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th 9 mr 17recycled tip

PC TipsGoogle pops up what you're looking for, you click the hyperlink and a vast sprawling page of text appears, rather than endless scrolling to find what brought youGoogle Chrome find box there go Ctrl + F (F for Find) and your browser will open up something like Google Chrome's find box on the right or Internet Explorer's box.  Your entered text will be highlighted and you can click through the occurrences on the page.  Ctrl + F works with Word, Excel and loads of other apps too.

tu 14 fe 17Valentine's Day

PC TipsWindows XPYesterday we did a clean install of XP Pro plus Service Pack 3 on a desktop.  Went well except it didn't want to talk to Windows Update.  As we have a netbook here happily running XP with Internet Explorer 8 we judged the problem to be the new install was running Internet Explorer 6 but all download attempts from the Microsoft site got won't run on your system messages.  Left the machine turned on and auto updates sorted it out ...

fr 3 fe 17

PC TipsDipping a toe in the world of Apple we bought a second hand iPhone 5S ... knew that battery life is an issue but didn't know it's that much of an issue.  Deciding if we're brave enough to change the battery ourselves.

sa 21 ja 17recycled tip

selecting a file groupPC TipsHere's one from 2011; when defining a group click on a file, then click on another whilst holding down the Shift key and all the files in between will be added to the group.

th 5 ja 16

nearthecoast PC TipsAt ntc the main desktop pc has two monitors so we've haven'tShow Task View button felt the need for virtual desktops, indeed they just confuse us ... but we are easily confused.  Before meddling with virtual desktops ensure the task view button is visible and note that Windows key + Ctrl + f4 closes the current desktop.

fr 16 de 16

nearthecoast PC TipsIf you're Chrome browser has been playing up so has ours, it appears to be Google not getting on with Microsoft ... though at the moment they seem to be playing nicely.

mo 21 no 16

nearthecoast PC TipsDigital camera RAW files are powerful, but they are specific to each camera model and Photoshop and other software has to know about the individual.  If like us your begrudge paying monthly to ... more here

mo 21 no 16

nearthecoast PC TipsDigital camera RAW files are powerful, but they are specific to each camera model and Photoshop and other software has to know about the individual.  If like us your begrudge paying ... more here

sa 5 no 16Guy Fawkes 1570-1606

nearthecoast PC TipsHDMI connectorWe fitted a second graphics card to our previous desktop PC so we could run two monitors.  Unplugging this desktop recently we were embarrassed to see it already had two display sockets.  We'd failed to notice the second socket as it wasn't VGA.  The multiplicity of display connectors listed and explained on this useful (if cluttered) web page.

tu 25 oc 16

nearthecoast PC TipsThe thing about Windows is it's made mostly by Americans and they don't realise that in their foreign people do strange things like sometimes turn their computer off.  The Windows ... more here

we 5 oc 16

nearthecoast PC TipsThe Windows 10 Anniversary Update took forever here, forced multiple reboots with the last reboot leaving a desktop hanging and we had to force our own reboot.  If like us you've previously ... more here

we 28 se 16

TPS - Telephone Preference ServiceRegistering with the FREE Telephone Preference Service PC Tipswill significantly reduce the number of time wasting phone calls you get.  If someone phones you saying you have to re-register with the service and there's a charge hang up, it's a con.

mo 5 se 16

PC TipsClear browsing dataIncreasingly in the Chrome browser the ebay Enlarge picture wasn't.  At first we put this down to dodgy ebayers ... more here

th 11 au 16

PC TipsTo deal with an incoming telephone call on a Blackberry Q10 you slide the virtual button to either red or green ... missed two calls before we figured that one out.

we 27 jl 16

Windows 10 Toggle KeysWorth repeating: turn on Toggle Keys PC Tipsand you'll hear a confirming higher pitched tone when you turn on Caps; Num or Scroll Lock, turn them off and ... more here

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