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fr 21 May

Suffolk ConstabularyTunstall and Iken  - Shed Burglaries

Officers are appealing for witnesses following two separate incidents where sheds were entered overnight between 8pm Monday 17th May and 7am Tuesday 18th May.

Unknown person(s) have gained entry to an insecure shed in a rear garden of a property on Hocket Crescent in Tunstall.  Three boxes containing swimming pools and a container of petrol were stolen crime reference 25855/21

Three sheds located on Snape Road Iken were entered, with one of those sheds having a padlock forced off.  A search was made, although nothing has been reported stolen.

th 19 Mar

Throwback Thursday: Twelve years ago today the road between Blaxhall and Tunstall was flooded, wouldn't be surprised if it still is.

su 23 Dec

Another Hopkins Homes housing estate has sprung up seemingly overnight this one opposite the garage in Tunstall.

th 28 Jun

Batteries stolen earlier this month from speed indicators in Chillesford, Hollesley, Snape and Tunstall.

fr 21 Jul

 JOB  Part time Senior Sales Assistant in Tunstall.

we 30 Mar

Two burglaries in Tunstall earlier this month.

tu 5 Aug

Don't know if it was a dog walker but a car parked in Tunstall forest had a window smashed and a hatful of goodies stolen last weekend.

we 29 Jan

Been a while since a dog walker in Tunstall forest had their car broken into but it happened again Sunday ... mind you it doesn't sound like dog walkers.

we 2 May

Yesterday a Tunstall dog walker's handbag stolen, a motor fiddler at it in Wickham Market and an iPod found in Woodbridge.

mo 21 Nov

A polka dot handbag stolen in Tunstall Forest yesterday afternoon.

mo 7 Nov

Two shotguns burgled in Southwold, last night in Woodbridge several hundred pounds of cash burgled and this morning a ladies ring found in a toilet.  In Melton and Tunstall bags of clothing for the charity Sense pinched last week.

mo 31 Mar
world backup day

Richard Taylor at workThis is Richard Taylor who designed and made the excellent Tunstall village sign ... the new(ish) Framsden sign is gratifyingly different too.

we 19 Mar

The road flooded between Blaxhall and Tunstall

The rain was so heavy Saturday night it woke us up but we were still a bit surprised that the by road between Blaxhall and Tunstall was still flooded yesterday.  A lady driver stopped to tell us the road was always flooding.

su 10 Feb

The imaginative Tunstall village sign

Villages signs are a Suffolk thing but most are designed with the moronic literalness of Pan's People so it's surprising and gratifying that Tunstall Parish Council went for this ... but then no doubt some villagers think it's an eyesore and a disgrace ... they usually do.

su 30 de

Riders surveying a particularly muddy section

You can't imagine how steep this isThe Woodbridge Motor Cycle Club certainly keeps a steady stream of events coming.  Today in Tunstall Forest it was motorcycle trials, that's the one where competitors attempt to ride up (and down) walls with out putting a foot down.  Oddly enough we rather like the journeys between sections ... except when we slip over on the mud.  The silence in the fading Orange arrows light when there are no riders about and just the orange arrows for company can be quite spooky .  Wouldn't be at all surprised to meet Dorothy and Toto coming the other way.

mo 26 Nov

Waiting for the start

When we drove past gate 25 in Tunstall Forest Saturday afternoon there was already a camper van village.  When we got there yesterday afternoon it wasn't a motorbike enduro but a dead engine scramble.  Dead engine means the race starts with the engines off and there's always some riders who have a job getting the bike started.

Just imagine ...

... how frustrating ...

... this must be!

sa 6 Oct

There's a motorbike enduro in Tunstall forest tomorrow morning, just follow the signs, the Woodbridge motorcycle club are good about that.

su 31 Dec

The triallists seem to wear just about anything The idea is to not put a foot down ... ... whilst following impossible paths

Motorcycle trials, as we discovered in Tunstall Forest today, no longer involve flat caps and rain coats but there are still people called Wilf involved.  Compared with the mayhem of motocross and grass track the trials proceed in a comfortingly calm and considered manner with the occasional tiny burst of franticness, and the bikes have an elegant simplicity.  A free day out where you couldn't get any closer to the action!

... and a pleasant ride through the forest between sections

su 19 Nov

Queuing for the next startFollow the orange arrows saying Enduro (remembering to go straight on in Tunstall and not turn left for Snape) and there in Tunstall Forest is in fact a Hare Scramble.  A lot of people there for this free entertainment on lovely sunny day.  The races start with the motorbike engines off and kicking them into life is done with varying amounts of success leading to an impressively spluttering cavalry charge of a start.

A quad bike a bit sideways

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