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tu 1 Aug

Suffolk ConstabularyLast week a padlock and heavy duty bike chain were cut to enter a garden shed on Spring Lane Ufford and a Stihl chainsaw stolen.  If you have any info please contact Suffolk police quoting crime ref 37/444433/23, you can call 101.

we 31 May

Suffolk ConstabularyOvernight Sunday to Monday a garden shed on High Street Ufford had the door forced and gardening tools including a strimmer and hedge trimmer, and water sports equipment stolen.  Any info contact police quoting 37/31027, you can call 101.

th 18 Jul

Suffolk ConstabularySaturday between 9pm and 10pm a shed on Yarmouth Road Ufford had the rear door forced and a Sur-Ron electric road/dirt bike was stolen.  Any info contact Suffolk police quoting crime ref 37/52102/22, you can call 101.

we 13 May

Ufford Park golf course re-opens tomorrow, members and nine holes only. Golf eh?

we 5 Aug

The mobile police station will be in the entrance Byng Hall Road Ufford 2:00-3:30pm this afternoon.

tu 26 Aug

Suffolk SportNext month and for what remains of this month golf clubs across near the coast are offering four week courses for £20, there's one starting today at Ufford and upcoming at Woodbridge, Stonham Barns and Southwold.

mo 9 Jun

Suffolk Police confirm that the bone found in Ufford woods as part of the Luke Durbin enquiry is not human.

fr 7 Mar

Police at Ufford woodlandWe went yesterday afternoon to look at that bit of the Ufford woodland that the constabulary are so interested in.  If it is the site of a serious crime it is upsettingly close to houses.  Specialist Metropolitan police dogs due today to pursue the enquiry.

mo 29 Jul

A mountain bike found in Ufford Saturday afternoon has been handed in to police and a lawnmower and strimmer were stolen from a Cretingham garage Wednesday afternoon last week ... a white van was seen in the area.

su 2 Jun

Tractor with plough attached stolen in Ufford last weekend.

tu 8 Jan

Cash found in Church Street Woodbridge and Sunday night what we're guessing is the other golf club in Melton/Ufford was broken into.

we 18 Jul

The Orford Jolly Sailor's brass tortoise's been pinched and even worse some stinker has stolen the swings from the Ufford playground.

mo 18 Jun

A bit amateurish?  Last week a handbag was taken in an Ufford house burglary but the bag was recovered complete with bank cards just the cash missing.

mo 27 Feb

Scarily in the early hours of Saturday a Ufford home was broken into and set alight.

sa 10 Dec

We've now been told (thanks Dravinger) that the Ufford Crown is open most of the week too ... must have been a Tuesday night when we last drove past.

th 8 Dec

Saxtead MillNot a dig at the Saxtead Mill but the regrettable observation that actually being open is now one of the attractions of a country pub, we're told that the Ufford Crown only opens at weekends but encouragingly The Friends of theMerry bloody Christmas! Three Horseshoes are having a pop-up pub in Charsfield Christmas day.

sa 16 Jul

Lucy SampsonFor us the high spots of Maverick this year were Police Dog Hogan, Songs from the Bluehouse and Lucy Sampson's ukulele workshop so we were very pleased to join in Why The Long Face? Thursday when she swapped licks with presenters Shane Kirk and Neale Foulger.  Lucy is on stage tomorrow midday at the Ufford Bygones.♫

we 13 Jul

The Ufford Crown and the Melton Coach and Horses have both had paint jobs.  The Crown an earthy cream colour and Coach and Horses a Shaker light grey and both are a great improvement on the traditional dirty white.

tu 12 Jul

Several burglaries in Ufford Sunday night.

tu 21 Jun
Summer Solstice - the longest day

In all three cars had their paintwork scratched in Wickham Market Sunday and Monday ... come to think of it two cars were keyed and had their tyres slashed in Ufford early on Friday.

sa 31 Jul

Ufford resident Andy Barkley and two chums are taking slightly smaller steps behind Saxtead's Adam Wolley and starting a reverse End to End bicycle ride Monday in aid of Malaria No More UK..

tu 1 Dec

Last Thursday in locations including Orford, Melton, Campsea Ashe and Ufford Woodbridge SNT handed out 15 warnings and 10 fixed penalties for speeding, and seized a vehicle.

th 19 Nov

A kid's quad bike, a broken chainsaw and a hedge trimmer pinched in Ufford.

mo 23 Feb

Five week Get Back Into Sport golf courses at just £25 start this week at the Ufford Park Golf Club.

fr 20 Feb

40 panes were smashed in an Ufford green house Sunday night and Monday night echoing the smashed windscreen in Framlingham a silver Renault in Saxmundham had its rear screen smashed.

mo 11 Feb

A laptop was stolen over the weekend in a burglary at Ufford business premises.

we 11 Jul

The Ufford White LionUfford White Lion  des' dinners 16

The curse of the evil Pubmaster fell upon many of our usual attendees and obviously all you other buggers.  Nevertheless Billy Nomates NaTCH and Spadge enjoyed well-kept pints of Adnams and Charles Wells Bombardier, and partook of chicken & mushroom pies best described as "unremarkable".  Andy, who had been stood up by the current Mrs Andy on their annual lunch date, arrived later for a sandwich.  Conversation ranged from gravestones available on the internet through to Hugh's party and was blissfully free of any mention of Malcolm's watch.

Once Andy had left, the older Billy reminded the younger, shorter Billy how rubbish his web site was.  But the older Billy was then kind enough to chauffeur the younger Billy back to the safe haven of Framlingham where the younger Billy's son was waiting, all alone at the school gate, for his drunken and staggering father to take him (the youngest and shortest Billy of them all) to his after-school chimney sweeping job.  Apologies received from John B & Malcolm (pressure of work and lack of brains). - Spadge  (last visit ↓  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

we 9 Aug

Ufford White Lion  des' dinners 5

Despite NaTCH's crap instructions on how to find the White Lion John FH and Spadge, in a silver GT Ginetta thingy, turned up.  OK food, excellent Charles Wells Bombardier and reportedly good Adnams.  NaTCH was served a crap pint of Greene King IPA but it was changed without argument.  Yes, much more pleasant than remembered and worth visiting again.  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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