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su 19 Oct

A bit disorientated yesterday afternoon by the service entrance to WoodbridgeSherlock Holmes meets Count Dracula School now being a housing estate.  Using the main entrance we found the matinee of Sherlock Holmes meets Count Dracula in the Seckford Theatre.  Appreciative applause and constant laughter from a decent house and the expected daftness from a Common Ground show, our favourite was the Count's two wives.

sa 9 Oct

There would appear to be a vintage market on Woodbridge Quay Saturday.

fr 23 Jul

house sales around near the coastPerhaps surprisingly house sales active around near the coast in Saxmundham and Wickham Market but not Woodbridge.

tu 25 May

Suffolk ConstabularyWoodbridge  - Two Attempted Burglaries

In Hall Farm Close Woodbridge around 2:40am Saturday 22 May the victim reports someone was repeatedly hitting their front door as if trying to gain entry.  Crime number: 37/27253/21.

The previous incident is being linked to an attempted burglary on Cumberland Street Monday 24 May.  At about 6.20pm the victim was at the rear of her property when she heard someone using force to try and enter via the front door.  The victim opened the door after five minutes but didn't see anyone in the street.

we 10 Feb
Judging by the queue at the back of the Community Hall the vaccination centre was open today after being closed yesterday.
su 3 Jan

Positive attitude from Life Arts who have a Woodbridge Mind Body Spirit Festival planned for April.

mo 7Sep

Really like Scott Mortimer's Suffolk Noir cards set in Woodbridge.  Packs of nine cards available at Browsers Bookshop in the Woodbridge Thoroughfare.

th 9 Jul

Haggis (who had a car spares shop in part of Fram DIY so he should know) saysHillman Super Minx yesterday's car outside the Woodbridge Angel is a Hillman Super Minx.  Despite the front over riders we have to agree because though the bonnet maker's name is unreadable it's clearly seven not six characters .  We jumped for a Humber Sceptre because a chum's mother had one ... on reflection it might have been a Singer Vogue.  Impressed that one time Thailand resident Haggis is now living in Spain.

we 8 Jul

The Angel - Theatre Street Woodbridge Woodbridge Town football club (junior and senior) had a successful 1908-1909 season, the Thoroughfare looked familiar in 1910 and much later in the century a Humber Sceptre parked outside The Angel.

mo 29 Jun

Annette Badland plays DCI Gwen DanburySet in East Suffolk police whodunit DI Gwen Danbury has no strong sense of place but name checks locals like Orford and Woodbridge.  Copper Gwen Danbury is played by the delicious Annette Badland who was so wonderful in Little Voice.

we 6 May

Suffolk ConstabularyIf not a crime wave around near the coast at least a ripple.  Last night both Darsham and Framlingham petrol stations were burgled, Friday a quad bike was stolen in the Yoxford area and about the same time two expensive looking bicycles were stolen from a Woodbridge shed.

we 18 Mar

Campsea Ashe Spring Fayre cancelledAldeburgh Cinema has closed for the duration so we won't get to see Emma this afternoon but the Woodbridge Riverside seems to be partially functioning.  The Red Rooster festival near Thetford has been postponed to September and Life Arts have postponed April's Woodbridge festival to next year.  All Snape Maltings music events cancelled until the end of April (we were lucky), the Phoenix Singers concert in Framlingham next month cancelled as is the Campsea Ashe Spring Fayre this Saturday and still only three virus cases in Suffolk.

th 28 Nov

bloody Christmas ... eh?Tomorrow week in the Woodbridge library one man show A Christmas Carol with complimentary mince pie and beverage... bah humbug eh?

we 30 Oct

New Street Market WoodbridgeIn the Woodbridge Thoroughfare after 25 years the Leather and Sheepskin Shop closed in the spring, the Firestation Cafe also closed but more recently and the new to us New Street Market looks very attractive and appears to contain an outpost of the Pump Street Bakery ... they do have a fan club.

th 10 Oct

Usual lazy media patronising shite that anything not metropolitan is cutesy, this time Woodbridge and Framlingham,.. mind you they managed to show Fram Castle without the sound of recorders and lutes.

mo 7 Oct

The Suffolk Singers present Autumn Interlude♫ Saturday the Suffolk Singers directed by Claire Weston will present their concert Autumn Interlude at St Mary's Woodbridge.  The programme will include works by Macmillan, Rutter and Stainer.

th 3 Oct

ArtDog London have a show at ArtSpace in The Thoroughfare Woodbridge running tomorrow until next Wednesday.

su 29 Sep
Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

 JOBS  Wanted in Framlingham a junior project manager, in Debenham a 14 month contract accounts assistant and in Woodbridge a booking administrator plus at Jewson at a customer service advisor.

th 5 Sep

A Folk & Beer Hootenanny in Woodbridge this weekend though it's not clear whether it's Saturday or Sunday.

sa 31 Aug

Woodbridge Festival of Art and MusicToday pretty much all day in Elmhurst Park Woodbridge (that's the rather nice park by the car park at the back of what's now the Co-op supermarket) it's the Woodbridge Festival of Art and Music with zones and Antony's Coffee Pod. ♫

fr 26 Apr

The Woodbridge garage on the A12 getting a makeover is still closed and looks like it will be for a while.

tu 23 Apr
St George's Day

 JOBS  A weekend barista and waiting person wanted at the The Tea Hut Woodbridge and relief doorman/men being recruited in Framlingham where it got a bit warm yesterday in a conservatory.

sa 13 Apr

It snowed in Woodbridge this morning and we took shelter in The Tea Hut by the River Deben.  The river makes bits of Woodbridge surprisingly boaty.

we 23 Jan

It's all the go in and about near the coast, temporarily closing petrol stations to re-Haynings garage Framlingham being updatedmodel them, not an insignificant matter when there are so few to start with.  Woodbridge (has it re-opened yet?), Co-op Stowmarket (not closed but building going on), Haynings Framlingham (reportedly will have a 24 hour self service pump) and now the BP garage on the west bound A14 near Newmarket.  Fortunately services just off the A14 on the other side of Cambridge are copiously resourced ... three Costa Coffee machines!

we 2 Jan
Eastern Angles

Eastern Angles Fenland ScreamersIt must be well over a decade since we saw an Eastern Angles Christmas show and we don't recall the now available free parking at the rear of the Ipswich theatre but it's still a small cast working their socks off.  Saturday it was five actors who had Fenland Screamers tightly polished prompting laughter and applause from the audience.  We got to be part of a rope bridge and had an actor sit on our lap ... unfortunately not one of the ladies.  The show continues this month including a run at the Seckford Theatre Woodbridge.

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