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su 10 Dec

Hopefully you've noticed that we've had a modest makeover?  It should make us display better on multiple devices especially mobile phones.

Bah! Humbug!♫ We've started an Advent playlist, today's entry is Mel and Kim's 1950s parody of Rocking Around The Christmas Tree.

sa 9 Dec

Facebook have been pratting about again with photo albums, so no change there then.  We've fixed it so you're getting hopefully more meaningful pix.

tu 5 Dec

♫ Four months too late for Radio 3's Casseptember but if you're even just a slightly bit techie an intriguing piece on the Sony Walkman.

fr 1 Dec

:) More updates on our Reasons To Be Cheerful play list.

th 30 Nov

nearthecoast on TwitterDespite Elon Musk's obviously poor mental health our Twitter feed has reappeared on our right sidebar and is available on some devices.

su 12 Nov

nearthecoast on Facebook  You may be in a pic on our Facebook page.

sa 4 Nov

Anna Marchatelli singing at Tuesday's Slate Barn jam night joins Suffolk Ladies.

we 1 Nov

October was another busy month for us with 13,382 visitors.

tu 31 Oct

The magnificent madness that is the national hill climb championship. Up up up!

su 29 Oct

The clocks go back  The clocks have gone back, they'll go forward Sunday 31 March.

th 26 Oct

Mark Cavendish eh? We said this was possible even likely, ask big Al he'll say we did.

tu 24 Oct

We can't give warnings for this addressWeeks back prompted by a text we tried to sign up for flood warnings but apparently we weren't entitled.  Despite this on Friday we got a telephone message warning of floods but of course after the flooding had started.

we 18 Oct

Over 65s can book a free Coronavirus vaccination at www.nhs.uk or phone free 119.

fr 13 Oct

Friday the 13ths  Today is the second Friday 13th this year, not another until September 2024.

th 5 Oct

We had over 12,000 visitors last month, the most for a while.

sa 30 Sep

A frame of filmWe've added (out of order) to our reasons to be cheerful the outstanding opening sequence of Jackie Brown.

Last day of Casseptember!

tu 29 Aug

♫ Been a while but we've updated our Reasons To Be Cheerful play list.

su 20 Aug

House sales around near the coastWe're giving the house sales page some ongoing attention to make it more manageable.  Expect Badingham and Laxfield to get their own house sale pages like Framlingham.

sa 12 Aug

What a brilliant arrangement around 1:09:13 (give it time). ♫

fr 4 Aug

Abi ClarkeThe difference between cats and teenagers is some teenagers grow out of the self obsession.

mo 31 Jul

Earl Soham had post office for over 100 yearsToday is the last to use stamps without a barcode though commemorative and Christmas stamps are still valid ... can't keep it simple can they? 

su 9 Jul

Twelve years ago today, Fish still missed.

fr 30 Jun

Entirely through our own fault yesterday's digest regrettably had a couple or so broken links, ironically it was also our busiest digest ever.

we 21 Jun

Summer Solstice - the longest dayNo sooner has summer finally got going than it's Mid Summer's Day,
Sunrise 04:33 - Sunset 21:20.

sa 17 Jun

Father's Day tomorrow ... just saying.

th 15 Jun

Our first publication dayWe're 16 today, we've been illegally vaping and deploying the teenage sneer for quite some while now ...

we 7 Jun

The Ukranian national flagUkraine is still at war and now the flooding from the blown up dam, to donate humanitarian aid visit the Disasters Emergency Committee web site.

th 1 Jun

No Mow MayNo Mow May may now be over but you don't have to mow all your lawn, we're leaving some very long grass that screens our unattractive kindling pile.

we 31 May

With 11,000+ visitors this month is our busiest for awhile.

mo 1 May

Haven't got one of these?Thursday it's the local elections and you will need photo ID ... surprisingly the Tories didn't also make it obligatory to be wearing a Barbour or green wellies.

sa 29 Apr

No Mow MayWe were toying with a preemptive lawn mowing this weekend but decided it wasn't really in the spirit of No Mow May.

su 23 Apr

Emergency alert TEST 3pm  3pm TODAY mobile phone emergency alert test even if it's on silent ... we napped through it:) ... well it is Sunday.

su 26 Mar

The clocks go backThe year moves on, the clocks have gone forward and if you have a digital camera you probably should update its clock.  Click click

Despite that there Facepack making it increasingly difficult to curate a photo collection we now have a flag football album.  Gridiron UK

mo 20 Mar

The year moves on, it's the spring equinox today.  Spring Equinox

tu 21 Feb

Today is Pancake Day!  L♥ve them!!

su 19 Feb

Marcel the Shell better not come near our vegetables!

th 5 Jan

We previously supported Twelfth Night as 6 January but who are we to disagree with Radio 3.

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