycling and the jumping was impressive; jumping the apex maybe hard but staying in bounds on the other side is even harder.  Derby name of the evening the cerebral Blockums Razor.

fr 1 Nov

Outside refWe are continually impressed the effort people will make to roller derby.  Last night for the Suffolk Roller Derby née Blue Thunder Rollers mixed scrimmage in Bury St Edmunds a Bourne Bombshell had travelled from the south coast, Ryan had cycled from Ipswich to geek the scoreboard and went to the pub afterwards, just about everyone had made an effort for Halloween except us and the refs though this ... more here

fr 27 Sep

Apart from giving the world Stephen Fry past presidents of the Cambridge Footlights have included WS Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan, Peter Cook, Eric Idle and (why does this not surprise us) David Mitchell.  In 2000 we saw the Footlights in the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds.  We saw the 2013 show ... more here

we 7 Aug

Unlike last time we managed to turn up on the right day for Blue Thunder's weekly practice in Bury St Edmunds.  There were a good handful of freshies both male and female looking already halfway there and impressively a first visit from ... more here

we 10 Apr

Johanna Juhola Reaktori♫We haven't figured out yet whether Johanna Juhola Reaktori is a person or a band but we do know they are Finnish, quirky and playing The Apex in Bury St Edmunds tomorrow night.

fr 4 Jan

Last night at Curvemotion in Bury St Edmunds Blue Thunder hosted multi league training with more than a splattering of blokes and they weren't all ... more roller derby

tu 1 Jan

roller derby bout A Fistful of RollersHopefully in 2013 Fram market will stay a place to rant and drink good coffee, Earl Soham beer from its new Debenham brewery continues to bring its own joy, Maverick gigs proceed triumphally, the new Wickham co-op discovers it's not Ikea, roller derby find its way to coastal Suffolk (it's found Bury St Edumds and the west of the county with a US military connection), the great and good get greater and gooderer and near the coast continues to madden and endear.  Happy New Year!

mo 26 Nov

Americans being American in Bury St Edmunds last week.

fr 23 Nov

It was ten plus minutes into the first half of last night's Shock and Awe in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk before a New York Shock Exchange skater visited the penalty box whilst the mixed league Brawl Street Crash had made a block booking, ... more here

th 27 Sep

Cambridge Footlights ~ Perfect Strangers"Dot the eyes and cross the ohs."  "Cross the ohs?"  "Yes, I'm Norwegian."  Saw the Cambridge Footlights in Bury St Edmunds maybe ten years ago and was impressed by their improv based on that day's East African.  Of course it'll be different young bloods but no doubt equally up for it when Slice of Life present the Footlights in Framlingham this Saturday.

su 23 Sep

Monochrome in Diss last nightLast night in Diss a black and white themed charity dance prompted imaginative dressing and complemented Framlingham's favourites The Outlaws who rocked of course (even if it is Norfolk, if only just).  Over £650 was raised for the St Nicholas Hospice Bury St Edmunds and as we left we passed a dancer walking home with her high heels in her hands, thought that only happened in films ... maybe we should get out more.

we 28 Apr

Richard Vass New Party candidate for Central Suffolk held a public meeting Monday night in the magnificent and perhaps a teensy bit intimidatingly posh setting of Kesgrave Hall, Ipswich.  We arrived before the meeting start and it has to be said it was bit thin on the ground.  Richard (who lives in Bury St Edmunds but works in ... more here

su 23 Aug

Brandeston's historical associations include resident John Lowes (1572–1646) who was found guilty by the Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins and hanged at Bury St Edmunds; Lady Jane Turnbull died in Brandeston in 1991and has a memorial candlestick in the church, and Sir Ghillian Tolmie Prance curator of Kew Gardens 1988-1999 was born in Brandeston in 1937.

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