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th 18 Apr

Gridiron UKThe British American football season's second week Sunday with the Norwich Devils at home to the London Olympians and Ipswich Cardinals away to East Essex Sabres at Deanes Sports Centre Benfleet.

fr 9 Feb

♫ The impressively careered Dana Gillespie and the impressively numerous London Blues Band play the Ipswich Jazz Club this Sunday afternoon.  American football in East AngliaRegrettably we'll be in Colchester for UEA Pirates v Essex Blades:(

fr 10 Nov

London Roller Girls intraleague scoreboardWe've been trying to manage our continually sprawling Facebook albums resulting in a growing London Roller GirlsKeep on Rolling! album of roller derby in the days of two whistle starts.

sa 7 Oct

Iceni Spears v Sacks in the CityWhen rugby ended at Shelford near Cambridge Sunday the staff Women's gridironlocked up the pavilion and departed leaving three women's flag american football teams without water and more importantly toilets prompting drives to a garden centre for the facility.  Hopefully won't happen when Iceni Spears, Sacks in the City and London Amazons are back there next month.

su 10 Sep
World Suicide Prevention Day

London Haydn Quartet♫ This afternoon the last of six chamber music concerts in Cratfield this summer.  It's SOLD OUT so you probably will be missing <sigh> the London Haydn Quartet playing a programme of Beethoven, Mendelssohn and not surprisingly Haydn.

th 24 Aug

Keep on Rolling!We've been trying to manage our continually sprawling Facebook albums resulting in a growing London Roller Girls album of roller derby in the days of two whistle starts.

tu 15 Aug

The Maida Vale Roller Skating PalaceThe BBC have sold the Maida Vale Studios in that there London for probably around £10 million.  It was built in 1909 as the Maida Vale Roller Skating Palace.  We've worked there a number of times and noticed some of the floors were impressively smooth.

sa 1 Oct

Three classic silent comediesWhen we saw the silent German epic Metropolis in the Academy cinema the live pianist added several musical jokes.  Different humorous obligations for Tom Horton at the Halesworth Cut Wednesday night.

su 12 Jun

This year the Aldeburgh Festival has some innovative programming, a cycle sportive on the nineteenth and 2-3 July watch big screen Wimbledon on the Red House lawn ... although their web site doesn't seem to know about it last time we looked.

th 28 Apr

Hogg Hill principal Alex Ireton is now a world record holder ... mind you he might have been one before.

fr 3 Dec

Roller Rinking RevelriesAs a kid we went over the handlebars on the cobbles then in Stratford Broadway, other rolling on cards updates includes Hispanic bad taste and both British and US endurance roller skating.

mo 29 Mar
Nice to see rolling  in Clissold Park Stoke Newington, we used to jog there with a three legged dog call Spock ... we could usually keep up with her.
sa 6 Mar
The surface of MarsIt took us a while to work it out but if a parachute was used to land the Perseverance rover then Mars must have an atmosphere.  The vehicle has now moved 21 feet ... so a bit like the North Circular then.
su 1 Nov

Sean Connery as James Bond in 1971In 1982 and that there London we had mislaid a reference library possibly around Holborn and were standing bemused on a corner.  Sean Connery stopped to ask the way.  He was driving a lhd rather grubby blue Mercedes but looked great; freshly pressed sports jacket and everything neatly trimmed.  RIP Sir Sean.

su 26 Apr

877 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk and total so far.  The thirty fourth reason to be cheerful ... London Roller Girls eh?

su 15 Mar

Iceni Spears suspend training Paris-Nice ended a day early yesterday, the UK Women's Tour (which has a stage finish in Felixstowe) postponed from its JuneIpswich Cardinals suspend training start, both the Ipswich Cardinals and in Norwich the Iceni Spears have suspended training.  Friday we were supposed to see Eric Church in that there London but yes, it was postponed.  The world's going to be a bit duller for a while ...

sa 8 Feb

Suffragettes at the 1909 Women's ExhibitionThe big hats and nipped in waists of suffragettes at the 1909 Women's Exhibtion in the Princes Rink Knightsbridge.  Princes was the second largest rectangular rink in Britain making it a venue for ice hockey.

we 1 Jan

1953 London All StarsHappy New Year.  The bit of Suffolk that is near the coast tends to go into hibernation during January but we'll forage for any stirrings.  In the meantime here's the pic we meant to use about bank track roller derby in that there London and the 50s.

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