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tu 7 May
Black Spot Day

Tim Passmore on the leftLast Thursday Suffolk Police Commissioner Tim Passmore was elected for the fourth consecutive time but his vote had more than halved from 112,139 in 2021 to 52,968.  (As far as we can see East Suffolk District Council didn't feel the need to publish the result.)

th 18 Apr

Suffolk Dog DayDifficult to imagine amidst the present unseasonal chill but last year's Suffolk Dog Day was cancelled because of a heat wave.  Hopefully it won't happen again this September as the St Elizabeth Hospice fundraiser returns at the wonderfully moated Helmingham Hall.

tu 26 Mar

Suffolk ConstabularySuffolk Constabulary mail shots are usually incredibly wordy and of course have to share the Crime Commissioner's comments on the subject but they've managed to keep this animation describing county lines drug dealing to the point.

su 17 Mar
St Patricks's Day

Jenny Riddell-CarpenterLabour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Suffolk Coastal in the upcoming general election (the government can only put it off for so long) is Jenny Riddell-Carpenter.  Despite 15 years experience in media relations and reputation management she has no social media presence we can find ... perhaps that'll change.

su 21 Jan

Splat Quack Go! at HollesleyThe mud run at Hollesley certainly wouldn't have suited small children but the air ambulance fund raiser Only The Brave at Euston in September has a 3km event for families with children five years and over.

fr 8 Dec

Ipswich CardinalsThe Ipswich Cardinals are named for local boy and Henry VII's bag man Cardinal Wolsey, he would have been 550 in March.  As is the Suffolk way his birthday is being celebrated just before the year runs out ...

we 15 Nov

What we noticed in Suffolk and 2020.

sa 4 Nov

Anna Marchatelli singing at Tuesday's Slate Barn jam night joins Suffolk Ladies.

fr 20 Oct

Mid Suffolk Carriage Driving for the Disabled QuizFriday after next in Brandeston village hall a fun quiz with a soup and cake supper in aid of Mid Suffolk Carriage Driving for the Disabled.

In Suffolk when you join the town council you don't have a shop you have financial interests in the town.

th 19 Oct

Mid-Suffolk Light Railway Santa SpecialFor three weekends before Christmas in Wetheringsett the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway is running Santa Specials with a steam train ride and a visit to Santa in the guard'sBah! Humbug! van to receive a present all happening amidst festive settings.  It's advance booking only and it started yesterday.

fr 29 Sep

Hollesley mud run in 2018We really regret only finding out the air ambulance's Only The Brave mud run last weekend after the event.  We've signed up to be emailed about next year's which like this year's might be near Euston in Suffolk.  Our only previous mud run was at Hollesley in 2018 and it was a joyously mad event to witness.

su 10 Sep

What we noticed in Suffolk and 2020.

fr 8 Sep

Ride and Stride is SaturdayOriginating in Suffolk Ride and Stride is now a national event, it's tomorrow.

we 2 Aug

FOOTPATH AHEAD CLOSEDThe Suffolk guessing game around road closures now has a variant, guessing which footpaths will be closed.  This one is off Fairfield Crescent Framlingham.

sa 29 Jul

A free entertainment in rural Suffolk is guessing which roads the county council have closed and the stimulating consequential journeys on roads less travelled.

fr 14 Jul
Bastille Day

Strawberry tea + String QuartetSunday week in Cransford village hall a strawberry tea + string quartet ... being Suffolk the tea outranks the string quartet but it still sounds delightful. ♫ Tea - the cup that cheers but does not inebriate

th 13 Jul

Mona LisaThe new Butley Mills Studios GalleryWhen our chum Leon was living at Butley Low Corner we used to visit the slightly remote area a lot but these days it's been a while.  A reason to revisit 5-8pm tomorrow evening when the nearby Butley Mills Studios opens it new gallery.  Impressively there are over a dozen artists working there including sculptor Craig Hudson who we've met at the Alde Valley Spring Festival.

we 12 Jul

Hello Darlin's guitarist on stage at this year's Maverick and who isn't Murray Pulver added to Suffolk Gentlemen.

sa 8 Jul

♫ Summer Concert by the Suffolk Singers in Stoke by Nayland tonight.

su 2 Jul

Suffolk Punches at the Framlingham Horse ShowDedham may be just over the county line but today the Society of Equestrian Artists will be painting Suffolk Punches in the Munnings Art Museum's grounds.  Entry to the grounds, car park and cafe free.

we 24 May

Suffolk Open Studios 2023The Suffolk Open Studios paper directory for next month is around and free.  Took us a while to work out that an entry's weird annotation like ///season.shade.turns was the what3words handle for the particular studio, how perceptive ... of the directory ... not of us.Mona Lisa

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