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we 26 Jun

 VOTE  If you need photo id to vote July 4 you have to apply by 5pm TODAY.

su 23 Jun

The village doesn't support you?  Promote yourself on nearthecoast.

sa 22 Jun

The barista where you can buy us a coffee is sportingly offering a short Americano with biscotti and dash of milk for just two pounds ...  Buy us a coffee

fr 21 Jun

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard (College boy in Fram Co-op): When he goes camping he takes a DJ just in case.

th 20 Jun

Summer Solstice - the longest dayLatest Reason to be cheerful has snuck in at 55, another screwball comedy Why, hello Mr Galloway.

How to promote yourself on nearthecoast.com.

we 19 Jun

SRN NearthecoastSRN Nearthecoast is in, doesn't feel the government has treated nurses fairly, is fiddling with her tick list and clicky pen but still listening at ntc@nearthecoast.com.

su 16 Jun

Father's Day - pic contributed by R MagritteBuy us a coffeeMan in the Hat has been getting out and about, have your link join his link at the page top just buy us a coffee.

sa 15 Jun

Obligatory pic of a cake but without a candleIt's our seventeenth birthday today, one more year and we'll be able to go in pubs ... legally.

fr 14 Jun

Father's Day - pic contributed by R MagritteBusy in the supermarket today, the checkouter reckoned it's a combination of Father's Day this Sunday and the Euros.

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: (speaking of a cat or possibly a teenage daughter): ... when she wants something we inevitably bend before the juggernaut that is her will ...

th 13 Jun

Jaques Tati  1907-1982The fortnightly(ish) digest emails out around lunchtime today ... click Jaques Tati to get yours for free.

You have security tipsIn the early days we unwisely used the same easily remembered password for multiple accounts.  Then Yahoo a sort of pre-Google search engine got hacked revealing users' passwords.  Our GooglePC Tips account has started sending slow to load emails pointing out our vulnerability.  If you have a Google account go Manage your Google Account/Review security tips/Your saved passwords to deal with it.

we 12 Jun

Man in the HatOut thanks to Man in the Hat for buying us coffee, his fine baritone voice will be deployed Saturday week at the Bar 32 Rendlesham. ♫

tu 11 Jun

Our stock photo portfolio on Alamy has over 8,000 images.  nearthecoast at Alamy

su 9 Jun

A to Z of ntcDon't know your way round nearthecoast?  You need the A to Z, it's FREE, kills 99% of known germs plus you don't have to pay and display or walk through the gift shop to get out.

fr 7 Jun

Hertfordshire CheetahsNew supporter up top are the Hertfordshire Cheetahs who added to our coffee wellbeing.  Should you care to join the happy band of our supporters just buy us a coffee.

sa 1 Jun

No Mow May Congratulations if you've fully No Mow Mayed.  We shall be giving the lawn a haircut tomorrow as it's a four team tournament at the Norwich Devils Women today. Norwich Devils Women

th 30 May

Do remember this web site is not available in the shops.

Alan Smethurst 'The Singing Postman' 1927-2000The tractorati quiver with antic ... ipation for the digest that emails out lunchtime today.  To get your free copy click on Alan Smethurst The Singing Postman. ♫

No Mow May If like us you're No Mow Maying and the lawn is looking overwhelmingly shaggy and unkempt stick with it, just two days to go.

we 29 May

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: ... yes, any woman who works for him gets a business trip to Paris and a Parker pen ...

fr 24 May

We've inserted at 53 to reasons to be cheerful the both wonderful and excruciating singing telegram girl from Brazil.

th 23 May

The Toronto ArgonautsAstonisher No.61: A chum with Canadian antecedents finds Toronto Argonauts an unlikely name for a Canadian football team (it's like American football but different).  It seems more likely when you know they were founded in 1873 by the Argonaut Rowing Club.

we 22 May

Clicking a pic on here will usually get you a link and/or a bigger pic, try it now-> Click to see pix

mo 20 May

Everybody's interested in house pricesEverybody?  Well nearly everybody.

su 19 May

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard (in an estate agents): ... he said he knew I must be her sister because I was so nice ...

th 16 May

Jess the black and white catOur fortnightly(ish) digest is emailing out at lunch time ... click Postman Pat's black and white cat to get your free copy.

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: She's very religious, she's made arrangements for the afterlife ... bought a fireproof purse.

mo 13 May

Life Skills No. 56:  Don't push your supermarket trolley with your hands on the outside, you'll get your knuckles skinned by a careless trolley pusher and if it's the Bury St Edmunds big Tescos they probably won't apologise.

su 12 May

No Mow MayAlthough we reckon it's nicest if you fully embrace No Mow May we also reckon only mowing some of your lawn or not mowing for part of May will help.

The next available ad slot is now, it will take you to the verge of summer. Buy us a coffee

sa 11 May

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: Has anyone got the phone number of the Internet?  I want to place an ad.

th 11 Apr

Darren Smith fishmonger - 01502 519732Darren Smith fishmonger on Framlingham market has bought us Buy us a coffeesome coffees and we do very much appreciate his continued support, his sea food and free retail consumer advice.

we 10 Apr

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: ... he do like his football he do ...

th 15 Feb

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: (in Aldeburgh, well it would be): Yes in June we always attend the clan gathering at Hilllfoot, my husband is the chieftain.

su 28 Jan

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: He's totally mad, a complete cyclepath.

su 14 Jan

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: Stick 'and surrounding villages' after it, that'll help.

sa 30 Dec

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: Stick community in front of it, that'll help.

we 13 Dec

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: The doctor gave me painkillers but they didn't do no good, I must be too tough.

tu 28 Nov

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: He's very adventurous, he's taking time out to travel ... Halesworth, Ipswich maybe even Norwich!

sa 11 Nov

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: (On Ipswich station a man is kneeling to propose to his girlfriend) Ian, I'm wearing my trainers!

sa 14 Oct

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: But surely vegetarians can eat Scotch eggs!

su 17 Sep

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: Habitué?  Isn't that what you get in the East African when you die?

th 7 Sep

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: Listen, it's quite simple, the bar is open Fridays, Saturdays and on Wednesdays ... except when the pool team is playing away.

mo 31 Jul

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: When she was little she threw her tamagotchi in the duck pond because it kept interrupting her.

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