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Little Mutterings

sa 21 Aug
How very unkind ...
we 13 Jan

... Suffolkness before the Castle Keep estate was built on it eh?Stackton Tressel town council's Suffolkness committee has issued new guidelines.  To be authentic Suffolk you should have a Co-op loyalty card, drink beer (meaning mild) not lager, know what squit is, who the manager of ITFC is and where Benhall and Little Mutterings are, and not use 'do' and 'does' the right way round like those la di da townies from that there London does ... owning a tractor helps ...

sa 10 Oct

Report that someone in Little Mutterings had lost their pencil proves fake news.

tu 12 Nov

It can't possibly be that even less has happened in Walberswick than Little Mutterings, it must be that we haven't noticed.

th 08 Nov

At last Thursday's Little Mutterings parish council meeting under AOB Stephanie Trews announced she is adopting a non-stopping policy when out walking ... unless it's an interesting tree of course.

we 11 Oct

Nothing has happened in Little Mutterings ... wait a minute, in March Stephanie Trews bought some new trousers mail order and a pixie hat from Person in EA but sent them back, wrong shade of beige apparently.

we 31 Aug

... that's right, nothing has happened for the past 13 months.

mo 22 Jun

The Detectorists production team recently visited Little Mutterings for the proposed managed reality tv series The Real Wives of Suffolk County ... but they couldn't find any actual wives.

fr 19 Sep

2:12pm: Little Mutterings has made it's return in yesterday's referendum Little Mutterings votes NOand has voted NO to leaving Suffolk Coastal.  The return was delayed because pro YES activist Stephanie Trews demanded a recount and the parish clerk had already gone home for her lunch.  The recount seemed a little unreasonable because though there was a 83.33% turnout of the electorate 15 of the 16 votes cast were spoilt ballots.  Major Gervaise DeRoute of the nearby Stackton Tressel town council was unavailable for comment.

tu 8 Jul

The Little Mutterings phone boxAt last Thursday's Stackton Tressel town council meeting Major Gervaise DeRoute strongly advocated that the the militants who occupied the Little Mutterings' phone box should be declared a terrorist organisation.  Chairman Dame Celia Baumhugger declined the suggestion commenting as this is Suffolk there was nothing organised about the protest and what's more she was surprised anybody could get in the telephone box.

th 22 May

PC TipsChildren eh?  Little Mutterings matriarch Stephanie Trews has been emailed snaps of the step-grandchildren Olaf and Pixie-Dixie at theirtelephone box in a large town forestry pre-school near Oslo but Stephanie doesn't know how to print them out. Try pointing at a pic Steph and right clicking the mouse (the other button), reckon a menu should pop up including Print, look forward to seeing the pix in the telephone box when ... PC Catchpole unlocks it.

su 11 May

PC Evan Catchpole on blue lightsThe Little Mutterings telephone box occupation ended yesterday when PC Evan Catchpole waited for the protesters to go into Stackton for a couple of pints at The Angry Fly and then locked the box.

sa 10 May

Yesterday morning five (rather slim) Little Mutterings militant's occupied the village's telephone box (Coins Not Accepted) and are demanding that the village should The Little Mutterings phone box occupied by militants yesterday leave Suffolk Coastal district council and join Waveney district council.  Spokesperson for the militants Steven Stefan said We have nothing in common with the Townie immigrant communities in places like Aldeburgh and have been tithesmen of the ancient Waveney kings going back to Ethelred the Unsteady.

mo 17 Mar

Inexplicably watching paint dry in Little Mutterings has not been listed as one of Suffolk's top 50 attractions.

fr 14 Mar

Last year nothing happened in Little Mutterings, why does this not surprise us?

th 27 Dec

It is (or perhaps was) a little known fact that the present chairman of the Little Mutterings parish council used to be a woman.

th 12 Apr

Stephens inkBy some strange coincidence (they're not related ... unusually for rural Suffolk) everyone in Little Mutterings is called either Stephen, Steven, Stefan or Stephanie and it's not easy to tell them apart as they all wear the same trousers ... even the parish church is named after St Stephen, the patron saint of ink.

tu 20 Mar

Stackton Tressel now has it's own page.

fr 30 Sep

What's that Skip?12:02am  What's that Skip?  The Little Mutterings parish council has applied to the lottery for a grant to buy a thinking cap?  Don't worry Skip, they won't use it much.

su 18 Sep

Rural Myth 35:  In Little Mutterings you don't lose your girl friend you just lose your turn.

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