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Tell Us  If we don't know about your boot sale, underwater golf team or coffee morning we can't tell the world about you.

Tell Us By Email  We're not going to use ourselves up keeping track of bits of paper, telephone calls or people stopping us in the Co-op.  Email us and to make things easy for us put your press release in the body of the email NOT IN AN ATTACHMENT and attach graphics as a jpg or png NOT A FRIGGING PDF.

Tell Us What, When, Where, How Much and Who  Is it a dance, a boot sale, a bank robbery?  When is it happening?  And not just the date but the start time and if you really want to go for it the probable end time.  Where is it and sufficient info that a punter can find it which means a postcode for the satnav.  How Much is it?  Free is always very popular but we have to be told.  Finally tell us Who to contact for more info, email and a phone number really helps.

See what we meanPictures  Pictures  Pictures  Supplying pics will instantly make your item stand out.  If you can't snap you will know someone who aspires and remember the second law of photography "You can't get too close".  If you don't know how to attach a pic to an email learn.

Tell Us Before It Happens  Telling us anytime is better than not telling us but telling us a couple of days before hand, unless it's a surprise concert by the two remaining Beatles at the British Legion, won't get you the best result.

Keep interest in your event alive; thank sponsors, explain ticket prices, in fact do more to help yourself.  Give us something to link to from the home page.

Tell Us After It's Happened  Raise the profile of your organisation and generally increase interest by telling afterwards how much you raised for retired trees, how many fallen women you saved or how large the marrow was.  Reporting a disaster, as well as a triumph, creates a human interest story.

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