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fr 17 May

Professional Psychic Steven GillTomorrow in memory of Josh Fisk Yoxford village hall is hosting professional psychic Steven Gill for charity.

fr 5 Apr

Picture HouseTomorrow a free gig in Yoxford village hall from Picture House who will be aspiring to their strap line Once described as the Radio 2 of cover bands they took that as a compliment.  The line up includes Shane Kirk moonlighting from stage managing at the Maverick Festival. ♫

mo 18 Mar

Junk you may need!Junk you may need!  Saturday Yoxford Boot Sale 9am-1pm with refreshments available.

sa 16 Jul

Open gardens today in both Aldeburgh and Yoxford.

we 6 May

Suffolk ConstabularyIf not a crime wave around near the coast at least a ripple.  Last night both Darsham and Framlingham petrol stations were burgled, Friday a quad bike was stolen in the Yoxford area and about the same time two expensive looking bicycles were stolen from a Woodbridge shed.

fr 22 Mar

The Yoxford Griffin♫ We last visited the Yoxford Griffin when Ange (then late of the Framlingham Railway) was the landlady.  This Sunday it's Dixie's everybody welcome afternoon/evening Buskers.

sa 15 Dec

Very early this morning a body was found at a Yoxford house fire.

th 24 May

Suffolk ConstabularyAn elderly man has life threatening injuries after a single vehicle crash Tuesday on the A12 near Yoxford.  Police are appealing for any witnesses or dashcam footage.

th 26 Apr

There's a table top sale in Yoxford 9:30-2:00pm Saturday but we don't know where?

mo 14 Aug

In Yoxford nice to see that Hopkins Homes don't always win and Thursday morning a boot scraper was stolen.

mo 31 Oct

Halloween WARNING  Police speed checks today in Aldeburgh, Yoxford, Ipswich and Saxtead.

mo 20 Jun

Police speed checking in Walpole and Yoxford today.

we 9 Sep

Sunday night one of a group of middle-aged motorcyclists hit and run a Yoxford door.

sa 19 Jul

Last weekend a Peugeot in Yoxford suffered envy lines (a Peugeot?) or possibly just being annoying lines and around 400 gallons of red diesel stolen in Dennington.

th 26 Mar

A bit desperate, a bread bin and a pedal bin taken in a Yoxford burglary yesterday.  Maybe newly weds?

th 27 Jun

Yoxford Barley Brigg♫ We looked Barley Brigg Morris up on the web and they seemed to be from Yorkshire, Blimey we thought they've come a long way.  When they announced themselves on the Market Hill Framlingham Thursday night they're from Yoxford ... pix on Facebook.

th 3 Apr

Yesterday in Yoxford village hall (usual obsession about the floor) there Yoxford yellow jacketswas a certain amount of yellow jacket milling including PCSO Jamie Newson of the Yoxford UFO.  The milling was to launch the parish and county council funded Community Speed Watch.  If these folks zap you doing 37mph or more in a 30 zone you get a letter from the constabulary, get zapped again another letter, a third time and the police will take it further.  All it really takes to set up a Community Speed Watch is money.

th 28 Apr

A leaf blower, two hedge trimmers, two fence energisers, a compressor and other stuff stolen in Yoxford last weekend.

fr 25 Feb

A laptop, camera and camcorder burgled in Woodbridge last night and two Beatrix Potter money boxes stolen Wednesday night in Yoxford.

we 03 Mar

The strange silver thing in Yoxford

Strange happenings at Yoxford Primary School this morning, overnight a mysterious pile of silveryness had appeared in PCSO Jamie Newsonthe school's garden.  There'd been no damage and the school's three black hens nearby were fine Assembly at Yoxford Primary School(though we fear for the fourth who had gone on her holidays with Mr Fox).  PCSO Jamie Newson arrived to tape off the area and make enquiries.  The bell rang and the children ran into assembly to discuss the silveryness and we are confident writing would follow as part of Everybody Writes, an initiative to get children writing.  Indeed the staff were wearing white vests for the children to write on about the wearer but with a no rude words warning in place.  A thoroughly rewarding exercise for everybody we thought and left for a late breakfast.

fr 11 Sep

As with most things being longer ago than you think it comes as a surprise to most thatAnge at the Yoxford Griffin Ange ran the Framlingham Railway for seven years.  She then went on the road as a temp landlord at The Drum near Folkestone, Carpenters Arms near Kings Lynn and The Forge near Norwich but is now settled at the Yoxford Griffin where we had a very acceptable pint of Marstons Pedigree.  The Griffin serves food, folk music on the third Saturday of the month and it's open all day at weekends if you want to catch up with an old friend.

su 30 Aug

Friday night jazzers Guy Barker, Alan Barnes, Jim Watson, Phil Donkin and Sebastien de Krom fired up this year's Yoxford Arts Festival with a concert in St Peter's and a half time drink in the Griffin next door.  The four day festival ends tomorrow with three concerts.

th 25 Jun

How horrid, a cat shot in the eye with an airgun in Yoxford.

we 18 Mar

Man charged with 15 counts of burglary including in Earl Soham, Wenhaston and Yoxford.

mo 24 Nov

Have you been offered some suspiciously cheap tools?  A whole load were stolen from a van in Yoxford this weekend.

su 24 Aug

The Yoxford Blois Arms is shut ... we're a bit surprised that the Suffolk CAMRA web site said it closed last year?

we 21 Nov

A damage only hit and run in Yoxford.

we 20 Jun

A quantity of lead was stolen from a roof in Yoxford High Street between 5pm Wed 13th and 8am Thu 14th June causing damage to the roof.

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