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th 27 Jul

Bianchi Kuma mountain bikeSuffolk ConstabularySome time between Fri 14 and Wed 21 July an electrically converted pale blue Bianchi Kuma mountain bike with was stolen from a Framsden outbuilding.  Any info contact Suffolk police quote ref 37/42838/23, you can call 101.

sa 3 Sep

♫ Dancing tonight to Aartwork at the Framsden Barn Dance, cash bar and admission includes a barbeque burger.

su 22 Aug

Travelling to Ipswich via Framsden and Westerfield the weekend before last we were surprised that none of the bus shelters seemed to have timetables.

tu 8 Jan

Harry Rowland Laura Wright weddingAs Lady KRJ observed of Framsden soprano Laura Wright you think of her as looking cold in an evening dress on a rugby pitch whilst fluting the national anthem.  In unseasonably good weather she certainly didn't look chilly wedding at St Michael's Framlingham just before Christmas and as expected at a wedding statement hats.

mo 11 Jul

In Framsden rather more than Sloightly On Th' Huh!  More than Sloightly on th' Huh in Framsden

th 20 Aug

Framsden born Laura Wright and the Virtuosi GUS Band are having a charity last night of the proms at the Cambridge Corn Exchange next month.

mo 10 Sep
World Suicide Prevention Day

Bradley Wiggins (2nd left) and Mark CavendishWe thought it something when we got to see reigning world road race champion Thor Hushovd on Suffolk roads at Framsden last year but yesterday on the Aldeburgh-Thorpeness road we got to see British reigning world champion Mark Cavendish and Tour de France winner Brad Wiggins, that won't happen again in ... more on the Aldeburgh page

mo 19 Sep

Framsden and ... normal for nearthecoast  Framsden bus shelter

sa 17 Sep

Tour of Britain in FramsdenA character in Amélie says Luck is like the Tour de France. You wait, and it flashes past ... that was pretty much it on the hill in Framsden this morning for the Tour of Britain.  At the bottom of the hill Framsden was making an effort, loads of spectators, loads of motorbikes, the inevitable creative parking and the race flashed past.

th 19 Aug

Don't know what was happening in Framsden Saturday (the Helmingham Hall

Dogs following a carriage in Framsden - pic by Amanda Frost

Suffolk Rare Breeds was Sunday) but Amanda Frost has put some rather nice pix on the board.

mo 24 Nov

Framsden ~ pic by Amanda FrostThe snow has pretty much gone now but it certainly snowed yesterday in Framsden, Hacheston, Leiston and Framlingham.

 Heavy snow in Leiston ~ pic by Deano

mo 7 Apr

Expletive deleted!  According to Country Life Framsden is now commutable to a large town near Chelmsford.

mo 31 Mar
world backup day

Richard Taylor at workThis is Richard Taylor who designed and made the excellent Tunstall village sign ... the new(ish) Framsden sign is gratifyingly different too.

fr 14 Mar

The new Framsden village signFramsden (who got a rather original new village sign last year) have a web site at www.framsden.ik.com  Yes we wondered about that ik too, it would appear that One Suffolk aren't the only people offering free web sites.

fr 25 Jan

A blue Mercedes panel van has been acting suspiciously in the Framsden area today.

tu 8 Jul

Framsden Doberman des' dinners 38

For some five years now NaTCH has been driving past that sign for The Doberman and never turning left.  He discovered The Doberman (formerly the Greyhound) is a charming country pub if rather swamped with Doberman memorabilia.  NaTCH, Spadge, and Goddess Steph were served outstanding blanchebait (whitebait in batter) as a main course.  Unfortunately the Mauldons Pickwick was cloudy, perhaps over chilled, and not very pleasant; but despite this NaTCH will be visiting again.  John B arrived late having just mended a pump for six pounds four pence.  AfARs from Matt (brewing) and David (work commitments {again}).  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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