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not near the coast

su 10 Oct

Friday afternoon between Bradfield (not Bredfield) and Mistley ...

th 30 Sep

Dutch rider Anoushka Koster checking the sea's still thereWe knew there was a stage postponed to Saturday week of the Women's Tour finishing in Felixstowe, we were there for the 2014 stage start.  We hadn't realised that it's the tour's final stage.  On the previous day there's another spectator opportunity just over the county border when the tour visits North Essex, Colchester to Clacton.

mo 20 Sep

Yesterday somewhere between Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge both ways there was very heavy rain but none to speak of at Cardinals 08-57 Cambridge ... more here

tu 31 Aug

The second three team meeting of the Women's Central East Conference Saturday was held at the Peterborough Lions Rugby Club.  Despite helpful ... more here

sa 5 Jun

A tree possibly in Liechtenstein Stackton Tressel (pop 6,324) town council denies informal meetings to discuss a unilateral declaration of independence after the government finalises a trade deal with Liechtenstein  (pop 38,229).  Council chairman Dame Celia Baumhugger said she'd heard there were trees in Liechtenstein.

sa 3 Apr

We thought the world was slowly drifting back to normality so discouraging that next weekend's Paris-Roubiax has been postponed until October.

fr 2 Apr

Turkish National FlagTurkey has taken over from Germany as the third busiest country reading our digest ... Turkey?!

su 7 Mar

Over The Moon back on Framlingham MarketEncouraging little signs of approaching normality this weekend are the welcome return of Over The Moon Coffee on Framlingham Market yesterday and the race to the sun Paris-Nice starts today with highlights on ITV4 tonight at 6pm.

sa 6 Mar
The surface of MarsIt took us a while to work it out but if a parachute was used to land the Perseverance rover then Mars must have an atmosphere.  The vehicle has now moved 21 feet ... so a bit like the North Circular then.
su 14 Feb
Valentine's DayNot surprisingly the Tour de Rwanda  has been pushed back from the end of this month to May but still the Wall of Kigali.
mo 1 Feb
EACH virtual balloon raceEast Anglia's Children's Hospices has taken a big financial hit because of the virus.  You can help out by buying a £3 competitor in a virtual balloon race from Paris on St Valentine's Day, first prize £500.
tu 27 Oct

Cat in the Wall at the Cambridge Film FestivalA chum recently described a Woody Allen film as arty.  Would they think the same of next month's Cambridge Film Festival?  We're intrigued by a Bulgarian view of Brexit Britain Cat in the Wall.

su 18 Oct

You can watch the Giro d'Italia in Welsh and live on iPlayer despite Geriant Thomas crashing out early on with a fractured hip.

tu 15 Sep

Daisy Cooper in Aldeburgh and 2010Born in Suffolk Daisy Cooper went to Framlingham College, was Suffolk Coastal prospective parliamentary candidate in 2010 and in 2014 looked like a shoo in for the Lib Dem presidency.  Daisy is now MP for St Albans and this week was elected deputy leader of her party ... we need more politicians called Daisy.

tu 8Sep

Tiger Bay Brawlers in Grantham and 2012A chum who has been motor homing near Wales pointed us at BBC Wales' three part doc about roller derby league Tiger Bay Brawlers.  On tv 10:45pm tonight in Wales only but available everywhere on iPlayer.

th 3 Sep

FREE snacks at the Tour de FranceLe Tour (LE tour - LA course) being delayed by two months and with perhaps optimistic Covid-19 spectator restrictions hasn't slowed down the caravane publicitaire.  It has always surprised us the willingness of spectators to dodge in and out of often hurtling race vehicles to get a free biscuit:)

su 23 Aug

What was not near the coast in 2015-2014 is now not near the coast in 2016-2014 and features fish and chips with fruit.

we 12 Aug

Tour de France 2020A month late the Tour de France starts on the 29th of this month (see it on ITV4). In the US it looks like at least some of the college american football season is cancelled, hope that doesn't happen in the UK.

fr 31 Jul

The other Norfolk roller derby league on YouTube and in Canada. Canada Day

fr 24 Jul

BBC documentary 'United Skates'BBC doc United Skates has stunning (often synchronised) rolling from black American skaters.  It also has racism, gangs, developers and closing down roller rinks but stay with it as the ending is encouraging.

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