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mo 29 Apr

Ipswich CardinalsThe forecast was even money rain for the Cardinals at Colchester Gladiators yesterday but the weather restrained itself to just spitting early on.  It ... more here

mo 22 Apr

The Norwich Devils 63-00 loss to the London Olympians yesterday highlighting that like the late Bury Saints promotion to the Premiership is quite a leap. ... more here

mo 26 Feb

We're easily confused but there seems to be two Bournemouth Bobcats.  One played the Norwich Devils last summer and the other met the Pirates in ... more here

su 11Feb

That's a pity, today's Pirates v Essex Blades at Essex University ... more here UEA Pirates

mo 5 Feb

Yesterday on the fourth of the Pirates' first four downs they incurred ... more here

th 1 Feb

Norwich Devils Superbowl PartyThat's nice, the Norwich Devils have invited us to their free Superbowl party on the 11th.

we 24 Jan

American football in East AngliaUEA Pirates American FootballBelatedly we observe Sunday's UEA Pirates - QMCL Vipers game in Norwich and we are obliged to Kit for so generously buying us some coffees.

th 18 Jan
Winnie the Pooh Day - AA Milne's birthday

Iceni Spears recruiting additional coachA balmy 12°C in Norwich Sunday for the UEA Pirates v QMCL (Queen Mary College London) Vipers, first game this year of the four remaining.  Also in Norwich the magnificently spirited IceniAmerican football in East Anglia Spears are recruiting an additional coach.

fr 8 Dec

The Ipswich Cardinals are named for local boy and Henry VII's bag man Cardinal Wolsey, he would have been 550 in March.  As is the Suffolk way his ... more here

fr 24 Nov

UEA PiratesWith six women's flag american football teams playing in Cambridge last Saturday plus limping broadband it's taken for ever to upload all the pix but they are there now.

mo 13 Nov

UEA PiratesYesterday's UEA Pirates v Essex Blades derby perhaps inevitably occasionally became tetchy with one player disqualified.  In the end the Pirates ... more here

tu 7 Nov

For Q1 in Norwich Sunday the UEA Pirates were making first downs with ease and no injuries made the first quarter whizz past.  Eventually ... more here

mo 16 Oct

Flag american football will be part of the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. American football eh?

sa 7 Oct

When rugby ended at Shelford near Cambridge Sunday the staff locked up the pavilion and departed leaving three women's flag american football ... more here

su 24 Sep

Approaching Colney Lane Norwich yesterday for UEA Pirates rookies there's a new roundabout serving yet another housing development.  Yes, building does ... more here

sa 9 Sep

UEA PiratesAt UEA Norwich Welcome/Freshers Week starts Monday the 18th.  The Pirates have already picked up some experienced players ... more here

tu 29 Aug

Norwich Devils 30-07 Bournemouth BobcatsNorwich Devils 30-07 Bournemouth BobcatsThere were no game pausing injuries in the first half of Norwich Devils 30-07 Bournemouth Bobcats Sunday but in the third quarter the Bobcats' QB left injured not to return and the roster we had did not show any backup QBs.  Lots of forward passing and we particularly enjoyed Devil London Burrell's leaping td reception right at the back of the end zone.  The Devils now advance to play the Hertfordshire Cheetahs away next Sunday.

mo 21 Aug

In Ireland yesterday a different result for GB women versus Spain Flag European Championships

mo 7 Aug

Ipswich CardinalsSuccess for the Cards yesterday when they immediately scored a touchdown prompting an excited decamp of the Cardinals ... more here

su 30 Jul

Norwich Devils 33-38 Kent ExilesYesterday's Norwich Devils 33-38 Kent Exiles was a game of interceptions and breakaways.  Thankfully we think the medics only came on once ... more here

mo 26 Jun

Despite yesterday's absolute scorcher at Ipswich Cardinals10-27 East Kent Mavericks the bar didn't sell out of draft Guinness even at a promotional ... more here

we 14 Jun

Safeties were being very popular at Saturday's three team tournament in Thorpe St Andrew with five being scored in the first two games.  A scorcher ... more here

th 18 May

Ipswich CardinalsIpswich Cardinals Juniors towards the end of the second half were coming back but still lost 34-24 to the together South London ... more here

tu 9 May

Ipswich Cardinals Juniors played 9 a side with kicking for the first time Sunday.  We were told there had been an ejection in the first half and the second half ... more here

su 30 Apr

Tribal knowledge that women are collaborative and perhaps women who play team sports even more so.  We were still impressed yesterday at the Norwich ... more here

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