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Woodbridge noughties

we 23 Dec

Junction Theatre Street/Angel Lane, Woodbridge - pic by AngelWoodbridgeAngel Lane in Woodbridge is that rather narrow and somewhat steep road off Theatre Street by the Angel pub and it's been one way since the beginning of October, but some motorists still haven't twigged it.

sa 19 Dec

Free Christmas eve car parking in the district council offices Woodbridge ... don't know if Framlingham town council will be doing something about their chains ...

tu 1 Dec

Last Thursday in locations including Orford, Melton, Campsea Ashe and Ufford Woodbridge SNT handed out 15 warnings and 10 fixed penalties for speeding, and seized a vehicle.

mo 12 Oct

Entering the Woodbridge Budgens car park if the traffic is clagged up in the top right hand corner it's because cars are waiting for one of the free short stay spaces to empty ... saves 40p ... and the kiosk thingy that's now a fishmongers has jellied eels on their board.

tu 18 Aug

Nice to see that like the Woodbridge SNT who have held surgeries in Costa Coffee the Framlingham law enforcement community will be using the Bridge Street Café for their surgeries.  A relaxed atmosphere and a bit of community engagement with that bit of the community who aren't on committees must help.  (See what we did there?  Got community in three times.)  If privacy is needed there's a room available upstairs.

sa 6 Jun

A trailer pinched in Marlesford whilst still attached to the towing vehicle and don't know if it was Brandy Billy coming up the Deben in the Black Pig and doing his pirate thing but two dinghies stolen in Woodbridge.

th 7 May

Six patio heaters taken and some vandalism in Cretingham, a paint stripper vendetta against Audis in Woodbridge and a 14ft trailer pinched off Parham 'Drome.

tu 5 May

32 year old man missing from St Clements, Ipswich might be camping in the Woodbridge/Martlesham area.

fr 3 Apr

Soundwaves are back at the Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge tomorrowWe Start Fires at Soundwaves night for a CD launch.  Names we recognise are Ed Sheeran of course, Friendly Misunderstood Rabbits and bill topping Cheeky Slow Kids Cheeky and the Nosebleeds who seem to have amputated themselves to The Cheek (like the French say there's always one who kisses and one who offers ... the cheek that is).

we 25 Mar

Charity shops St Elizabeth Hospiceare getting pretty picky about what they'll take these days but until Saturday the St Elizabeth Hospice has an amnesty on odd, broken or scrap jewellery at their ten shops including Felixstowe, Ipswich, Leiston, Sax and Woodbridge ... big of 'em.

tu 3 Mar

Looks like Anthony Smith who went missing from Woodbridge last summer has been found.  It's not a happy ending.

fr 23 Jan

The Captain's Table, WoodbridgeUnless someone buys it Woodbridge restaurant The Captain's Table will close next month ... now isn't that just up the road from The Anchor?

th 22 Jan

Yesterday in Woodbridge a young man indecently exposed himself to a 64 year old woman.

th 8 Jan

... and there continue to be purse thefts in Woodbridge, mostly from older ladies.

tu 23 Dec

The Woodbridge School U12 A & B rugby teamsIt's not just the Brandeston Hall/Framlingham College axis that have unbeaten sports teams.  The Woodbridge Abbey U11 girls hockey and U11 A rugby teams, and the Woodbridge School Under 12 A and B rugby fifteens all have unbeaten seasons.  Congrats to all of them.

sa 6 Dec

Lemons from Garden of EvaA gray, depressing Thursday for Woodbridge market (near the main car park) was cheered by this splash of colour on Garden of Eva's plant stall, they have lots of herbs too.

th 27 Nov

PCSO Sallyanna Chatten-BerryIn Woodbridge this year there have been nearly 30 purse thefts (there was another one yesterday) with over £2,000 in cash stolen.  It would seem the crims are targeting the elderly partly because they tend to carry more cash.  So this morning in The Thoroughfare not only advice and free purse chains but PCSOs were helping fit them too.  The chains are available free at Woodbridge police station until they aren't.

mo 27 Oct

Julian Lloyd WebberPromising looking freebie in St Mary's Church, Woodbridge next month when cellist Julian Lloyd Webber (brother of Andrew Lloyds Bank) gives a master class.

th 9 Oct

The Copenhagen Girls' Choir with Princess Benedikte ~ pic by Ingolf BroeThe Copenhagen Girls' Choir's patron is HRH The Princess Benedikte (we're guessing she's the one in the shiny shoes) and the choir is joining the Woodbridge School Chamber Choir for a free concert this Sunday.

we 24 Sep

Galton BlackistonGalton Blackiston is a chef and cookery writer whose restaurant is Michelin starred.  Last night as a Woodbridge School Parents Association event he was cooking on stage at the Seckford Theatre in the school's grounds.  Unlike many celebrity chefs he came across as quiet, self effacing and before the start slightly nervous; well there were chefs in the audience, including Vernon, who is still calling us Jeff!

th 18 Sep

Woodbridge Anchor  des' dinners 69

Lunchers were the Gentleman PlumberRichard V and NaTCH, who is reasonably certain he first visited the Anchor on a cycling holiday in 1974/75?  It's a Greene KIng pub and GK own Morlands (Speckled Hen) but serving (along with GK Abbott and IPA) was Morlands cooking bitter and it was serving fine ... but it does come in at a fairly hefty 4%.  Inevitably much conversation about the loudspeaker industry and the GP and Richard agreed you always get paid more for the work you don't like doing.  Not surprisingly with Vernon as the new landlord the food was very good (pork in a cream and mushroom sauce, home made burger, cottage pie) and not that expensive.  Vernon told us they have regular music, particularly Monday nights, and yes he did call NaTCH Jeff.  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

tu 29 Jul

Last week two people were injured in Woodbridge by a car that didn't stop and over the weekend three car park ticket machines were robbed in Sax.

fr 18 Jul

Last night was comedy night at The Crown Hotel, Framlingham.  Being from a large town near Chelmsford the acts went to The Crown Hotel ... Woodbridge.

th 26 Jun

Anthony Smith missing since 5th JunePolice have made a third appeal about Woodbridge man 73 year old Anthony Smith who has been missing since the beginning of the month.  As he is fond of walks by the Deben river users are being asked if they've seen anything that may help.

mo 9 Jun

Missing person Anthony SmithWorryingly 73 year old Woodbridge man Anthony Smith is still missing and there have been no sightings despite searches by police and the Suffolk Lowland Search and Rescue team.

sa 7 Jun

It's the 180th Woodbridge Regatta tomorrow.  Does it matter if it rains at a regatta?  Probably.

73 year old Anthony Smith from Woodbridge has been missing since Thursday afternoon, he has several conditions which need regular medication and his disappearance is out of character.  You may particularly be able to help if you travelled by train between Woodbridge and Ipswich Thursday.

fr 9 May

Leotard Girl  1970 Bronze

John W Mills is a sculptor with an impressive cv, the new sculpture garden at Woodbridge School contains seven of his life size pieces.  The garden's formal opening last night was a pleasantly full monty affair with string quartet, many jugs of Pimms, Lady Tollemache cutting the ribbon and head teacher Stephen Cole telling us that the first years used to run to get their lunches but now they walk past the garden.  The sculpture in the garden will change and favour artists with a Suffolk connection.

mo 5 May

Eric Knowles from BBC Antiques RoadshowAntiques Roadshower John Bly in Aldeburgh over the weekend and now Eric Knowles will be in Woodbridge this Sunday giving free valuations.

fr 7 Mar

When the Cross Quays pub reopened in Woodbridge some ten years ago a chum who had Cross Corner, Woodbridge moved to Woodbridge as a teenager in the early 70s told us he'd always known the building boarded up.  This card from the 60s (judging by the cars) shows that it was once a wine merchants called Barwells and there were traffic lights!  Barwells were a Norwich wine merchants bought by Tolly in the 1920s and there's still a Barwells off license in Cambridge.

sa 19 Jan

Councillor Nigel Barratt2008 is a leap year and at 10am on leap day Friday 29th Feb Woodbridge's Mayor Councillor Nigel Barratt is hosting a coffee morning in the Shire Hall.  A quid will get you coffee, biscuits and help the St Elizabeth Hospice.

we 9 Jan

It was looking dramatically picturesque by the tide mill in Woodbridge last night but there was no shelter fromLooking out by Woodbridge tide mill the wind coming off the water and it was perishing!  So we went for an aimless along the Thoroughfare where the Georgian Coffee House and Mrs Piper's have survived, Viccy Wine's had liposuction and its roots done to become the Wine Rack with WH Smith next door in matching dark blue livery, Currys are long gone as is, regrettably but perhaps inevitably, the camera shop at the opposite end of the Thoroughfare.

we 19 Dec

New Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg has recruited ex Roxy Music member and Woodbridge boy Brian Eno to Reach out with a love that will shelter you, with a love that will see you through.  We might have got that a bit wrong, it might be Reach out beyond Westminster to people who don't get a say ... well that's just about all of us then.

fr 7 Dec

Punch and Judy outside BootsWoodbridge Thoroughfare really was heaving earlier this evening.  Children and parents could enjoy Daddy Christmas giving them sweets, carol singing, Punch and Judy (without the sausages routine because the P&J man could only carry so many props), a bouncy thingy, candy floss (Little Boy in surprise "It's soft!"), a fancy dress competition and probably lots more stuff we didn't get round to seeing.

tu 16 Oct

Tomorrow morning there's a police surgery in the Woodbridge Costa Coffee. (Stylish eh?)

sa 29 Sep

Nice border of weedsAs expected the Budgens car park in Woodbridge is now pay and display but that doesn't mean anything gets done about the weeds and interestingly part of the parking space is taken up with what is either a rocket launch pad or a minimalist bandstand.  Creatively the bandstand has disabled access but not a disabled exit!

we 25 Jul

Hey!  Woodbridge has got a Costa Coffee!  It's in that new building next to Woolworths that so creatively helps with the parking problems by being built on a car park.  Having discovered this around 10 o'clock last night we then wandered around peeking in the pubs most of which looked pretty empty, though the Mariner's/Tap&Spile/Mariner's had somehow found space to put a picnic table outside in New Street and it was being used by some young lady smokers.  We then went home so we can't help the police.

fr 22 Jun

Budgen's car park, Woodbridge

Looks like the free Budgens car park in Woodbridge is going to get a makeover (wonder if it'll stay free), the temporary traffic lights in the Ufford-Melton road have gone and it's that time of the summer again.

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