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sa 27 Jan
Holocaust Remembrance Day

Man in the Hat♫ We are delighted to welcome back Man in the Hat who has bought us some coffees.  Your next chance to see MitH is at Bar 23 Rendlesham tonight and we should also mention the Community First Responders.

sa 19 Aug

BCWM Anglo American Open DayIt's Anglo American Open Day tomorrow at the Bentwaters Cold War Museum Rendlesham with refreshments, classic American cars, military vehicles etc.  It's open until 4pm so you can go after the Lionesses don't break our hearts with penalties.

su 10 Jan

Pleasant Green is near the coast's own Sleepy Hollow and is between Orford and Rendlesham .

we 19 Aug

The Bentwaters Cold War Museum has thought about re-opening and decided to leave it until next year.

th 30 Jul

The Bentwaters Cold War Museum is thinking about re-opening next month.

th 22 Aug

Romeo and Juliet at Jimmy's FarmGosh it's 12 years since we saw Red Rose Chain Shakespeare in Rendlesham Forest and we are now a little vague which play it was but we do recall l♥ving it.  Red Rose play Romeo and Juliet until Sunday at Jimmy's Farm on the outskirts of Ipswich and reckon it'll be just as good.

we 5 Jun

The Rendlesham Show 2019June tends to be the month of village fetes, shows and open gardens.  This weekend it's the free admission All Creatures Great and Small at Rendlesham and the Laxfield Open Gardens with cream teas and trips up the church tower.

su 19 Aug

Today is Runway Sunday at Bentwaters Rendlesham; skate, scoot or pedal on the main runway and raise money for the St Elizabeth Hospice.

sa 14 Oct

Tomorrow is the last day the Cold War Museum Rendlesham will be open this year.

su 13 Sep
Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

Synesthesia at Asylum Studios RendleshamFriday night we went to the private view of two young local artists at Asylum Studios Bentwaters Rendlesham but unfortunately it had been last month.  We should have worked this out as we knew Synesthesia in honour of Rob Quin was running at the studios until the 27th (by appointment).

mo 29 Jun

Mobile police station in Wickham MarketThe mobile police station was in the centre of Wickham Market Friday afternoon operated by PCSOs Kat Howard and Sallyanna Chattenberry with volunteer John Hoe, and it had customers.  The station goes out for a week every six weeks, it's next tour starts Monday 3 August in the Costcutter car park Rendlesham.

we 18 Feb

Police remind drivers to lock their cars after at least four were entered overnight in Rendlesham last week.

su 3 Aug

♫ Today at the Orford Pavilion (no, we don't know where it is either) it's the twelfth annual Picnic Jazz with singers Emma Divine and Natasha Hodge bill topping, and police will be at Rendlesham Forest Centre (we sort of know where that is) 10am-2pm raising cycling safety and security awareness.

mo 2 Apr

Glad you spotted yesterday's April fool, of course Dame Celia will be wearing dungarees and Doc Ms to open the Stackton Tressel trouser exhibition, but the April fool that caught us out was the Rendlesham forest visitor centre didn't know there was mountain bike racing on let alone where it was despite sponsoring it.

fr 27 Aug

Earlier this week a fighter plane at the former RAF Bentwaters in Rendlesham had its nose cone stolen.

sa 19 Jun

Police seized the sound system at a rave in Rendlesham forest last night.

tu 24 Nov

Rendlesham sports centreThat's surprising and regrettable, Rendlesham sports centre is scheduled to close next month.

fr 4 Jan

... and from Rendlesham and Tunstall two reasons to lock your garden shed.

mo 27 Aug

Mandolin playing in a very tall hat

What to do last night was pack a picnic, drive to the middle of Rendlesham Forest, eat the picnic and then watch Hamlet in the fading light.  This show Red Rose Chain was seven pros and some eight or so young hopefuls.

Young hopefuls

A tragedy but RRC managed to get plenty of laughs out of it and we Bit of physical stuffloved the ghost.  The production looks The "themed" costumesgreat, the costumes having an intriguingly understated consistency and the slowly going daylight some how linked to the progression of the play. were outstanding!

The venue has everything; bar, posh coffee, loads of loos but no apparent dressing room so the cast sort of mingle ... sometimes seemingly in character.  As we drove into the car park two thesps waved at us in manner that screamed Hail my fair Lord Petruchio, how goes most saucy Worcester?

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