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sa 20 Apr

Serventa of Nova TalakarAncient Publishing from Banyards Green near Laxfield have published four Serventa books by Hedley Griffin.  The fifth in the series Serventa of Nova Talakar is due this year.

we 27 Mar

Suffolk ConstabularyOvernight last Wednesday in Framlingham Road Laxfield a locked gate was forced and a green and yellow Yanmar mini digger on a GAP trailer LK 56 LHA were stolen.  Any info contact the Crime Coordination Centre quoting reference: 15618/24, you can call 101.

th 14 Mar

Saturday Jumble Sale with a cake stall at the Laxfield Baptist Church.

mo 11 Sep

Earl Soham and Laxfield have gained house sales pages.

mo 17 Jul

Comedy and tragedyThe Two Gentlemen of VeronaWe've seen Shakespeare's MSN's Dream at the Laxfield Low House and with the evening sun and impressive costumes it was magic.  This Thursday for a hat collection you can see Circle 67's production of Shakespeare's comedy The Two Gentleman of Verona.

fr 3 Feb

Suffolk ConstabularyTomorrow morning 10am-12pm in Laxfield's Village Hall Community Engagement Officer PC Simon Green will be meeting, greeting, providing crime reduction advice and free security marking.

th 26 Jan
Australia Day

Suffolk ConstabularyA white Husquvarna dirt bike AU 68 YCY was stolen from a garage on Vicarage Road Laxfield between 3:30pm Monday 23 and 4:15pm Tuesday 24 Jan.  Any info please contact Suffolk police quoting crime reference 37/4692/23, you can call 101.

tu 10 Jan

Laxfield Telephone BoxLaxfield is lucky enough to have next to the Co-op a telephone box that still takes coins.

sa 10 Sep

house sales around near the coastPeople will always be interested in house prices.  Our latest update includes Framlingham, Laxfield, Melton, Peasenhall and Saxmundham.

th 23 Jun

Thorington Outdoor TheatreOpen Space Theatre is mini touring Women of Troy around near the coast at the mo'.  We fancy the Laxfield Low House, saw Roughcast's A Midsummer's Night Dream there and it made an excellent venue ... though the wonderful Thorington Outdoor Theatre is tempting too.

we 25 May

Ref  Matthew Hyndman hintingIt was free to spectate and a family atmosphere for Ipswich Sport Karate Club in the Hacheston village hall Saturday.  We particularly enjoyed ref Matthew Hyndman who when a tiny was up against a not so tiny quite rightly gave the tiny gestured hints.  The Ipswich in the club's name is a slight misnomer as the club meets in Hacheston and next month in Laxfield.

th 19 Aug

Yesterday(ish) power tools stolen from a garage in Ubbeston near Laxfield.

tu 29 Jun

Roughcast have had to cancel just Wednesday next week's The Tempest at the Laxfield Low House, rest of the tour is still on.

mo 25 Jan
Burns Night

Emily Winter and Anna Brinkley in A Midsummer Night's DreamInevitably because of the lockdown no spring show from RoughCast this year but hopefully a summer tour of The TempestThe itinerary around East Suffolk includes outdoor venues which is very promising as we much enjoyed the company's A Midsummer's Night Dream in the Laxfield  Low House garden and 2019.

th 24 Sep

As part of the bells restoration All Saints Laxfield stopped chiming the hours last week.

we 20 May

Roughcast Theatre at the Laxfield Low HouseRoughcast Theatre have given up on 2020 but set their programme for next year.  It includes a summer production of The Tempest with some outdoor shows.  We'll look forward to an outdoor Tempest as their Midsummer's Night Dream last year in the Laxfield Low House's garden was terrific fun and looked brilliant.

fr 15 May

Suffolk ConstabularyTwo separate outbuilding burglaries in Laxfield mid-week.  Is the virus stay at home prompting a mini crime wave or has someone poked the constabulary's press office or both?

th 5 Sep

Vix of Vix and the KicksThe three day Laxitude starts tomorrow at the Laxfield Royal Oak and though this poster is a bit evasive Vix and the Kicks (she does make the effort) will be playing tomorrow evening. ♫

fr 2 Aug

Tonight yet again the Rendham Mummers will be defeating the Romans, this time at the Laxfield Low House.

sa 13 Jul

Last night's A Midsummer's Night Dream at the Laxfield Low House was very Shakespearean with a laughing audience also eating and drinking, an audience dog taking exception to Puck sneaking past and a waitress who considerately didn't feel she could call out order numbers during the show.

th 11 Jul

Roughcast's A Midsummer's Night DreamRoughcast Theatre are touring Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer's Night Dream around near the coast finishing with a dash over the channel for two shows in the Dordogne ... perhaps because it might be their last chance:)  Tomorrow there's a free performance at the Laxfield Low House.

we 5 Jun

The Rendlesham Show 2019June tends to be the month of village fetes, shows and open gardens.  This weekend it's the free admission All Creatures Great and Small at Rendlesham and the Laxfield Open Gardens with cream teas and trips up the church tower.

sa 6 Apr

It's the Laxfield monthly market this morning (first Saturday of every month)... there might be entertainment.

su 9 Sep
999 Emergency Services Day

Half time dancing at the Ipswich CardinalsFor today's final day of Laxitude in Laxfield there's presumably what's left of the beer festival, a pop up vintage Tea - the cup that cheers but does not inebriate shop and 40s vocalist Lisa Day.  As half time entertainment at the Ipswich Cardinals in July Lisa prompted dancing!

fr 7 Sep

Red Mecca at Stradisphere this year♫ Stuff to do around near the coast this weekend includes tonight a music quiz at the Framlingham Crown, the free Laxitude all weekend with Lyrical Jukebox and naughty Harleston boys Red Mecca playing tonight plus Maritime Woodbridge tomorrow and Sunday.

we 5 Sep

House sales around near the coastHouse sales active in Saxmundham, Wickham Market, Woodbridge and surprisingly Laxfield.

we 10 May

Laxfield museum re-opened for the summer last month, it's open 2-5pm Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays until October.

sa 29 Apr

Vix of Vix and the KicksVix and the Kicks (she does make the effort) at the Laxfield Royal Oak tonight and next Saturday (that's the 6th May) it's the Laxfield monthly market.

fr 10 Mar

Laxfield Market is first Saturday of the month, Wenhaston Market is the last Saturday of the month, that's the 25th this month.

th 4 Aug

 (LtoR) Bernard Lee and Terry Stork (pub is the hub), Mike Downer (Royal Oak landlord) and Carolyn Nichols (pop up teashop)Carolyn and Richard Nichols' pop up teashop normally pops up at the Laxfield Royal Oak between weekend lunch and dinners but yesterday it was already popping up at midday for a Pub is The Hub presentation to pub landlord Mike Downer.

fr 17 Jun

Julian Harries in The Unhappy Medium - pic contributedWe last saw Common Ground Theatre in Aldeburgh where their four handed Justin and the Argonauts was well routined and getting plenty of laughs, especially from the appreciative Hertfordshire holiday maker next to us.  The company's current show The Unhappy Medium has been on the road since the beginning of the month.  The tour is winding down but it can be seen tonight in Laxfield and a Saturday matinee has been added to the three day run next month at the Sir John Mills Theatre Ipswich.

mo 25 Jan

 FREE  concert by Ugandan orphans at the Laxfield school tomorrow night. ♫

sa 3 Oct

Tonight in the Laxfield village hall is the last performance of Common Ground's 2015 tour of The Count of Monte Cristo.

sa 12 Sep

Today the Laxfield Day Out is back and like last year still free.

th 14 May

Three day beer and music festival starts tomorrow at the Laxfield Low House. ♫

su 7 Sep

Sumo break dancer in Laxfield♫ At the back end of yesterday's admirably free entrance Laxfield Day Out we managed to separately and without noticing drop our press pass and ear plugs (they let you stand closer to the pa) but some nice ladies pointed them out ... Suffolk eh?  As you would expect Vix and the Kicks made the effort with three sets including some Joe Tex and Chic's Le Freak.

th 29 May

Vix playing in Hoxne and 2011Baron Du Dongleur has invited us to tomorrow's beer festival at Laxfield Low House, we suspect this might be prompted because Vix and the Kicks will be entertaining ... she does make the effort.

fr 6 Sep

Towering above the window by Alastair DouglasThe annual Framlingham Camera Club exhibition started yesterday and ends tomorrow, it's free.  The electro swing festival Maui Waui starts tomorrow morning at Peak Hill Farm Theberton, in the afternoon there's a free family jolly on the Laxfield playingMaui Waui electro swing festival 7-8 Sept field and in the evening the Broadside Boys are on stage in the Meerkat Hall Saxmundham.  Sunday the Framlingham soap box racing goes off road at the college ... busy weekend. ♫

fr 15 Feb

The Framlingham chip van's last nightA fish supper for one yesterday from the chip van outside the Framlingham Station had added poignancy as the van's not coming back anymore.  They will still visit Laxfield and this perhaps highlights that Fram now has three takeaways whereas fifteen years ago it was only the Silver Leaf and Greasy Gordon's which wasn't greasy it just alliterated and anyway wasn't open Thursday nights ... gonna miss the chip van.

mo 23 Jul

What an nice change to have some half way decent weather yesterday for Mouth to Mouth's production of the musical Godspell in the Debenham Angel's garden.  As always quirky, original and highly entertaining we were particularly pleased to see a ukulele move from the pit to centre stage.  Mouth to Mouth's garden tour continues this coming weekend at Hoxne, Framlingham, Orford and Laxfield.

we 16 May

War HorseGuaranteed weeping in Laxfield village hall tomorrow night when War Horse (12A) is shown, starts 7:30pm and a fiver to get in.

sa 22 Oct

Ipswich based Blues Situation playing Laxfield village hall tonight. ♫

th 22 Sep
Autumnal Equinox

Brandeston Dennington Queen's Head Easton White Horse Barn Road Laxfield Wickham Market Hill

Brandeston, the Dennington Queen's Head, Easton White Horse, Barn Road Laxfield and Wickham Market Hill on post cards.

fr 15 Jul
St Swithin's Day

This climbing wall certainly looked funIn Laxfield tomorrow from 2pm Punch and Judy, a climbing wall, vintage cars, the school samba band, a superheroes fancy dress parade for children, a very large craft market and more.

fr 22 Apr

Laxfield pre-school are having a fund raising Easter egg hunt today.

fr 8 Apr

missing cocker spaniel CocoA £2,500 reward for Coco the young cocker spaniel bitch missing from Laxfield and recently spotted in Bruisyard.

we 1 Sep

The Invited's gig at the Meerkat Hall Saxmundham this Saturday has been CANCELLED but the table top sale in Laxfield is still on and with bacon rolls!

th 15 Jul
St Swithin's Day

Ceilidh in Wickham MarketThis Saturday a FREE Day Out in Laxfield, a ceilidh in Wickham Market, Music from Baroque to Broadway in Brundish and for this weekend a special Eastern Angle's offer for Peppery Prod fans.

sa 29 May

Broadsword fighting lessonsTwo rehearsals going on last night at the Halesworth Cut; downstairs broadsword fighting Comedy of Errors rehearsal(though rather like Dad's Army some were having to make do with sticks) for Henry V later this summer and upstairs Comedy of Errors for Mouth to Mouth's annual garden tour starting 17th next month at the Laxfield Low House.  More pix on Facebook

mo 5 Apr

Wheelbarrow race at the Inter-village Bloodsports  Moto-X at Blaxhall  Cafe society on Crag Path, Aldeburgh

we 31 Mar

Easter egg hunt and crossword challenge this Friday at Laxfield.

su 7 Feb



made by  Ron Fuller of Laxfield ... England

tu 26 Jan

The Missing in LaxfieldSuffolk Coastal dog warden will be keeping an eye out for this good looking and missing Laxfield dog, there's a £200 reward.

mo 28 Dec




Railway To Nowhere

The Laxfield branch line

(don't know why the sound disappears)
we 14 Oct

The price has been dropped on the Laxfield Royal Oak.

fr 26 Jun

Taming of the ShrewMouth to Mouth's all girl production of Bill's The Taming of the Shrew starts its garden tour of near the coast at Otley Hall tonight with other enues including the Laxfield Low House, Yoxford and Latitude.  (We've heard that Fish has been typecast as Captain Jamy in their Henry V at Eye Castle this August.)

sa 24 Jan

Reportedly the chip van had a fire at its preceding stop in Laxfield which is why it didn't make it to Framlingham Thursday.

sa 6 Sep

Carl Wilson and Laura GriggsThis is Carl Wilson and Laxfield First Responders coordinator Laura Griggs demonstrating their pulse oximeter at this year's Brundish Makemerry.  As their beat is very rural inevitably the ambulance tends to take longer to arrive so two responders go out on a call.  Laura echoed Framlingham coordinator Leighton Page's observation that people are very generous giving money but what is needed most are more responders.  If you want to help email Carl (remember you won't go out on your own:)..

su 17 Jun
Father's Day - pic contributed by R Magritte

Don't worry, they have to change roundEvents have been going on all week between the ten villages in this year's Inter Village Games.  Some wereLook at this face.  Is it bovvered? physical including tennis and football, and some were not; but it all came together today on the Laxfield Playing Field.  There were events for real littlerlys and not so litterlys ; and the blond littelry made a real commitment to the bat and bean bag race but got a bit slowed down by dropping her bean bag but no problem eh?

The event that really calls for team work is the four on two planks and we thought the four girls in orange were going to do Stopping needs organisation tooit but   Weybread prevailed ... though stopping was a bit of a problem ... as it was in the three legged race.

The crowd were cheering the egg throwing but we had taken time out to eat one of the rather meaty burgers and for us the highlight was the third place decider between Dennington and Metfield in the tug of war.  The pull just went on and on and on with the crowd getting really involved.  Dennington won but at the price of Jason (who used to tend bar at the Framlingham Station in Neil Pascoe's time) being very slow to get up, we think he might have hurt his ankle.  A brilliant afternoon that makes you proud to be British!

tu 16 May

Laxfield Low House (King's Head)  des' dinners 55

The Laxfield Low HouseMatt, The Brewer, Goddess Steph, Max, NaTCH, new chum John B and the tv presenter Peter Purves (who didn't know he was lunching with us) appeared to be irritating the barmaid ... though she seemed ready to be irritated.  Very well kept Adnams and Fullers London Pride, NaTCH did very well with a Farmer's Lunch which is a ploughman's with some substantial slices of ham and plum chutney instead of cheese.  Everybody else didn't do so well with luxury fish pie that contained raisins and the veggies arrived after The Brewer had finished his pie.  Conversation included the interesting fact that it cost's twice as much for Max to have his nails trimmed as NaTCH's mother.  (last visit ↓  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

we 8 Nov

Laxfield Low House (King's Head)  des' dinners 8

The Low House pub signDespite a miserable day attendees were Andy, Spadge in a blue Ginetta, NaTCH and Malcolm.  Malcolm combined his lunch with making a delivery of Low House Bitter which was sampled and approved.  The food could have been hotter but the conversation flowed heatedly.  "Does God exist?" was even briefly touched upon.  Apologies for absence received from Hugh.  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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