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fr 22 Mar

Saturday's Big Book BonanzaThings doing tomorrow include quizzing with cocktails in Woodbridge, the Big Book Bonanza in Framlingham library and in Bedfield and the afternoon a Craft Fair with hot X buns and a colouring competition.

th 5 Jul

Village fetes this Saturday include Cretingham, Bedfield (on the sports field) and Otley both of which start at 2pm.

sa 4 Jul
American Independence Day

Like we said everything is happening today 4 July, Wilby school summer fayre, Bedfield barn dance, the Rendham fete, the monthly farmers market at the Snape Maltings and Le Tour kicks off with a prologue time trial in Holland.  'Why's it called the Tour of France if it's in Holland?'  'Oh p*ss off!'

tu 16 Apr

Framlingham Market HillProviding a plot line Sunday for the BBC's very punted The Village 1916 (two years into the Great War) was the first time this country used conscription to man its army, and didn't the great and the good use them well.  So Private J Potter from Bedfield couldn't have been a conscript but this 1915 note from his mum on a postcard of Framlingham's Market Hill is still very poignant.

fr 30 Jul

For the Bedfield car crash that so seriously injured Emily Millican the driver Robert Walker has received a 14 month custodial sentence.  Emily's aunt Rachel Allen comments on the bulletin board.

tu 23 Mar

Bedfield Primary School's twigloo ~ pic by Vivia BamfordThis is how the twigloo looked at the end of the Bedfield Primary School's Outdoor Day.

Emily Millican ~ pic contributedGood news about Emily Millican who was seriously injured in a Bedfield car crash in January and kind words about nearthecoast.com from her auntie.

th 11 Mar

Buidling a living willow twigloo at Bedfield SchoolDespite being perishing the children (36 of them), teachers, teaching assistants, parents, Suffolk Rangers and people who just wanted to help were busy busy at Bedfield Primary School's Outside Day yesterday making a twigloo from live willow, coppicing to create wood for Making frames at Bedfield Schoolrunner bean climbing frames, making nesting boxes and miniature gardens, cleaning the greenhouse donated by a grateful parent and generally tidying up. Saying grace at Bedfield Primary School

The dinner queue formed and after comings and goings (the food is taxied in from Debenham, bit of a problem sometimes in the recent snow) and grace (the school is CoE voluntary wotsit) the good looking meals were very welcome.  Involving stuff for everybody!  More pix on Facebook

School dinners at Bedfield Primary School

fr 19 Feb

Emily MillicanEmily Millican who was seriously injured in a Bedfield car crash last month is still in hospital but has a FaceBook support group.

tu 26 Jan

A 26 year old Framlingham man was arrested Sunday after a car crash in Bedfield.  His 18 year old female passenger has been transferred to Addenbrookes with life threatening injuries.

fr 15 May

For some time now there's been a new (made to order) bar billiards table in the middle bar of the Framlingham Railway; the only one in Fram and a pretty rare item near the coast generally, the only other one we can think of is in the Bedfield Crown.

tu 7 Oct

Bedfield Crown/Earl Soham Victoria  des' dinners 40

Bit of a cock up as the Bedfield Crown doesn't open Tuesdays ... more Earl Soham

we 10 Apr

Bedfield Crown  des' dinners 25

Since our last visit the unwelcoming poles in the car park have gone but the collapsing Jensen still resides at the side of the pub.  The bar was virtually full with the BedfieldThe Bedfield Crown over 60's lunch club saying such things as "you never had a timetable and were surprised if you had to wait more than 10 minutes for a bus".  An example to us all we think.  On offer excellent Greene King IPA and some apparently well kept but disappointing Wadsworth 6X.  NaTCH enjoyed a very reasonably priced and substantial beef and onion pie with gravy, mash, peas, some delightful freshly cooked cauliflower, and the inevitable carrots.  AfARs from Spadge (building wheelbarrow to take money to bank), Hugh (meeting an Englishman, a Scotsman and a Swede), and new chums Pippin & Gib (working).  Suzanna sent birthday greetings.  (last visit ↓  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

we 14 Mar

Bedfield Crown  des' dinners 12

The Bedfield Crown is thatched, a little hard to find (NaTCH drove past it twice) and has a pleasant, slightly shambolic air.  Ruddles County was generally consumed and enjoyed along with a pleasant meal.  A customer pressed into service as a temporary barman advised us that in 1962 Accrington Stanley resigned from the Football League due to bankruptcy.  What more could you ask for?  Apologies for absence received from Hugh, and Spadge (in Japan).  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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