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Woodbridge teens

su 16 Dec

The Scarlet Pipistrelle - Common Ground TheatreYesterday's matinee performance of The Scarlet Pipistrelle at the Seckford Theatre Woodbridge had dancing, singing, joking, lovely ladies and plot.  The audience attempted to clap the Brexit joke and we particularly enjoyed the sausage puns, great stuff!  Common Ground Theatre tour the show around near the coast with tomorrow at the John Peel Centre Stowmarket for three days and then on the road running into the new year.

th 6 Dec

Waitrose at Shell GaragesThe Shell garage on the Ipswich bound carriageway of the Woodbridge bypass has been flattened.  Rumour has the rebuild will have a Waitrose which doesn't seem impossible.

th 1 Nov

Scaffolding outside the Bell and Steelyard WoodbridgeThe passing lorry driver who in April destroyed the metalwork hanging off the Bell and Steelyard Woodbridge has been given seven points and ordered to pay £683.  Hope his insurance covers the at least £10,000 to fix it which judging by the scaffolding outside we're quite prepared to believe.

we 31 Oct

Suffolk Singers workshop this Sunday at Woodbridge School. Halloween

mo 29 Oct

Moutain Warehouse - The Thoroughfare WoodbridgeIn Woodbridge today we discovered there's a Mountain Warehouse in the Thoroughfare, the charity shops are schizophrenic about DVDs with prices varying between £1 and £2.95 and we saw a mature lady with a shopping bag decorated with Jack Vettriano's Singing Butler.

fr 21 Sep

Musical comedy Nunsense at the Seckford Theatre WoodbridgeTonight is the penultimate in a a four day run by the Deben Players of the musical comedy Nunsense at the Seckford Theatre WoodbridgeThe Convent of Little Sisters of Hoboken present wonderful songs and madcap dance routines.

fr 17 Aug

A forged £20 note in Beccles Tuesday and more in Woodbridge earlier in the month.

fr 6 Jul

Rumpelstiltskin by the Deben Players JuniorsTomorrow there's two performances in the Seckford Theatre (that's the one in Woodbridge School) of the pantomime Rumplestiltskin by the Deben Players Juniors.

fr 15 Jun
Our eleventh birthday

Splat Quack Go Suffolk's Muddiest Mud RunHere's a new one (to us at least) Splat Quack Go Suffolk's Muddiest Mud Run. superficially a Woodbridge happening tomorrow but in fact just outside Hollesley ... entries accepted on the day and it sounds a teensie bit like those Zombie Evacuations.

mo 16 Apr

Free entry to the lunchtime recital by The Beech Duo in Woodbridge library tomorrow.  Classical duets for guitar and violin by Paganini, Piazzolla, Carulli and others.

tu 10 Apr

Something large appears to have bumped into the Woodbridge Bell and Steelyard.

su 1 Apr
Easter Sunday

Webb Brothers WoodbridgeIn the Woodbridge hardware shop the man in front was being served ... well having a nice chat actually.  Indications were made the conversation was ending when the phone started to ring.  Beggar we thought Now we'll have to wait for that to be answered but no, the proprietor ignored it and served us ... sometimes you win eh?

tu 20 Mar
Spring Equinox

Georgian Coffee House - pic contributedDisappointing charity DVD shopping in Woodbridge the other week not helped by the Salvation Army shop gone.  Tragically the Georgian Coffee House has closed, perhaps not helped by a car crashing in to it earlier in the year.

fr 1 Dec

Theft and damage at Seckford Golf Club Woodbridge when Monday batteries were stolen from six golf buggies.

we 8 Nov

A coastal rowing club is forming in Woodbridge next year ... now that would involve gigs?

we 4 Oct

House sales continued to sparkle in Woodbridge during the summer ... or maybe it's just a large town by the standards of near the coast.

su 9 Apr

♫ A mature Punk/New wave band in the Woodbridge/Framlingham/Ipswich axis is looking for a singer, they promise not to take requests.

mo 7 Nov

Suffolk Police cadet parade at Woodbridge SchoolThe Woodbridge School sports hall is LARGE but  was needed yesterday afternoon for all the friends and relatives at a Suffolk Police cadet parade.  A sea of white shirts but also some dark blue worn by emergency services cadets who seem to be proto fire fighters.  PCC Tim Passmore assured the hall that in this atmosphere of cuts funding would continue for the cadets because they are the future ... can't disagree with that.

th 27 Oct

♫ We always had a sneaking regard for Gilbert and Sullivan and Mike Leigh's Topsy Turvy turned the regard into open admiration.  The Ipswich G&S Soc are performing Pirates of Penzance in the Seckford Theatre Woodbridge (that's the one in Woodbridge school) until Saturday.

th 1 Sep

PCC Tim Passmore meeting and greeting in EyeChief Constable Gareth Wilson and Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore meeting and greeting in the Woodbridge Thoroughfare 11am-2pm today.

fr 27 May

Speed cameras today in Eye, Kenton, Melton and Woodbridge.

Carl Hammond missing from Woodbridge was found safe yesterday afternoon.

th 26 May

Carl Hammond missing from WoodbridgePolice are concerned for the well being of 34 year old Carl Hammond missing from Woodbridge since Monday.

su 15 May

That's regrettable, the Woodbridge Motor Cycle Club are no longer holding grass track meetings.  A while since we've been but we liked the mud splattered starts and the curiosity that sidecars race clockwise and singles anti-clockwise.

th 31 Mar

Two sheep have died from what appears to be a dog attack near Woodbridge.

sa 19 Mar

♫ Tonight a musical choice, Walkway back at the Saxmundham Social Club (they must like them) or the Kingfisher Sinfonietta with a concert of Mozart and Mendelsshon at St Mary's Woodbridge.

sa 6 Feb

House sales busy in Woodbridge ... but then it's quite a big place for ntc. House sales around near the coast

fr 14 Aug

When Bridge Street Framlingham had a police station and Earl Soham had a shop opposite the green, a charming CF Dowsing wedding party, and a LNER organised Colchester-Woodbridge-Halesworth half day out.

sa18 Jul

On the A12 side of the Woodbridge Wyevale car park is a new to us Mountain Warehouse.  They sell clothes and kit for outdoor pursuits, couldn't see any ice axes, lots of low cost own brand stuff ... you get what you pay for.

fr 17 Jul

PCSO Marie Smith installing a purse chainThe mobile police station was in the Woodbridge Wyevale car park today handing out purse chains and a placcy car thing that advises Remove your valuables and gives you somewhere to display your parking receipt.  PCSOs Graeme Hawkes and Marie Smith had a steady flow of customers and it's nice to see the police out and about.

tu 5 May

The Woodbridge Anchor gets a nice review on the Telegraph web site, that'll please Vernon (if he's still the landlord) ... maybe he'll stop calling us Geoff.

sa 17 Jan

Security marking by Woodbridge skate parkIt tried to snow this morning in Framlingham and by lunchtime it was raining hard enough that the Woodbridge skate park had just two youngsters using it and PCSOs Graeme Hawkes and Marie Smith were being exercised keeping their stock of bike lights and locks dry.  Despite this the PCSOs still had customers for security marking and we were disappointed to find the Griffin sport and leather goods shop in the Thoroughfare is closed and looking sorry for itself.

fr 16 Jan

Suffolk ConstabularyEarlier this week a Land Rover Defender in Wickham Market had a window smashed and items stolen ... bit concerning this crime is being dealt with by PC Gemma Spink at the Felixstowe station, not Woodbridge?

th 13 Nov

Armed robbery at a Woodbridge jewelers yesterday.

mo 19 May

Yesterday saw a St John Ambulance ambulance with its blues going coming the other way on the A12 near Woodbridge, didn't know they had blues, presumably neither did the car in front of them not getting out of the way.

su 4 May
Star Wars Day

Next week the inaugural women's Tour of Britain flirts with near the coast twice.  Stage 3 Felixstowe-Clacton on Friday passes just south of Woodbridge and the final and fifth stage on Sunday passes to the west of Stowmarket to finish in Bury St Edmunds.

mo 30 Dec
Lost Ring

We've noticed before that people are frequently losing rings in Woodbridge ... or maybe honest enough to hand found ones in, the most recent was found near the council offices on Melton Hill.

su 20 Oct

This is what we love about near the coast, a fence panel in Woodbridge damaged possibly by someone sitting on it is a recorded and reported crime ...

fr 28 Jun

Woodbridge cycling festivalWhen we visited the Woodbridge cycling festival the weekend before last stall holders were complaining that the district council hadn't done enough to promote the festival and indeed punters were thin on the ground but a sprinkling of youngsters were enjoying themselves.  Heavy rain started and we sheltered under the police's pergola and then Radio Deben's before going home pleased to have discovered the Kingston Field which has an attractive looking cafe.

tu 14 May

Chief Constable Douglas PaxtonThe large police presence today at the Wyevale Garden Centre Woodbridge was newly hatched PCSOs about to be set free in the wild and an opportunity for us to meet new Suffolk Chief Constable Douglas Paxton, had no idea he's a Scot until he spoke.  The PCSOs were clearly pleased and flattered by the Chief Constable attending their event and he arrived on time ... looking good.

PS:  We completely failed to recognise Sergeant Andy Buck without his comedy moustache and red nose.

sa 2 Feb

Is there a ley line or something running through Woodbridge?  Another lost ring.

th 31 Jan

In the early 90s the Woodbridge Old Mariner was the Tap and Spile landlorded by Huggy and we once heard this Huggy/Rising Damp dialogue:

RD: Large brandy please Huggy.

Huggy: Budgens Rising Damp, eat something.

RD: Of course Huggy, Budgens this afternoon, large brandy please.

Huggy: OK but Budgens?

RD: Yes yes Budgens this afternoon.

Though there were multiple and continual guest beers Huggy much favoured Charles Wells Bombardier ... didn't think much of Charles Wells Bombardier at the time.  The pub is now looking for a landlord.

we 23 Jan

Newly fledged PCSOsThere were two reasons for yesterday's crime reduction event in Woodbridge, to hand out advice and freemans (we were particularly taken with the handbag bells that ting-a-ling when the bag's picked up) and to let new CPSOs deal with the public for the first time.  A senior CPSO told us she'd never had a newbie get stage fright and decide they couldn't do it, a credit to the interview process.

we 26 Sep

The rings found in the Woodbridge Budgens reunited with their owner.

mo 6 Aug

In Woodbridge an eleven year old boy has a bottle thrown at him from a passing car ... don't these knobheads have any self respect?

th 19 Jul

People seem to keep loosing jewellery in Woodbridge, this time it's a silver bangle in the Budgens car park.

fr 20 Jan

James TomlinsonJames Tomlinson is the son of actor the late David Tomlinson of Bedknobs and Broomsticks and for the past 18 years James has been the posh Woodbridge furniture shop James Adam.  Since 2001 the shop has been by the traffic lights at the back of Budgens, but East Green Energy made an un-refusable offer for the premises and James Adam will close next Friday.  It was lively in there today with customers taking fulsome advantage of the everything must go policy.

we 16 Nov

PCSO Sallyanna Chatten-BerryLast night the cops and community safety partnership were raising alcohol awareness with freeby kit bags, pens, packets of mints, the inevitable leaflets and intriguingly reusable and chemically powered hand warmers.  Though it was mostly parents being usefully informed (one mum came back for more pens) the streets of Woodbridge weren't thronging ... but there should be a lot more customers tonight at Rendlesham youth club.

fr 22 Jul

Something is happening (colourfully) at the back of the Woodbridge Budgens, what was Viccy Wine in The Thoroughfare for at least two decades is now Cafe Nero and the fake old pub on the Ipswich Road that was the Seal is now the Duke of York.

th 23 Jun

All found in or near Woodbridge a ladies pink coat, a ladies ring with blue and white stones and six female garments in the middle of the road.

th 28 Apr

Hamlet in WoodbridgeThe Keeper's Daughter's were to perform in Woodbridge library last night so we were disconcerted to discover it's a pile of bricks ... but the new library in a convertedVictorian school more or less opposite is light and spacious.  KD presented a witty Hamlet with disco lights and their usual tight all out performance, you can still see them including in Debenham.

mo 14 Mar

A Woodbridge man has been arrested for drunken driving after a house was made unsafe when a Volkswagen collided with it and Eat Anglia in Earl Soham is up FOR SALE.

we 9 Mar

Van stolen from Woodbridge found in Melton containing property burgled in Campsea Ashe.

mo 26 Apr

In Woodbridge this afternoon near the A12 Coastal Suffolk Lib-Dem candidateDaisy Cooper in Woodbridge Daisy Cooper in between doors was trying to find out on the mobile when Radio Suffolk were going to turn up.  On the doorstep she was finding that people are concerned about housing, downsizing Ipswich hospital, and two passing Farlingaye students didn't want the Euro because they quite liked the pound We grew up with it.

Daisy Cooper is local (brought up in Walberswick) and committed enough to coastal Suffolk she would vote against the whip if it was in the best interests of the constituency.  More pix on Facebook

su 25 Apr

Perhaps we were either too late or too early yesterday morning but no sign of UKIP in the Woodbridge Thoroughfare.  The busker (the girlie with the guitar not the very young lad cranking out Hey Jude and Greensleeves on his clarinet) said she hadn't seen any canvassing ... maybe the British Heart ladies had scared them away.

sa 6 Feb

Fire crews from Framlingham and Woodbridge attended a man trapped in his crashed car on the northbound A12 near Wickham Market last night.

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