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election 2010

fr 7 May

The count at police headquarters, Martlesham

Eddie Thompson looking boredSuffolk Coastal

Therese Coffey  Con  25,475

Daisy Cooper  Lib-Dem  16,347

Adam Leeder  Labour  8,812

Stephen Bush  UKIP  2,361

Rachel Fulcher  Green  1,103

Counting at the count

Central Suffolk and North Ipswich

Candidates and agents agreeing spoilt ballotsDaniel Poulter  Con  27,125

Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne  Lib-Dem  13,339

Bhavna Joshi  Labour  8,636

Roy Philpott  UKIP  2,361

Andrew Stringer  Green  1,452

Mark Trevitt  Ind  389

Richard Vass  New Party  118

th 6 May

just DO IT! First voter waiting for the poll to open

Nobody puts baby on the corner  Saxtead Road near Framlingham  Near Debenham

Poo that's confusing!  Part of the Central Suffolk parliamentary constituency includes part of the Suffolk Coastal district council constituency but the Central Suffolk election is administered by the Mid-Suffolk district council.  Thanks to Vicky Smy at Mid Suffolk for prompt media accreditation at the last minute.

11:30pm  Tweets from the counts, watch the Twitter feed on the left.

we 5 May

Andrew Aalders-DunthorneThe visibility of Lib-Dem Central Suffolk candidate Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne is much increased by this pic of him looking rather cross about a pot hole, well you would wouldn't you.

fr 30 Apr

Therese Coffey with panini and chipsCoastal Suffolk Conservative candidate Therese (it's French) Coffey lives in Westleton so she can't get Channel 5 or Freeview and no doubt rubbish broadband.  When she asked BT why near the coast broadband is so rubbish so close to BT's research centre they said Oh, our broadband is rubbish too.  We found out yesterday at the Martlesham Black Tiles that Therese has stood as an mp once before, her rescued dog Rizzo is very patient, when she ordered the panini she hadn't realised it came with chips, and is very aware this time round she's not a shoo in.

we 28 Apr

Richard VassRichard Vass New Party candidate for Central Suffolk held a public meeting Monday night in the magnificent and perhaps a teensy bit intimidatingly posh setting of Kesgrave Hall, Ipswich.  We arrived before the meeting start and it has to be said it was bit thin on the ground.  Richard (who lives in Bury St Edmunds but works in Ipswich) has an attractive boyish enthusiasm and it's disappointing that the mainstream media have shown no interest at all in him or his party.

We asked about the party's name as it's 1930s association with the fascist Oswald Mosley is unfortunate; No, not an error of judgement but it is a working title and the party is likely to be renamed The Progressive Party after the elections.

mo 26 Apr

In Woodbridge this afternoon near the A12 Coastal Suffolk Lib-Dem candidate Daisy Cooper in between doorsteps was trying to find out on Daisy Cooper in Woodbridge the mobile when Radio Suffolk were going to turn up.  On the doorstep she was finding that people are concerned about housing, downsizing Ipswich hospital, and two passing Farlingaye students didn't want the Euro because they quite liked the pound We grew up with it.

Daisy Cooper is local (brought up in Walberswick) and committed enough to coastal Suffolk she would vote against the whip if it was in the best interests of the constituency.  More pix on Facebook

su 25 Apr

Woodbridge yesterday morningPerhaps we were either too late or too early yesterday morning but no sign of UKIP in the Woodbridge Thoroughfare.  The busker (the girlie with the guitar not the very young lad cranking out Hey Jude and Greensleeves on his clarinet) said she hadn't seen any canvassing ... maybe the British Heart ladies had scared them away.

sa 24 Apr

Joanna Newman and Dan PoulterThe local Tory chairman wants you to know Dr Dan Poulter does know what a safer neighbourhood team is and has been out with three snts.  We can tell you that that's Dan's fiancé Joanna Newman in the pic, that she grew up around Stowmarket and that Dan's speaking in the Bruisyard village hall tonight.

su 18 Apr

Tory candidate for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich Dr Dan Poulter didn't have far to go yesterday to meet and greet in Framlingham as he's living in the market town.  We think we know his fiancé is a local girl, we do know he's working at James Paget and like most of near the coast didn't appear to know what a Safer Neighbourhood Team is ... so no blow in there then, more pix on Facebook (bet he wears a tie and a blue one for the declaration).

fr 29 Jan

The Lib Dems have chosen local girl (brought up in Walberswick, educated in Framlingham, Halesworth and Southwold) Daisy Cooper for the futile task of contesting John Gummer's seat ... maybe if she promised to re-legalise hunting?

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